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gabbysz Feb 6, 99 11:59 am

Unlimited Upgrades
Spoke to a CO ticket Agent today that told me that the situation for upgrades will probably not be much different after March 1. She said that there will be limited upgrades available ahead of the flight date. The majority of FC seats on every flight will still be held for sale until the day of the flight. She did say that best chance for upgrades will be travel mid week and Saturdays.

Boomer Feb 6, 99 2:18 pm

Everyone is kind of speculating at this point. I think the new program gives more upgrades to the Platinum crowd, since some number of what are now space-available upgrades will become confirmed. And the Platinum's get a full day head start on those. However, only time will answer the upgrade question.

Old Gold Feb 6, 99 9:58 pm

The one thing that I can say for certain that is better about the new "Enhanced" OnePass Elite program is that at least they are not cutting down a lot of trees to make the paper to print any more of those useless ELTC upgrade certificates!

The old pre-1994 ELT upgrade certificates, were valuable because if you were unable to confirm in first you could use them to get standby priority above the Gold Elites.

Boomer Feb 7, 99 12:04 am

I found the ELTC's quite useful.

The thing about the new program I like, is with the paperless confirmed upgrades I can now use the E-ticket machines. That should speed up check in.

gabbysz Feb 7, 99 9:32 am

Another minus to the new program:
You were able to use an ELTC to upgrade a companion ahead of the flight date. Now you can only upgrade companions at the airport.

Boomer Feb 7, 99 10:24 pm

This is true. Perhaps the idea was they didnt want confirmed companion upgrades at the expense of other Elites?

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