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NJDavid Jan 18, 99 2:31 am

Upgrade Question
While planning some convention travel for April, I caught something I had not seen before.

One Pass Elites used to be able to automatically upgrade full fare coach to available first class. That was listed in the old Elite guide as "Y or H". The 1999 guide refers to "Y or Northwest-26" fares.

Does that mean that H fares are no longer entitled to automatic upgrade?

I'll try to find out from CO, but there's no one answering their "elite priority line" right now (3am NY time).


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JAWS_II Jan 18, 99 9:23 am

NJD, In all my years of flying CO, I have never seen a "H" fare. Never asked what it is, so your research will give some knowledge to this. I look forward to your findings.

TheAuditor Jan 18, 99 10:16 am

NJDavid: I have flown on H fare before and remembered that vagurely as a Y fare with a price brake of some kind and a minor restriction but cannot tell exactly what these were. Not very much a help here. However, when all fail, stay up and call in for your 3 day Platinum upgrade. By the way, if you are planning this early, why buy a full fare ticket????

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NJDavid Jan 18, 99 12:55 pm


When I finally reached a Continental operator, thay said they would honor the "H" fare. I really don't know the specific difference between Y and H, other than that my company's STUPID travel agent has to buy the lowest fare on some trips, and it's the one that's available when the 21 day advance fare is sold out.

As far as Platinum upgrades on this trip, NAB is the second biggest convention in Las Vegas, and all "F" class seats are gone already. If I don't want to wait at the airport, I have to buy Y or H to get an upgrade.


Catman Jan 18, 99 1:06 pm

NJDavid: if you are flying EWR-LAS then there's a reason why those first class are hard to get: My company and all the media outfits trying to get first class seats for employees and management to go to N-A-B.

Of course, I can't go to the convention because someone has to mind the shop. Enjoy the trip, especially since its in Vegas!

TheAuditor Jan 18, 99 6:19 pm

NJDavid: Here is a suggestion. Buy a NY-PHX-LAS ticket. You will probably get upgraded on most legs no matter you fly CO or America West. You could also play a couple rounds of Golf in PHX using the money you saved. By the way, I think most travel agencies have very little incentive to book cheaper fares for corporate clients anymore. Their commissions are fare-based and capped and the only way they can get maximum compensation is to book you on a high enough fare. Recommend your company's audit department to boost screening efforts.

NJDavid Jan 19, 99 6:14 pm

Never mind.

I got the H fare - CO upgraded it no sweat.

I wouldn't fly through PXH for this conference. The direct flights are with the time savings for me for this conference.


BTW - if anyone else is going to NAB let me know if you're interested in a mini-get together.

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