RewardOne and PerksPlus merging

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RewardOne and PerksPlus merging

taken from the RewardOne site:

Important Message from RewardOne® -The RewardOne program is ending. But what’s emerging is even better!

We are harmonizing two great airline corporate programs, RewardOne® at Continental and PerksPlus at United, into one - the new United business loyalty program - with an anticipated launch during the late first quarter of 2012.

We have been working diligently to build for you the world’s leading business loyalty rewards program. Stay tuned for additional updates and complete details about the new program.
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But what’s emerging is even better!
ha. I'm sure it'll be more changes we'll like.
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I wonder when they're going to get around to giving us more info on this...

As it stands, the program's requirements are very different, making it very unclear how the mechanics will work, and what we'll be getting credit for.

I sent the following message to PerksPlus:

"I was hoping that you could let me know when we will be notified of the actual changes to PerksPlus related to the merger. As many United routes have been taken over by Continental flights, a number of Continental flights are being taken by travelers, and according to the pre-merger PerksPlus program, these flights are ineligible for credit. When can we expect an announcement on how to obtain credit for Continental flights which have been flown since the merger? Simply merging PerksPlus and RewardOne accounts won't be sufficient, as the participation rules are substantially different--such an action would exclude a substantial amount of trips, since PerksPlus requires a 016 ticket and RewardOne is tracked based on Continental OnePass number (which my travellers don't use, since we're United Mileage Plus members).

In order to make sound decisions about future travel booking, notice is very important. As I book travel for 2012, the uncertainty of whether we will receive full credit for all of our past, present and future United business (both United and Continental brands) is beginning to impact which airlines are seeing our business. Thanks in advance for your prompt reply."

Here's the relatively disappointing response:

"It is still being determined when the programs will be combined; there is no set date yet. As of now no Continental flights will receive credit. Also all travel after March 3 with a United Airlines flight number will be eligible for points. More information will be coming soon about the PerksPlus Program and the merger. We apologize but this is all the information we have as of today."
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This is strange. Your email states that they said no Continental flights will receive credit. To me that means the program is dead.... Also all travel after March 3 with a United Airlines flight number will be eligible for points.
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Any new word on the RewardOne program from CO? I am sitting on over 200 points and I think I need to book some flights.
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Yeah, I'm getting a bit fearful about the outcome here. They're sure cutting it close to 3/3, and that makes me think that we won't like the results :/
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I have not seen any credits on RewardOne sinc 12/11. anyone else?
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Originally Posted by nycboy View Post
I have not seen any credits on RewardOne sinc 12/11. anyone else?

Same--no activity of any kind in 2012.
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I have seen no PP activity for 2012. I've sent in an inquiry asking for some details about what will happen to our CR1s, how we will accrue points after 3/3 and general program information since we have no seen any activity this year. I'll post what I hear back.
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New RewardOne Email

I just received the following email announcement:

March 1, 2011

Important Message from RewardOne®

RewardOne Account:

Dear Bloodyeyeballs company,

As communicated in December, the business loyalty programs, RewardOne at Continental and PerksPlus® at United are coming to an end. But what's emerging is even better.

Introducing the 2012 United PerksPlus program:

United is pleased to announce this new, simplified and enhanced complimentary corporate program which has harmonized two great airline programs, RewardOne and PerksPlus, into one.

Discover United PerksPlus

You'll find everything you need to know about the new United PerksPlus in the information below. In addition, you will be receiving further communications in March 2012 that will announce the enrollment period and overall process for enrolling in the new program via the online website.

Please note that your current January 2012 points balance for your existing RewardOne account is currently available via the secure website located at: Thank you again for participating in RewardOne. We hope the enhancements we have made to the new United PerksPlus program will make your business travel even more rewarding.

Discover how it works

The new program is simple. Based on how travelers fly, your company now has more options than ever before to earn United PerksPlus points.

How to earn United PerksPlus points*
Fare type
Booking Class
Last-minute or premium fares
F, J, Y
3 points
6 points
Typical business travel fares
C, A, B, M, E, U, H
2 points
4 points
Highly discounted leisure fares
D, Z, P, K, G,
Q, V, W, S, T, L
1 point
2 points
*Points are awarded based on 1 point for each $1 USD in Qualifying Revenue** times the multiplier identified for the associated booking class purchased and hub. (Example: For $500 in Qualifying Revenue booked in C class and flown from a non-Hub market, multiply 500 by 4 from the points earned column to arrive at 2,000 points.)

**Qualifying Revenue is defined as is defined as actual flown revenue, excluding all taxes, fees, surcharges and refunds. Effective March 12, 2012, Qualifying Revenue applies to non-discounted fares booked in F, C, J, D, Z, P, A, Y, B, M, E, U, H, Q, V, S, T, L, K, G class of service only.

You may earn one point for each flown dollar, with a multiplier for Tier and Hub/Non-Hub travel. Points are awarded for Qualifying Revenue flown from our 10 hubs all over the world. It's that easy.

· Your membership automatically renews itself - United PerksPlus is an annual program. Once your company's eligible revenue totals $25,000 USD on United or United Express within the 12-month period immediately after enrollment, we will automatically renew your membership. Upon renewal, outstanding points earned during the prior term will remain valid for an additional twelve months.

· Redeeming Points - Once your company's eligible revenue has totaled $5,000 USD for three months immediately after enrollment, you can begin to redeem points online. Your request will be processed within two business days of your submission.

Discover more choices

United PerksPlus gives you the flexibility of booking your United travel the way you want to. Book your tickets through our award-winning website or call your travel agent. The choice is yours.

Discover more rewards

The rewards of company travel have never been better with United. Points are redeemable for:

Award Travel Certificates: 10 options for travel in United's expanded network
MileagePlus® Premier Gold and Premier Silver memberships
United Club annual membership and One-Time Passes for use in United's renowned lounges in over 50 locations worldwide
United Currency Coupons: valid for a premium beverage onboard United

__________________________________________________ ____________________________

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the new program launch?

United PerksPlus will officially launch in late first quarter 2012. Following the official launch date, customers will no longer be able to earn points for the existing PerksPlus and RewardOne programs.

How do companies apply for United PerksPlus?

In March 2012, active members of the current RewardOne program, who do not have another existing United Corporate Travel Agreement, will be sent an email invitation to enroll in the new program. Customers will be asked to fill out the online enrollment form and accept the program's Terms and Conditions. The Authorized Representative of Companies that meet the eligibility requirements will receive an email that confirms their Company has been accepted in the program.

What information does a company need to enroll in United PerksPlus?

The company's Authorized Representative must have a valid e-mail address, a list of the Company's employees who travel on business and their MileagePlus number. If any of the Company's employees are not MileagePlus members, there is a section to request enrollment in the MileagePlus program and they will be enrolled automatically.

Do travelers have to be MileagePlus members in order for the Company to participate?

Yes. This is a United PerksPlus requirement. The Enrollment Form will provide an option to enroll travelers in the MileagePlus program automatically.

How much does it cost to participate?

United PerksPlus is a complimentary program - there is no enrollment fee.

What happens to the points the company has on the previous RewardOne program?

We are striving to make the transition for our valued customers on the previous program as simple as possible:

· Existing RewardOne active customers with a points balance in February 2012, who do not have another existing United Corporate Travel Agreement, will be able to convert their existing points at a ratio of 1,000 for every 1 RewardOne point.

Points from the conversion to the new program will be transitioned in April 2012, and customers will be eligible to redeem these points on the new United PerksPlus at that time. Please note that our existing customers with active balances are still required to enroll in the new United PerksPlus program prior to points converting.

What are the qualification criteria for United PerksPlus?

To qualify for enrollment into the United PerksPlus program, your company must have at least five employees and not be subject to a Corporate Travel Agreement with United. Travel agencies, wholesalers, consolidators or other resellers of travel are not permitted in the program.

What happens if the company opts to not enroll in the new United PerksPlus?

For customers who do not convert their points, RewardOne points will remain available for redemption through June 30, 2012 and customers can access their account information online at
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Hmm, while it's good to see information, this seems unfortunate.

What about cross-carrier flights that we've been booking for the past 6 months? I guess we just get screwed out of credit for those?

It also sucks that all of the 2012 credit appears to be waiting until after the program merge, which I suspect might conveniently have a devalued chart...

Since we're moving over to the CO style tracking by ff number, is there going to be an easy way for us travel planners to obtain people's "new" UA MP numbers? I have a large number of travelers that I currently book for with sUA numbers, but I have no idea if they had sCO numbers, or what their new UA numbers are. How do I go about making a seamless transition? Having to ask every person to check their new number and send it back to me seems rather inefficient, and I would hope UA has a solution for this problem.
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I looked at this as ominous. Especially, since a CO announcement a few months ago that 'points may not transfer at an equivalent (or some such language) value"
We are a small company. I can do 5 employees, but not necessarily 5000/qtr or 25000/yr.
Consequenty, I just redeemed on line 92 of our 93 points for 2 BF tickets. Now to try and find R space to a place we want to go.

Thanks for the reminders!
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Thumbs down

Originally Posted by Vulcan View Post
We are a small company. I can do 5 employees, but not necessarily 5000/qtr or 25000/yr.
Same here....11 employees.

Burned two of the 13-point 1-year United Club membership, extending my membership to 2016.
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So far, nothing's better about what's emerging here

Unless I have missed something they are not telling us the new reward levels yet. The 5000/25000 thresholds are distinctly WORSE than the prior RewardOne program. So far, I rate this as crappy and have just redeemed our outstanding points. We only have 5 employees who travel, and I'm not going to be spending $25,000 per year if I can help it.

One of the certificates I just obtained is for economy overseas travel. There's no availability to Asia through April in G or N class, so that's also crappy.

Great work, United, you've given me another reason not to care once I hit 1 million miles in a year or so.
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Can anyone compare the amount of points needed, lets say for a BF Us to Europe on the old and new program? Is it the same chart as the current PerksPlus program, if so looks like you need around 5 times the amount of points for the same flight??
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