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Terrible EWR Continental check-in manager...

Terrible EWR Continental check-in manager...

Old Jan 1, 11, 2:00 pm
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Terrible EWR Continental check-in manager...

Hey all,

So we're here in EWR, just entered the lounge and just had a seemingly unusual/weird experience with the Continental check-in to YYZ. My husband and I had two small bags to check in (we could have carried them on but decided on check-in given that we acquired a bottle of wine in NYC) and get this: on check-in here at EWR, the Continental manager was going to put an orange priority tag on my bag but not my husband's because he was not on the same reservation as me. I told her that I was married to him and an Elite AC member and she blew me off. Told us that my bag could be tagged priority but not his. I noted that I'd never experienced this on any Star Alliance airline before (and we travel quite a bit). She didn't flap and buggered off into the ether, not to be seen again.

Anyone have any other experiences like this? Is this an anomaly?

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Old Jan 1, 11, 2:02 pm
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I always check other people's bags under my name when we're on the same flight.
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Old Jan 1, 11, 2:13 pm
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i never find that warm fuzzy feeling on Continential thats for sure...... i believe its experiences with other *A carriers (UA, US, CO) that keeps me going back to Air Canada.
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Old Jan 1, 11, 2:16 pm
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Why didn't you just check 2?
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Old Jan 1, 11, 2:17 pm
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This is a case of YMMV. There have been other similar posts on the AC forum where AC people didn't want to tag companions' bags.

Technically, the manager was probably right, priority baggage for companions is not actually a benefit. I've never had problems getting my wife's bags tagged; but when I've gone through the line with co-workers, their bags wouldn't get tagged more often than not.

IMHO, it is better for the airline to priority tag the bags of travelling companions (within reason). IF everything is working properly, (and I say "if" because priority baggage is so hit and miss) the priority bags come out first. If the companions' bags are not priority tagged, the status pax would have to wait for the companions' bags in addition to their own, essentially rendering the priority tagging of the status pax bag pointless.
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Old Jan 1, 11, 4:56 pm
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I've never had any problem with Buffalo's CO Check-In desk. As long as you don't check in separately, most agents will adjust it to 0 bags for non-status and 2 bags for status member.
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Old Jan 1, 11, 5:32 pm
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i think OP might have a better chance if she said "i am allowed to check in 2-3 bags with priority recognition. These bags are OUR items, they include my stuff and my husband's stuff, so technically its my bag"
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Old Jan 1, 11, 5:36 pm
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I would hardly call this a case of a Terrible Continental check-in manager.
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Old Jan 1, 11, 6:03 pm
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The priority tag is the spottiest of benefits anyway. Less than 50/50 in my experience that the bag will come off first.
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Old Jan 1, 11, 10:46 pm
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I believe the manager was technically correct - companions on the same reservation (I.e. PNR) would get their bag free, but if you were on different reservations, then no, they wouldn't.

So the obvious question is, why didn't you just check them both? Problem solved.
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Old Jan 2, 11, 1:26 am
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When the OP says "we had 2 small bags," do you mean each of you had 2 small bags, or there was a total of 2 small bags? If the latter, why not check them both under your name? If the former, then, why were you on a different reservation? Couldn't you just change that to put both of you on the same reservation?
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Old Jan 2, 11, 1:38 am
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When one is crossing a border and PPBM exists, one should check their items in under their names, and other's items in under the other's names. In reality, on every flight, one should claim what is one's own as their, and let others claim their own items as their own.

Why is it terrible for a person to give the benefits one is entitled to? WHile one may have come to the expectation one is entitled to more, one is not. One may want more, but giving a person the service they are entitled to is not terrible, it just goes to show that sometimes, people's expectations above entitlements are terrible.

Managing expectations, even when published is getting harder and harder. People assume facts not in evidence, exceptions as the norm, rules as only guidelines...this is what is really terrible.
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Old Jan 2, 11, 3:17 am
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While this is probably strictly within the rules, when two people are traveling together it's absurd to enforce this. The benefit is of n use if the elite traveler has to wait for the non-priority bags of the non-elite companion to come off (we'll save for later a discussion of how often that actually happens). As a married couple, the items contained within the two bags are quite likely comingled anyway.
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Old Jan 2, 11, 3:44 am
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Wirelessly posted (BlackBerry9630/ Profile/MIDP-2.1 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 VendorID/105)

Within the rules, appropriate, easily avoided and hardly "terrible" as suggested.

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Originally Posted by scapaflow View Post
The priority tag is the spottiest of benefits anyway. Less than 50/50 in my experience that the bag will come off first.
Yes. In some cases, immigration takes so long that all the bags are out anyways.
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