WBI at EWR - any sightings yet?

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WBI at EWR - any sightings yet?

Over in TS/S someone posted a link to an article about all of the NY area airports getting the whole body imaging units ("nude-o-scopes") shortly. Since I haven't been through EWR in a while (my last 4 itineraries have been out of PHL), I was wondering...anyone notice anything different at the A or C checkpoints yet?

I'm particularly curious as to which type of NoS units will be installed at EWR. I'm hoping they opt to go with the millimeter wave scanner rather than the backscatter X-ray - in part because the footprint is similar to the existing WTMD units (and EWR's checkpoints aren't exactly what you'd call 'spacious'), and in part because MMW doesn't fire X-rays at the poor unsuspecting pax. (Put another way, I'd be less likely to opt out from a MMW than a backscatter.)
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I refuse to submit to them.

If every citizen refused then they would stop the roll out of these devices.

One by one our rights are literally being stripped away.

Never give in.
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Man I'll have to search the boards for more information about these things. When they use them rather than the old scanners at the CO Security checkpoint in ORD the security line is litteraly 3 times longer
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