Teh Penalty Box

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Teh Penalty Box

Exactly three years ago today, Anglo Large Clawed Otter started The Penalty Box. With almost 210,000 posts, it became too large for vBulletin to handle efficiently, and it was in increasing danger of becoming or corrupted. Therefore, in honor f the second birthday of the original Penalty Bx, I am pleased to present a fresh thread that will allow us to continue to discuss the same topics as before. By way of introduction to those who may not be familiar, I present below the first post from The Penalty Box.

Xyzzy - moderator CO forum]

It seems that from time to time, certain threads or subjects crop up in this forum that are deserving of "special" mention. By special, I'm referring to certain innate qualities, namely: ingominy, infamy, or heresy. These threads or posts are almost guaranteed to set the board astir, to bring out the cheerleaders and malcontents alike, to spice up the CO Forum or send it perilously close to the depths of depravity. Such posts, and those of us who make them, deserve a special home for all the hard work put into making the CO Board a more colorful place. Accordingly, I propose that the CO Forum have a home for all such tangential discursions, where our more primal posting instincts may be satisfied (See also, Airliners.net).

Before you can ask: "The Penalty Box, what? , oh...," please allow me to touch lightly on the sort of fodder appropriate for this FT equivalent of a compost heap, (or our collective CO subconscious, if you will). Though this is intended to be a free-form thread for all manner of discursions and collegial banter (See e.g., The Delta Forum Lounge Thread), certain topics are especially appropriate to The Penalty Box. Posting regarding any of the following topics on the CO Forum should serve to place the poster on notice that he or she may be just the sort of individual this thread was intended to accommodate:

1. Discussion of any prospective CO/UA merger. Please note that discussion of any aspect of the imminent ConUniHound merger is especially encouraged here.

2. Discussion of the minute details of NW's Golden Share (you know who you are).

3. Speculation (unsubstantiated or otherwise) regarding CO's long-overdue overhaul of the BusinessFirst cabin.

4. WURS Syndrome (Wholly Unsubstantiated Route Speculation)

5. Audacious and Unmitigated Flatulence. See also, Stink Shield and TATL Sewage Rivers.

6. Any thread containing the words "EWR/Newark" and "Nightmare" in the title. In fact, any thread containing just the word "Nightmare" in the title.

7. Discussion of calzones, or the relative merits thereof (may they rest in peace).

8. Spurious accusations (and the odd substantiated one) regarding flagrant and abominable failures of the EUA system.

9. Drunken posting (how could I have forgotten. Thank you, J.Edward )

10. Keeping tally of the year's most intriguing "C"-word (that's "compensation") threads.

The list above is by no means intended to be exhaustive. Please feel free to add to the gravitas and overall substance of the CO Forum by making this thread your personal canvas. As with any thread on FT, the FT TOS would obviously apply. Lastly, please remember our motto: "Anything the DL Forum can do, we can do better."

I shall leave you all to it, then...


Anglo Large Clawed Otter
(Penalty Box Inmate No. 0001)
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Good morning fresh box
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Ooh! Second poster in Teh Nwe Box!!
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Hmmm - I don't even get a bronze medal. But at least this wee limey/taffy/eejit got to be on the last page of teh old one!

-- H
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I better get my spot on the first page!
Good evening from MAA!
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New box

Good morning new box .
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New office, new Box, all in one week. Too much change!

Good morning, Box! Happy birthday!! ^^
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I always saw this Penalty Box thing, thought about stopping in to say hi, and never did. I suppose with teh new Penalty Box, now is as good a time as any. Hi everyone.
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Good morning Box. Happy third birthday and happy new home.
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Good morning new box.
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Happy birthday...to The (original) B:-:x and teh new one too

Thanks ALCO, for starting this fun sandbox ... hope you're havin' fun in your birthday-celebrating travels!

Putting out the

signal - where is everyone?

PS. cheepneezy - wanted to quote your post for the image but INP anymore

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Morning new Box!!

Celebrating teh Box in style at the CLE PC with some Bloody Marys!!!
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Gotta love a fresh, clean box
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Happy bday old and new box.
I will not be posting in here in protest of the old box :-:
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Nice. Didn't follow the old box, but will check this one.
I was afraid of the number of posts in the old one.
What if I like it and start to read it? I'll never finish it.
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