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rufftackle Jun 1, 10 11:07 am

Missing your Chase Continental Debit Bonus-Signup Miles?
I've had some terrible experience trying to get my "missing" miles issue resolved with Chase's Continental Debit Card. See my experience here:

With the help of a FTer, he gave me the *correct* number to the Chase Continental Airlines Debit Card support desk (unlike the Chase support), I was able to talk to someone who was familiar with the program and the sign-up bonus located at

To spare the details, it turns out that 2,500 miles that were listed on my Chase statement were credited to the OnePass account Chase created for me (even though I provided them with my OnePass account number on more than one occasion).

What happened to the other 22,500 bonus miles I was suppose to get? It never appeared on my Chase statement, so I figured that somehow the promotion wasn't linked to my account.

I called 877-292-4273, which is the *correct* number for the Chase Continental Airline Debit card folks. The agent opened up a help desk ticket to have someone investigate why the miles were not credited to my OnePass account. After she sent the ticket off, she did some investigating herself.

It turns out, that Chase created a THIRD OnePass account for me and put 22,500 miles in it 45 days ago.

Now, we're working on getting the 3 OnePass accounts merged. This has been a nightmare!

Scott6067 Jun 1, 10 12:09 pm

I am having the same problem. Have called several times myself and no luck. Called and talked with an agent today and she is looking into it. :) We shall see.

AdamSouthFL Jun 1, 10 4:04 pm

Thanks for the info. Yesterday I sent an email to Chase asking about my missing miles. I got the initial 10,000 and then later got 2,500. But am missing 12,500. If not resolved I will call the number you provided. Thanks again.

cslovacek Jun 1, 10 7:16 pm

My problem was similar, but slightly different.

I opened the account and met the requirements - all miles posted within a month.

However, I opened the Business Account version about a week after I opened the personal account. After waiting about 3 months I started to get on their case about it. I threatened a lawsuit and did actually submit a complaint to the BBB (I let them know I'd be doing that as well). It got the ball rolling, but they kept saying I had received my 25K miles. Every document I sent had my business checking account info, sign up papers, etc, but they couldn't wrap their head around the idea that I had both a personal and business account that were each for the Bonus miles.

Finally after faxing my info daily and using the threat above, Chase responded and said "as a courtesy for your inconvenience, will will add the 25K miles to your Continental Airlines Presidential Plus Card".

I swear. Well they did post with my credit card statement closing so I didn't pursue it any further. I got my miles, just not in the manner I was supposed to. My Presidential Plus for Business Card has nothing to do with the Chase Business checking/debit account I opened in January.

DeaconFlyer Jun 1, 10 7:41 pm

Glad it worked out for you OP.

rufftackle Jun 2, 10 5:28 am

Thanks DeaconFlyer, couldn't have made that much progress without you originally supplying me with the phone number!

Scott6067 Jun 3, 10 3:32 pm

THANKS OP!! I just logged into my account and the 22.5K miles are now posted after calling this number on Tuesday!! Thanks for helping me get something done that I have been working on a month to get done!!

Armin Tamzarian Jun 4, 10 4:49 pm

I wonder how long I should wait before calling this number? I opened my Chase account in person on 4/7 and now a little over 8 weeks later I've only received the 2,500 bonus. All my spending is going to my FF# and I just got Milethon credit for it so I'm thinking that it just may be a case of Chase/CO taking their sweet time about it. How would I even know if I have another FF# Chase opened in my name?

AdamSouthFL Jun 4, 10 9:40 pm

Thanks again! I had no luck with emailing Chase. I called the above number on Tuesday and the missing miles are posted today.

RNE Jun 16, 10 11:41 am

Got my bonuses Monday, all but 2500 of the 15,000 portion. Called the phone number number (thank you, rufftackle) and was told the missing 2500 will appear in July. ^

6/14/2010 Chase Checking Bonus 10,000
6/14/2010 Continental Debit Bonus 12,500

Minter66 Jun 16, 10 2:05 pm

Yeah, I just checked my account, and have been credited my 25k for my personal and my 25k for my business account.

They even dropped the first 2500 miles for the credit card promo (buy 40+ items a month and get 2500 miles each month)

But I checked my wife's account and they have not credited her final 2500 miles from when she opened her business checking account back on April 11th.

I hate how you have to have your debit card when you call that number. Hers has been locked up in the safe since we opened the account...:(

pushmyredbutton Jun 16, 10 2:34 pm

Originally Posted by RNE (Post 14143197)
Got my bonuses Monday, all but 2500 of the 15,000 portion. Called the phone number number (thank you, rufftackle) and was told the missing 2500 will appear in July. ^

6/14/2010 Chase Checking Bonus 10,000
6/14/2010 Continental Debit Bonus 12,500

I had a similar issue where the 10,000 posted along with 12,500. The missing 2,500 and the bonus purchase miles (1 for every $2 for me) went to a brand new OnePass account Chase decided to create for me.

Not sure how they got split up in the first place, but CO merged the two and Chase now knows of my correct OP number.

I was able to figure this out by looking online at my chase account, "showing debit card rewards" and the new OP was there, and I simply created a logon for it and I saw my phantom miles.

abcx Jun 16, 10 11:30 pm

Well, I applied for both cards/accounts today - late to the party I know. Here's hoping I don't have a problem with the miles posting.

J.Edward Jul 8, 10 1:51 pm

Thanks for posting this! :)

Had an issue with my business miles posting that they got worked out.

Painless for the most part -- all that I had to do was call in, give the rep my info, and she said she'd research it and hopefully have it resolved within 5 business days.

RNE Jul 20, 10 5:22 pm

07/17/2010 Chase Debit Card Enrollment Bonus Miles 2,500

Got my final 2500 miles. Took about 10 weeks.

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