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JOIN IN - OFFICIAL 2009 Secret Santa Extravaganza!

JOIN IN - OFFICIAL 2009 Secret Santa Extravaganza!

Old Sep 25, 09, 3:08 pm
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JOIN IN - OFFICIAL 2009 Secret Santa Extravaganza!

Official 2009 Secret Santa Thread!



Greetings from your Flyertalk Secret Santa coordinator William (wharvey).

I am happy to step forward for YEAR 7 and coordinate this for the Flyertalk community. It is my small way to return something to this tremendous community!

As I have done for the past few years, I am starting the Secret Santa process early.

This is the official thread for the 2009 Secret Santa Extravaganza. Any questions or comments should be limited to this thread or private messaged to me and no other threads should be started. Any private messages sent to me should have a subject of : <your FT handle> Secret Santa 2009. (and yes, you should replace “your FT handle” with your ACTUAL handle; that was an issue for some the last few years!) 

I hope many of you choose to participate in this years’ event. I would love to have lots of new faces joining in the festivities.

While you are thinking about what to get for your FT "friend", consider also purchasing a gift for a child or making a donation to your favorite charity. If you do not have a particular charity in mind, please consider a Flyertalk sanctioned charity www.kiva.org. Click Here to join the Flyertalkers Kiva Lending Team. Please do not use your Secret Santa gift as your donation.

Below are the rules for the 2009 Secret Santa event:

1. Any questions on the Secret Santa process should be directed to me via this thread or via private message (please do not use email). Subject should always be: <your FT handle> Secret Santa 2009. (and yes, you should replace “your FT handle” with your ACTUAL handle)  I plan to respond through the PM system so make sure you have enabled that feature if you want to participate.

2. The expected limit on your gift purchase is $50 USD and does NOT include shipping and packaging costs. Of course, I am sure no one will mind gifts of higher value or certain paper from airlines and hotels that are "priceless". Understand that this is an estimate. I do ask that people view this as an "expected" level so that some people do not get disappointed. This has happened in the past. Please plan to spend at LEAST $35 on your gift exclusive of shipping and packaging costs. Also, plan to send something personal to people; NOT donations on their behalf to a charity organization.

CONTINUED FROM LAST FOUR SEASONS:: If you are interested, you may volunteer to be a Secret Santa for up to three different Flyertalkers. If you sign up for one, two or three... it means you will also have one, two or three FTers with your name... UNDERSTAND, there is no guarantee for you to be assigned more than one person. Santa reserves final decision rights on this plan!!

This is my seventh year of running Secret Santa. While my memory and files are good, know that it is possible you may get someone again that you had before… I try to cross check… but too many people are involved to be 100% perfect.

CONTINUED BY POPULAR DEMAND: Ever wished you got a specific person as your Secret person to gift? Now is your chance. Again this year, you can "request" particular individuals you would like to get assigned to you for your gift buying. No guarantee... but I will do my best.

3. Secret Santas have the option of remaining anonymous. I will not disclose names nor addresses of anyone who participates to anyone other than their Secret Santa. I expect that any information you receive from me will not be shared with anyone else.

4. The coordinator assumes no responsibility for delivery or non-delivery of gifts. I want this to be fun and hope that everyone who participates will have fun and get into the holiday spirit. Understand, however, that failure to deliver will result in your being denied participation in future years. HSXAgent, DEVIS, MarySunshine, Tfmpa, Jim_USAIR, Icorproadie, Adam100, Tokyotraveler, Mrstaralliance and Phoenixdude are on Santa’s bad boy list for failing to deliver gifts in the past even though they received gifts… so they will not be allowed to participate this year. In addition, delivering gifts more than 6 months after the holiday does not count as delivering. This has happened in the past, even to me. Everyone has a right to expect a gift during the holiday season. If you cannot commit to this, do not participate.

5. You must be registered on Flyertalk.com at the time you send your private message. IF you are a lurker, you must register on Flyertalk.com before becoming a Secret Santa participant. You may also want to click and post in the ""Who We Are" thread and introduce yourself to the Flyertalk Community and give your Santa some clues.

6. Deadline to participate is December 1st, 2009 at 5 pm Boston time. If you wish to participate, you MUST send a PRIVATE MESSAGE to me through the FT system. Subject Line: <your FT handle> Secret Santa 2009. In this private message, you must provide the following information and PLEASE answer the questions in the order provided below as that will help me input the data into my tracking documents. In fact, please just copy the questions below into the private message window and answer the questions. I make no promises of anyone getting into the process if they miss this date.

a. Your full name (first and last name):

b. Your FULL mailing address for your gift. This address should be one where you can receive a package in December.

c. Your email address (must be verifiable):

d. Your Flyertalk handle:

e. Your Gender:

f. Maximum number of times you wish to participate: (1, 2, 3):

g: Specific FTer (if any) you would like assigned to you:

h. Some facts about yourself that might help your Secret Santa shop for your gift. Please make sure they are helpful hints... (DO not be shy... is there something particular you would like to get? From a particular airline, hotel, specific travel product?)

i.A "Yes" or "No" as to whether or not you are willing to send a gift outside your country. If at all possible, please be willing to ship out of your own country... especially for USA residents.

AGAIN, please help Santa out by using the SUBJECT LINE as requested.

If I receive enough participants early on, I may go ahead and match up members so you can get a head start on your gift buying. I would then provide a second match-up after the December 1st deadline. Santa has to get his rest in before the mad rush of the holiday season.

Please be sure to read Santa updates throughout this thread!!!

To read threads from previous years:

2008 Official Secret Santa Thread

2007 Official Secret Santa Thread

2006 Official Secret Santa Thread

2005 Official Secret Santa Thread

2004 Official Secret Santa Thread

2003 Official Secret Santa Thread

I am glad to step forward again this year and be your Secret Santa coordinator and hope you find it to be another wonderful experience of this great Flyertalk community.

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Old Sep 25, 09, 3:09 pm
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This post is where I will list all the members who are choosing to participate in Secret Santa.

If you are on this list, it means I received a Private Message from you that met the requirements.

This list reflects all Private Messages I have received that met the requirements as of the edit date at the bottom of this post. If you think you should be on this list, please re-Private Message me your information.




2kind - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
98103 - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Adlfo - Assignment PM'd on 12/02/09
Alysia - Assignment PM'd on 12/02/09
Amrivlin - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Aneedle - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Aquadyne - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Awpeters - Assignment PM'd on 12/02/09
Baglady - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Baliktad - Assignment PM'd on 12/02/09
Basejump - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Baxter&bessies'mama - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Belfastflyer - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Bonnerbl - Assignment PM'd on 12/02/09
Briantoronto - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
CentralPark - Assignment PM'd on 12/12/09
Ckidder331 - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Crazyhotelguy - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Dartagnan - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Dbart - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Dhammer53 - Assignment PM'd on 12/02/09
Dibby - Assignment PM'd on 12/02/09
Eap - Assignment PM'd on 12/02/09
Elcheapodeluxe - Assignment PM'd on 12/02/09
Elll - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Emaij - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Erikatcuse - Assignment PM'd on 12/12/09
Etcaveatamator - Assignment PM'd on 12/02/09
Frogface63 - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Gdeluca - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Gj83 - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
God_forbids - Assignment PM'd on 12/02/09
Goingaway - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Greenfireflyer - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Helsinki Flyer - Assignment PM'd on 12/02/09
Hoya2lane - Assignment PM'd on 12/02/09
Iansr - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Icuhere2 - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Idayvuelta - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Italy98 - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Jackal - Assignment PM'd on 12/02/09
Jakuda - Assignment PM'd on 12/02/09
Jdivenere - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Jeffie - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Jenniparks - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Jerseygirl117 - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Jghassell - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Jumpgate - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Kevinsac - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Ksinnyc - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Loopies - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Lupine - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Missydarlin - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Nymph - Assignment PM'd on 12/02/09
Ocdb8r - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Omnivore - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Onlyairfare - Assignment PM'd on 12/02/09
Owlchick - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Peteropny - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Philfna - Assignment PM'd on 12/02/09
Ptahcha - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Redhead - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Seeya - Assignment PM'd on 12/02/09
Singtx - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Skiadcock - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Slocouple - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Socko33 - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Spiff - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Szg - Assignment PM'd on 12/02/09
Techauthor - Assignment PM'd on 12/02/09
Trainman74 - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Ucbeau - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Violist - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Weather - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Wendyhamburger - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Wesnspace - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Worldwidedreamer - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09
Yosithezet - Assignment PM'd on 11/12/09

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Old Sep 25, 09, 3:10 pm
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Hold for Future Santa Announcements
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Old Sep 25, 09, 3:56 pm
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Old Sep 25, 09, 4:27 pm
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First time participating....thanks for setting up and to Flyertalk!
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Old Sep 25, 09, 6:26 pm
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Dear Santa,

Glad you brought this to our attention once again. Now that summer is over, the Elves have been milling around the workshop wondering when the assembly line was going to start up. I told them they would return to work on Tuesday, as a couple of them are off on Monday.

And in case you're wondering, the Reindeer just came back from the vet, and they're in good health. ^

Once you prepare your list, please e mail it to [email protected]

My information will eventually follow. Regards to AL.
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Old Sep 25, 09, 7:20 pm
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I was just thinking about this earlier this week. Great to see again.
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Old Sep 25, 09, 7:44 pm
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Wow - you're almost as bad as those stores with their holiday decorations already displayed!! Thanks for picking this up again -- I'll send a PM in eventually (it's too early for me to think about it right now)
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Old Sep 25, 09, 8:42 pm
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I look forward to participating in this FT tradition.
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Old Sep 25, 09, 10:45 pm
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I'm so in!

I love this idea! I'll definitely be submitting my information (as soon as I can figure out how to best answer question h - that's a tough one for me!) I saw last year's thread and thought it was wonderful. The time and effort many here gave to their gifts is heartwarming.

Thank you Santa William for all the work this must take to coordinate.
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Old Sep 26, 09, 12:54 am
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Sounds interesting and fun! I'm going to spend some time reading through threads of years past, but I will definitely be signing up for this year!
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Old Sep 26, 09, 6:39 am
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Santa's newest Midwest elf reporting for Secret Santa duty! PM to be sent shortly. Cheers.
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Old Sep 26, 09, 8:49 am
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All Aboard!
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Sure... why not. I hope I will know more about my recipient's tastes and favorite things this time, last time was a bit of a cr_p shoot but think she liked what she received anyway


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This will be fun. It is always a challenge to meet the unspoken needs of someone you have never met.
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