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Recruiting: Team FlyerTalk for Amazing Race-style travel competition

Recruiting: Team FlyerTalk for Amazing Race-style travel competition

Old Jan 14, 2009, 3:00 pm
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Recruiting: Team FlyerTalk for Amazing Race-style travel competition

Team FlyerTalk
Doing anything mid-March? Well, even if you are I'm interested in recruiting the savviest travelers there are on FlyerTalk to represent my team in a new Amazing Race-style travel competition. The details are listed below. I will fund two members of FlyerTalk to be our team in this competition and just know that the best travelers post here. I'll cover your entry fees, your travel to New York for the start of the competition or local if in Europe, meal money, extra cash for flash, help supplement missing work and of course a marvelous FlyerTalk-inspired wardrobe. As well, this winning team (go, fight, win!) will get to keep the grand prize and all the fame and glory it will bring by winning.

I think this will be a great opportunity for some of our members to have some fun traveling, have some fun challenging their individual travel skills and of course earning a title on FlyerTalk for being our champs.

I'm looking for two members who can work together during this competition and all members are eligible to be considered, just post up your travel skills, what you can bring to Team FlyerTalk and your general thoughts on this opportunity.

SO, feel free to start expressing you desire to be part of my Team FlyerTalk, post here today as I only have until Feb. 10 to name my team.

COMPETITOURS is a team travel competition dubbed 'The Amazing Race For Regular People' by America's largest travel publication, National Geographic Traveler. The trip features a secret itinerary whereby teams of two compete to earn points by accomplishing a daily series of interactive, quirky and fun challenges while soaking in the diversity of Europe's people, culture and attractions. At stake, a grand prize worldwide travel spree.

* March 15-21, 2009 $875 per person ($950 for extra free day in Europe March 15-22)
* Pricing includes:
- airfare from New York-JFK to and from surprise European cities
- 5 nights double occupancy at European Standard lodging
- 4 day Eurail Pass
- eligibility to win grand prize: winning team shares a 7 night Marriott stay anywhere in the world plus $700 spending money
- 6-8 challenges for 5 days spanning 3 or 4 European cities; challenges test team abilities to be creative, resourceful, inventive, a bit zany, spontaneous.

* Pricing excludes:
- all meals
- local ground transport, airport transfers
- admissions where applicable
- domestic roundtrip airfare to JFK; must arrive by 300p on March 15
- internet related costs (wi-fi, internet cafes)
- travel/medical insurance (highly recommended)
- other personal incidentals

* What To Bring
- portable videocamera with USB to document challenges and upload for judging every late afternoon
- internet-enabled computer or PDA to download each day's surprise destination, challenges, lodging, health, US govt. info, and updated scoring standings; and to research which challenges to choose as part of your daily customized itinerary
- carry-on rollbag: pack light because you will be your own bellhop between train stations and lodging each day.
- European enabled cell phone to be able to contact Competitours or contacts in USA in case of emergency or other situations requiring assistance.

* Timetable
- Feb 10: final application submitted by each team (email [email protected] for application); 50% payment due
- March 12: international airline itinerary revealed; eticket number provided; JFK meeting place location provided
- March 13: first day's destination city and challenge options revealed
- March 15: pre-trip meeting at JFK 400p
- March 15-21: PLAY THE GAME
game session 900a-500p approx each day
teams upload video documentation of challenges by designated daily deadline; judging website URL provided each day
teams download following day's surprise destination, challenges and plan customized itinerary, routing, point earning strategy
evenings free time; informal gathering place provided
- March 23: all teams notified of winning team by email
- March 24: once grand prize has been issued to winning team and verified by other teams final 50% payment due

For more detailed info on how this team travel game is played, log onto www.competitours.com or call Steve Belkin
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Old Jan 14, 2009, 4:43 pm
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thank you yet again for your generosity ^^^ and what a great idea ^^. would you believe it that this might have actually worked for me being out of work and all but alas, i'm cat sitting at my folks until april 1st while my folks enjoy their place in pbi (and goalie-dad would be "just a tad miffed" if i "abandoned" the cat )

again, thank you and go team flyertalk!
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Old Jan 14, 2009, 5:05 pm
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me please!

I would love to be considered for this opportunity!

I'm not a road warrior, but I've done my fair share of travel.. from hostelling to some of the finer hotels. I think I have a great temperament for flexibility, and I play well with others... something I think is going to be very important, considering its highly possible that the members of Team Flyertalk will have never met.

I think this is an amazing opportunity, and I'm excited to follow the adventure, even if I'm not one of the chosen ones.

Thanks to Beaubo for creating such a awesome opportunuty, and to Randy for offering up the sponsorships.

Go Team FT!
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Old Jan 14, 2009, 5:09 pm
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I am definitely interested in participating in this incredible opportunity, Randy Petersen.

Thank you again for your generosity to FlyerTalk and its members!

Travel Skills
  • I have traveled in every continent of the world except for Antarctica.
  • I am flexible when it comes to travel.
  • I do not suffer from jet lag and rarely get sick, if ever.
  • I pack light...very light.
  • I am born to travel. Why do I keep listing items under this heading?!?

What I Can Bring to Team FlyerTalk
  • I am trained to be a coach and a team player.
  • I have a strong sense of commitment.
  • I like to get things done and do them right.
  • I have a natural sense of curiosity that I cannot ignore when visiting new places.
  • I have experience reporting on my travels.
  • I am an experienced photographer, both still and video.
  • I am creative, spontaneous, and can be rather zany at times...just look at some of the content I have posted on FlyerTalk over the past six years.

My General Thoughts on This Opportunity
I think that this is an outstanding opportunity for which I cannot pass up applying. I am always ready for anything that has to do with travel. I believe that this will be fun and I am raring to go!

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Old Jan 14, 2009, 6:32 pm
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Wow ^

Too bad for me that March is impossible to make (then again, if it wasn't impossible I'd likely have already signed up).
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Old Jan 14, 2009, 8:29 pm
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I only recently joined, so I won't attempt to join in on this. Best of luck to everyone else and kudos to you, Randy!
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Old Jan 14, 2009, 8:35 pm
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For some reason, Im having trouble logging into my Expedia res to TLV for that period. But, I definitely want to cancel my reservation and enter my participation into this period of travel. I am a regular contributor on FT and also a travel writer/reporter about specific airlines (mostly DL/US) adn find a lot of useful information here. I have frequently attempted to participate in US/DL public events, but have rarely been chosen. Since I never win anything, I thought it wouldnt hurt to enter here as well. Good luck everyone, and thanks FT!!!!!!
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Old Jan 14, 2009, 8:36 pm
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I'm so ridiculously qualified, that I can't attend because that week I will be busy doing all the things that make me so qualified! lol

Seriously, sounds like a total blast, and I wish the best to the duo that will represent FT! Do us all proud!!!
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Old Jan 14, 2009, 8:41 pm
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Thanks for this opportunity.

I’ve been a technical sales road warrior for the last 10 years, and a 1K on United for the past 7. My career has taken me to Asia, Europe and the Americas and my volunteer work to East Africa. I know how to get things done, how to make people live up to their promises and work the alternatives.

Although I'm more an independent person and traveler, my career has taught me the value of collaborative effort for goal achievement. Maps are our friends, but dead reckoning has probably achieved just as good results and I’m not afraid to make a sudden midcourse correction. I am a leader, but can follow as long as we’re headed in the right direction

Travel should always be an adventure, whether accidental or contrived. I think this would be a great challenge, without having to eat bugs and travel with my wife

The bottom line: I win and hate losing

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Old Jan 14, 2009, 8:44 pm
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Wink Pick me Randy :)

Hey there. I write rarely here, but read you daily (esp. KiwiFlyer).

Why me?
Other than that I speak 4 European languages (French, English, Serbian/Croatian or whatever you choose to call it and Italian), I survivied 2 wars, never got in any trouble anywhere and have successfully managed to live through a French transport union strikes over the years

I eat snails, frog's legs, offal (rams "golden oysters" are specialty in Eastern Europe and, not unpopular in NZ) and have lived or travelled through all continents (including Antarctica ).

So, there...
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Old Jan 14, 2009, 9:03 pm
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I'd love to be a part of this challenge, this type of competition is just the type of time off I need in March!!

I'm very versatile; living it up in last possible place to lie my head - the basement of an Amsterdam hotels with a water leak/moat to cross over - or on a friend of a friend's boat in London's seedier district-King's Cross...

It's all bueno! Oh, I speak Spanish fluently, and get by swimmingly in other romance languages, especially Italian.

I'm extremely resourceful and can come up with solutions on the fly to a multitude of travel sitations-

Please oh please pick me- it's been too long and I've got cabin fever, never motion sickness, and my parking meter is about to run out of quarters...

J/k porfa me gustaria ganar este premio para tu compania y demonstrar de que somos capaz!

Oh, and pick me a good, honest partner to travel with also!

Can't wait to meet ya!
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Old Jan 14, 2009, 9:05 pm
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I'd love to be considered for this opportunity!

First, and most importantly, I have a valid passport.

I don't travel for work, so the 1 or 2 international trips I take every year are strictly for pleasure. I do this on the cheap (usually staying in hostels and frequently walking even when public transportation is available,) so that my money goes further and allows me to spend more time in the countries I visit. Over the years, I have become very adept at reading maps to make my way around. When I do need assistance however, I'm happy to ask a local, or another, or another, until I find someone who can help an poor English-only speaker.

Lastly, I also have a sense of humor and an appreciation for the absurd which I think will be my most valuable asset of all when attempting to navigate city streets and complete the tasks.
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Old Jan 14, 2009, 9:12 pm
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Although I can't go, what an interesting challenge & a race I will follow, especially with a FT Team!

How come Lucky hasn't jumped on this?
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Old Jan 14, 2009, 9:39 pm
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Smile This sounds like an AMAZING race!

I am a travel addict and one of my dreams is to be on the Amazing Race so this sounds like a great way- to in some ways fulfill that dream!

I love to plan and research every aspect of my trips ( which are always for pleasure) from finding the flights to logistics like how to get around to finding the best things to see and do. When I am planning a trip I am already looking into an idea for that next trip! My friends are always asking where I am going next! I'd love to say that I am going on a travel race around Europe!

I've been to over 30 countries, spanning every continent asides from Antarctica. I am never afraid to ask questions when traveling and love interacting with the locals, exploring until my feet hurt and trying new foods.

A bit about me- I live in Brooklyn, NY so getting to JFK won't be a problem! I work with autistic children doing one on one therapy. I love baseball- Let's go Mets, working out, and did I mention Travel!

Please pick me for this competition. I would be honored to represent flyertalk!
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Old Jan 14, 2009, 9:40 pm
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I never miss The Amazing Race and I always thought.. hey! I would be good at that! Here's why..

1.Experience! -- in life and in travel. I know how to deal with people and I know how to deal with airports and getting around.
2. Cool under pressure. (The people who panic never get anywhere.)
3. Excellent sense of direction! Seems like a minor thing..until you get lost!
4. Innovative - I will always find a way to accomplish what needs to be done.
5. A never give up.. do WHATEVER IT TAKES attitude..with energy and enthusiasm.

So please consider my candidacy for the competition!. and Thank you Randy Petersen for supporting this venture!
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