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Recruiting: Team FlyerTalk for Amazing Race-style travel competition

Recruiting: Team FlyerTalk for Amazing Race-style travel competition

Old Jan 29, 09, 5:18 pm
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Me me me me!


Thanks for posting this opportunity.
  1. I'm available!
  2. I have all passports, equipment, etc.
  3. I'm a techie, I can debug any problem quickly.
  4. I'm a former newswriter; I can write good, fast, crisp copy. I occasionally get lots of +1s and s for my FT posts.
  5. I'm good at interacting with natives in languages I don't speak.
  6. I can shoot and edit video on the fly.
  7. I love to watch Japanese quiz shows with similar themes, e.g. Ultra Quiz -- I'm sure I learned something.
  8. I'm a former roadie, we are capable of anything!
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Old Jan 29, 09, 9:00 pm
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man.. i would love to go unfortunately that's finals weeks

maybe next time..
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Old Jan 29, 09, 9:01 pm
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I would love to do this and I am definetly qualified.
Travel Skills
  • I have traveled on every continent of the world.
  • I have worked for the airlines.
  • I am flexible when it comes to travel.
  • I do not suffer from jet lag or get sick.
  • I pack light, so light it fits in a back pack.
  • I was born to travel.
  • Experienced travel planner.
  • Multi language capable.

What I Can Bring to Team FlyerTalk
  • I am a leader and a team player.
  • I have a strong sense of commitment.
  • I like to get things done and do them right.
  • I know how to take advantage of any situation for my team. (notice this post)
  • I have experience reporting on my travels.
  • I am an experienced photographer, both still and video.
  • I have skills: engineering, communications, computers and I know the res system and flight routing maps.
  • I have a photographic memory. (comes in handy)
  • I don't get stressed.

I know the underground by heart. I have never been lost in at CDG. I have driven almost everywhere. I am a licensed pilot (aircraft and vessel), train engineer and I have a class AMV license. When do we leave?

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Old Jan 29, 09, 9:03 pm
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Well, toss my hat into the ring please!

1. I look good on camera.
2. I've lived in many European cities
3. I speak three European languages (okay, only two besides English, but in those I am fluent)
4. I am free in March
5. I've dealt with all manner of travel-related difficulties, in places as challenging as Rome (yes - it can be a pain), Paris, or West Africa
6. I look REALLY good on camera
7. Did I mention I look good on camera?
8. ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9. Thank you.
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Old Jan 29, 09, 10:41 pm
FlyerTalk Evangelist
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Although I'm new to FT, here goes nothing:

Travel Qualifications
* I used to be a social studies teacher. I had to teach decision-making to 8th graders and World History to 9th ...
* Although the photo is horrendous, my valid passport needs more stamps.
* Had the "Americas" territory as a corporate trainer.
* Blackberry quad-band phone always on hip.
* Have decided I'm earning DL PM status while spending under $3,000 in airfare this year. Plenty of miles to use for the "real" trips.
* Studied economics, finance and management as academic disciplines - what should be, risk, and decision-making.
* Even while in the Park Hyatt Vendome, I posted to FT. OK - that just means I'm a bit of a dork.

Competitours "Qualifications"
* Clever - That's why I'm on Flyertalk
* A bit zany - That's why I'm on Flyertalk
* Original - Because no one wants to be like me
* Resourceful - I'm full of something but most people don't say "resources"
* Persuasive - I just convinced an FA I should be allowed to use a drink chit on an identically-priced food item
* Creative - Haven't been fired yet ...
* Daring - My first meeting with a FTer was a Christmas party hosted by one of her customers
* Teamwork - At 6'2", 218 lbs, I'm capable of taking out the opposition
* Spontaneous - I once drove from BWI-area to MIA to watch a (single) baseball game. I'll also take a regional vacation on a day's notice.

Other Qualifications
* Every team needs a minority Johnny Cash / Steppenwolf impersonator - think of the possibilities.
* I currently have no events scheduled that week.
* The government pays for my health coverage.
* I've co-hosted a radio show - remarkably as the straight man!
* Willing to wear FT garb (within reason - I do mow the lawn in slacks).
* More than athletic enough for "non-extreme" challenges - last played baseball for a college just 10 years ago.
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Old Jan 29, 09, 11:44 pm
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Dear Randy,

As most of you know, the longshoremen own the space between the docks and the ships in in NYC and other major ports in the USA.
I am the only person to ever get a truck load of goods across that space in NYC when the longshoremen were on strike, and lived to tell about it.

Unfortunately, I cannot throw my name in the hat due to previous commitments.....May I suggest the FT candidates not know each other and have a bit of mystery about them? These resume entries are so boring.....[s].

Now I'm suppose to say: Go Team Go...

I'll celebrate your victory in advance! Amazing people in here!
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Old Jan 30, 09, 12:30 am
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I'm a well seasoned traveler (several years as PLT and EXP on AA, currently lifetime GLD and almost to lifetime PLT). I've been all over North and South America as well as Europe and Africa. I haven't had much time in Asia aside from a 3 day birthday trip to Japan. I love traveling, meeting new people and just having a good time. I'm self employed and have been for the past 8 years. I like the freedom it leaves me to be able to enjoy life while also having the drive to succeed on my own. In short, I get things done.

As far as what I can bring to team FlyerTalk. I'm fairly certain that I'm not what most would expect from as a typical FT member and I generally don't fit the demographics for most of the sites I frequent or the hobbies I enjoy. That being said, I know that having me on the team would definitely make Team FlyerTalk stand out and be remembered.

(This is an excerpt from a profile on my pro-am racing career).

Check out my phone blog at http://moblog.mil0.com. I have cell phone pictures from the past few years of my day to day as well as my travels.

If you'd like more information, feel free to ask. Hope to hear from you!


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Old Jan 30, 09, 12:37 am
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Well, Go team!

Its a bummer this thing starts during finals week. In any case, hopes the best for the team!
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Old Jan 30, 09, 12:52 am
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For all of you with scheduling issues for the trip that Randy has kindly offered to sponsor, there will be trips launching in June and July...albeit on your own dime!!

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Old Jan 30, 09, 1:07 am
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Originally Posted by beaubo
For all of you with scheduling issues for the trip that Randy has kindly offered to sponsor, there will be trips launching in June and July...albeit on your own dime!!

Nope, not me.. I have all sorts of overseas travels on those months all through September..
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Old Jan 30, 09, 1:08 am
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Wow, this sounds awesome. Too bad I'm not worthy as I'm pretty much a FT n00b. Plus, grad. school kinda kills any get-up-and-go flexibility. Maybe in a couple of years. Sigh...
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Old Jan 30, 09, 1:47 am
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I'd love to do this.
I've been traveling to Europe since 1984. I have dual US/Finnish citizenship, I speak passable French. I travel a lot for work and fun, and have been all over the continent. If picked, I think I'd be a great competitor.
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Old Jan 30, 09, 3:23 am
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I'd love to join but I can't. I have 2 buisness trips to do in march to the far east and middle east and I don't have any time to spare for the competition
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Old Jan 30, 09, 10:07 am
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I would nominate myself as a volunteer, but I have a face for radio. My home videos are more Hilton Garden Inn than they are Paris Hilton...

Good luck to whoever eventually gets the lucky nod, and congrats to Beaubo for creating such a great idea!
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Old Jan 30, 09, 2:00 pm
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This sounds like an amazing experience. My mum and I have always said if they did an Australian version of the Amazing race we would enter! I would love to do this but have already organised holiday plans for that time However the ones being organised for later in the year and seeing that I live in Europe now I may be able to take advantage of one and see some more of Europe.
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