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Recruiting: Team FlyerTalk for Amazing Race-style travel competition

Recruiting: Team FlyerTalk for Amazing Race-style travel competition

Old Jan 17, 09, 1:11 pm
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Very interested to try

Randy hi,

First of all, ^ great initiative, and even greater fun expected.

Me and my g-f (or if she's busy with work, we'll know soon - my sister) would be happy to join.

I've lived in Belgium (Flanders) for a year and a half, and soon finish my first year of residence in Paris (France, not Texas).

I speak English, French, Hebrew, and Arabic. I am part of several international groups, giving me access to people who speak: Portuguese, Spanish (and Galacian), French, Dutch, German (Swiss/austrian/Bavarian accents as well), Danish, Norwegian, Italian, Greek, Bulgarian, Romanian, Russian, Polish, Serbian, Turkish (highly useful in Europe these days), and I am sure I forgot some.

We bring with us determination, understanding of European culture(s), adaptivity, creativity, and of course, a European credit card and Debit cards

In case we are not selected, we would still be happy to extend help to those who get selected.
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Old Jan 18, 09, 9:15 pm
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Never one to back down from a challenge.....
  • Winner of the "How'd He Get That All in a Carry-on?" award in 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2008 (let's not talk about 2006)
  • Loves working as a team
  • Needs more stamps in his passport
  • Believes Cleveland would be a great place for a Moderator Workshop (this one's for you, Beaubo!)
  • Keen for adventure, great with challenges
  • Can sleep standing up if necessary

Let's roll!!!!
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Old Jan 19, 09, 12:39 pm
In Memoriam
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I'm so up for this.

Unfortunately will be half way through my own personal 6 month race to good health via interferon

If this becomes a repeat event look forward to my entry

Thanks to Randy for the generous offer. Already had my hat and t-shirt once again thanks to Randy.

A tip of the FlyerTalk hat to whomever is selected and best of luck in the competition
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Old Jan 19, 09, 5:37 pm
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Thanks for the great opportunity, Randy. And thanks beaubo for starting such a cool travel company.

I would not only love to participate & represent FlyerTalk, but am conveniently (?) unemployed as of the first of March. I have a passport, speak fluent English (or at least the American version), pack light, and love not only travel but just this type of challenge.

I have traveled solo, with friends, family, and groups both for leisure and work. So I am confident I could work well with another FTer on this competition. My background is analytical, but not technical, and Im used to working under time constraints. Reviewing options and deciding on the best mix of challenges for Team FT will be almost as much fun as figuring out how to accomplish them. When it comes to completing the challenges, I can be creative and think outside the box to get things done.

Despite not speaking any languages other than English, I manage to get where I need to when I need to - even when part of the group books train tickets for the wrong day! Keep smiling & be creative theres always a way to work it out. OK, so I dont quite manage to stay that upbeat but while mumbling my real thoughts, I try to remember that those are the things that make for the best stories when you get home.

I followed the TravelBuzz! thread and thought this would be a blast. I just didnt think I would have an opportunity to participate so soon. So pick me, pick me, pick me!
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Old Jan 19, 09, 5:56 pm
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Just a couple of heads-up clarifications:

1. Previous travel experience to Europe and speaking foreign languages will only provide a negligible, if any advantage in being competitive. At the end of the day, its how creative, clever, original, resourceful and how much of your own personalities that comes across on the video documenting how you accomplish each challenge.

2. While you are welcome to sign up as an individual and have Randy pair you together with another FTer, you will certainly have a different experience if you are able to recruit a known friend or family member as partner.

3. For people who are not chosen for Team Flyertalk, but wish to participate on this particular March 15 trip, you may register on your own; just let us know by Feb 11. This trip is uniquely priced because it is shorter, in off-season, a smaller grand prize, fewer daily challenges than our summer trips.
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Old Jan 19, 09, 7:05 pm
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Just in case I've missed your reply upthread: Randy, with so many enthusiastic, skilled, clever, friendly FTers applying, what's your current plan or approach to choosing the winners?

Aside from random selection or using a dartboard, do you have a challenge or some kind of exercise (on FT or off it) in mind?

I imagine everyone really keen to be picked would get a benefit out of such an exercise/test/warmup.

Alternatively would you consider an American Idol / Gong Show / Sob story process of selection?

[^ again for the offer and for everyone participating]
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Old Jan 20, 09, 8:52 am
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Pick Me!! Pick Me!!


I must, regretfully, withdraw myself from consideration. I cannot be back in NYC by 4pm on the 15th to make the departure.

Good luck to whomever makes the team!!

Last edited by sbm12; Jan 29, 09 at 1:58 pm
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Old Jan 22, 09, 5:40 pm
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Wow, the dollar is in great shape against the Euro...for a change!!

A great shopping value can now be caboosed onto a great trip value!
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Old Jan 24, 09, 12:25 pm
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It is confirmed:

The well-established and proven team of geo1005 & chexfan...

Have their carry-ons at the ready!
Have their calendars cleared for take-off!
Have their cell phones ready for text and voice communication regardless of the destination!
Have their sense of humor intact!

We anxiously await Randy's decision! ^

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Old Jan 24, 09, 8:23 pm
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I'm game

dup post, see below
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Old Jan 24, 09, 8:24 pm
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I'm game

In the past week and a half

1. Successfully negotiated 20% off an exhorbitant bill in Nagoya, Batam while speaking no Bahasa Indonesia by utilizing the services of a lady as interpreter to the waitress and proprieter on the telephone who suddenly spoke no English. This was done after the bill had been run on someone's Amex card.

2. Successfully got 30 kg. of luggage on Indonesia AirAsia without charge. Limit is 15kg. And got assigned the exit row aisle.

3. Had my hand shaken by the security supervisor at Jakarta airport after handing over my little water bottle smiling all the time. Those who know me know that I hate the TSA almost as much as one of our more illustrious FTers.

4. As a guest, had a major international hotel hand me a room key so that I could have lounge access. Ok, I actually was a guest of a guest.

5. Creatively negotiated a free night and suite upgrade at a marginal Novotel property in Singapore without shouting or acting like a tourist. Actually, I offered to have them comp me one night and move me to the Hilton at the rate I was paying.

So if you want a somewhat overweight, older traveler who thinks young and has a passport with two additional sets of pages who tries to fit in wherever he is in the world even though he actually sticks out like an unsightly zit on a Caucasian nose, I'm your guy. Sounds like my type of adventure.

Oh yes, on our first trip to Europe over 25 years ago, successfully negotiated a room for three with a Serbo-Croatian woman standing in the street of a small Yugoslavian town without speaking a word.

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Old Jan 24, 09, 9:30 pm
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Executive Summary

The best blog description I've come across so far....


Amazing Race, Leisurely Pace
December 28, 2008 by Alan Rider
Maybe its just me, but the idea of being herded around Europe on one of those organized group tours seems unbearably tedious. Now, however, theres a unique alternative that sounds like itd be a heck of a lot more fun.

In place of the typical rigidly structured group tour itinerary, Competitours will fly you and a friend off on a European adventure thats essentially a recreational version of The Amazing Race TV show. Your initial destination wont be revealed until just days before you board the plane, but you can expect to visit up to a half-dozen countries over the course of your 10-14 day trip.

Along the way youll be competing against 16 other two-person teams in your choice of a dozen daily competitasks, challenges that will have you finding your way through unfamiliar surroundings and interacting with locals in a way most tourists could scarcely imagine. Youll document your feats on inexpensive camcorders and upload the videos for review by an independent panel of judges. But thats where the similarities with the TV show end as these tasks emphasize strategy and creativity over physical strength and stamina.

While I suspect the real reward is in the extraordinary experience of the competition itself, the winning team goes home with a Grand Prize package that includes airfare and hotel points that can be used at more than 100 Starwood Hotels properties worldwide. Theyll even throw in a nice chunk of spending cash to help you make the most out of whats bound to be a more laid-back journey.
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Old Jan 24, 09, 11:39 pm
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Originally Posted by geo1005
The well-established and proven team of geo1005 & chexfan...

Have their carry-ons at the ready!
Have their calendars cleared for take-off!
Have their cell phones ready for text and voice communication regardless of the destination!
Have their sense of humor intact!

We anxiously await Randy's decision! ^

I am chexfan, and I approve this message.
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Old Jan 25, 09, 7:45 pm
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Hi randy! This is great. I would love to join and you should pair me up with someone who is also interested and can take time-off for this trip:

I can take the time off for this challenge.
I can come to NYC.
My passport is valid for more than a year.
I have been across 4 continents and still love to travel.
I can communicate.
I am not a jerk.
I love to travel.
I am technically savvy.
I love taking pictures.
I love video taping.
I have done extensive video experiments
I can type.
I am willing to give it a 120%.
I would be delighted to be a part of it.

Thanks and can't wait for the fun to begin.

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Old Jan 27, 09, 1:20 pm
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Look no further we present: Team FlyerTalk!

These Fab Females of Fun these Innovative Ingenues these Creative Creatures these Scandinavian Sensations

Elizabethh and letoile.

Theyre zany, quirky, savvy, creative, innovative and fun. And, theyre wicked smart!

First we have Elizabethh so hip and hilarious that one h just wouldn't do. Miss HH lives by the motto Ill try anything twice. She's climbed Half Dome solo, she navigates her way around a wine bottle and roundabouts with equal ease. Elizabethh uses her clever ways to waltz on in while others stand on line. She can get strangers to reveal their underwear sizes as easily as their names, and has been known to wrangle chickens. She'll travel at the drop of a hat and she's never met a challenge she couldn't meet. Elizabethh was last seen doing standup to a crowd of adoring fans at the Chicago RCC.

Partnering with Elizabethh is letoile. Miss letoile was last seen using her ingenuity to escape captors on two separate occasions in Marrakech. No lie. She prides herself on having 101 uses for an airsick bag, not one of which involves its intended purpose. She can travel with a toothbrush, a credit card and a passport all of which can be used for picking locks. She can tie a bowline behind her back and create a wardrobe out of plastic trash bags - useful when the forecast calls for rain, but the packing is for sun. Of course, she can also put together a fine ensemble from Versace and Moschino. She has been known to get a greatly delayed plane in the air with a single phone call. The most important lesson shes learned is to never say: But thats impossible officer, the car tops out at 165 miles an hour.

These two are a proven team. Some say that with their skills in persuasion they alone turned Nevada into a Blue State in the last presidential election. More impressive than bringing in Nevada, they got Starbucks to upgrade their free 'I voted' coffees into a far more expensive cups of hot chocolate. And they effortlessly convinced a complete stranger that hed known them for years. Yes, theres little these two cant do. And they can do it all in heels.

This Team FlyerTalk opportunity is exactly what this traveling twosome have been looking for to quench their thirst for adventure and creative problem solving while showing off the skills some of FlyerTalk's savviest travelers have to offer.
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