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Oz Fest 18 Melbourne, VIC, Australia. USA Memorial Day Weekend May 27 to May 29, 2022

Oz Fest 18 Melbourne, VIC, Australia. USA Memorial Day Weekend May 27 to May 29, 2022

Old Jun 17, 2021, 7:54 pm
Oz Fest organizers
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Oz Fest 18 Melbourne, VIC, Australia. USA Memorial Day Weekend May 27 to May 29, 2022

Oz Fest 18 Melbourne VIC Australia. USA Memorial Day Weekend

Friday May 27, Saturday May 28, Sunday May 29, 2022.

Image courtesy of ontheworldmap.com

After discussions Melbourne, Victoria has been chosen for Oz Fest 18. Oz Fest 04 (2007) was held in Melbourne, after the first 2 Oz Fest’s were held in Sydney followed by Brisbane. We repeat the sequence. The location of Melbourne will allow easy international & Australian domestic access for many people.

Oz Fest 17 BNE 2020 was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We tried again and Oz Fest 17 BNE 2021 had a smaller attendance than normal due to Australia not being open to international visitors, other than from New Zealand. Victoria had a Covid-19 outbreak so people from Victoria were not allowed to enter Queensland. In the end 12 from QLD, 5 from NSW and 2 from VIC (who escaped before the outbreak) attended. We had 2 from North America, residents of Sydney, who waved the flag for the internationals. Hopefully 2022 Australia will be open international visitors, but at this time that is far from certain.

The May USA Memorial Day weekend seems very popular with USA based Flyer-talkers, and that is the weekend that was most favoured by far. Again chosen that weekend - as we have for all other 17 Oz Fests. Around half the attendees are USA based at each Oz Fest (other than 2021).

That public holiday in the USA is Monday May 30, 2022 Remember if you leave Australia on afternoon of Monday May 30, you arrive back in the USA also early morning on Monday May 30. A lot of time, no matter where you live in the USA, to get back home, unpack, have an early night, and get organised for a day at work next day etc.

There have been 17 successful Oz Fests so far - in Sydney (3 times), Brisbane (2 times), Melbourne (2007), Hobart, Cairns, Adelaide, Darwin, Canberra, Perth, Alice Springs-Ayers Rock/Uluru, New Zealand, the Gold Coast, Newcastle & Noosa.
The weather for the past 17 Oz Fests has been in general, superb and sunny. Despite June 1st, being our official Winter start date. Even in Tasmania our most southern city, we were truly blessed with unusually nice weather. We all thought Canberra and Hobart would be a weather challenge for sure, but the Saturday and Sunday gave quite perfect weather.

A common FT access account for the ad-hoc organising committee titled Oz Fest (Oz Fest Organisers)” was approved by the Flyertalk Community Director, and the early informational posts here in this thread will show as that account, so they can be edited at will by those involved.

Our ad-hoc Committee will be tracking attendees, and hotels, and flights, and activity sign ups etc in these early posts. These are incredibly time consuming to keep updated, and all attendees owe them a huge vote of thanks. Hopefully we can once again call on the falconea’s to be name tag/table tag supremos, and we are well on our way!

At the date of this post, Australia is closed to international visitors, other than from New Zealand. with no published date when the border will reopen. The Australian border will be tightly controlled while Covid-19 is a risk.

Australia is opened up to the world on 21 February 2022. Please refer to the government links in post 5.

Please keep the thread on topic: only Oz Fest 18 2022. Moderators will be asked to remove any and all discussion and/or comments on Australia’s & other countries Covid-19 policies and practises. Please keep it factual. Plenty of other threads & sub-forums for those Coviid-19 opinions and questions.

Main AU thread for Covid-19 discussion and information----> Australia’s response to Covid-19 [general border control thread]


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Or just click here: Subscribe to Oz Fest 18 Melbourne, VIC Australia
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Oz Fest organizers
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updated to post 258 and for PMs & emails. 08:25 28 May 2022


Oz Fest 18 takes place in Melbourne. VIC Australia on USA Memorial Day weekend from Friday evening 27th May to Sunday 29th May 2022

Please PM Oz Fest any error's & omissions or email:- ozfest11 at gmail.com

Platinum - Confirmed (in order of confirming will attend including PM & emails)
  1. serfty MEL
  2. To Market to Market MEL
  3. Itsalongwaydown SXE
  4. Sue Oz SXE
  5. JohnSydney2000 SYD
  6. cocobird SFO
  7. doug_wescott MEL
  8. Fredd SEA
  9. Mrs Fredd SEA
  10. kpc SYD
  11. kpc_gf SYD
  12. Governator PHL
  13. Perthite PER
  14. tuapekastar MEL
  15. penegal MEL (note 1)
  16. rxgeek CMH
  17. rxgeek_+1 CMH
  18. CDKing BOS / ORH
  19. Kiwi Flyer WLG
  20. Perk WLG
  21. Mrs Perk WLG
  22. Mr Perk_Snr ???
  23. Mr Perk_Snr_+1 ???
  24. jswong WLG
  25. Antonio8069 Canada
  26. Antonio8069_+1 Canada
  27. Eija MEL
  28. QF WP BNE
  29. Arcanum YQT
  30. Spruce Goose (AFF) MEL
  31. Bundy Bear BNE
  32. rabau BNE
  33. anat0l BNE

Gold Probable- Maybe

Silver - Interested

Bronze - can't make it
  1. JessicaTam MEL
  2. tom911 SFO RIP Tom
  3. kirkwoodj IAH
  4. ISTFlyer IST
  6. fifa OOL
  7. Mr fifa OOL
  8. lowjhg SIN
  9. Efrem BOS
  10. DELee TOA
  11. Mrs DELee TOA
  12. ozstamps SYD
  13. MargoOz SYD
  14. FlyerEC SIN
  15. restlessinRNO RNO
  16. restlessinRNO_+1 RNO
  17. Thai-Kiwi WLG
  18. chchkiwi CHC
  19. Plainsman ORD
  20. Mrs QF WP BNE
  21. QF WP mini # 1 BNE
  22. QF WP mini # 2 BNE
  23. OldFruity AU
  24. alief SYD
  25. falconea MEL
  26. Mr falconea MEL
  27. mhnadel IAD
  28. Aus_Mal LHR
  29. Orwaid USA
  30. Majuki SFO
  31. storyteller BNE
Note 1
penegal’s real status for all FT & AFF do’s:- Copper - I won't know until the last minute as work may get in the way or I may have to fly to SIN or somewhere else for one reason or another or I just can't make up my mind. He will show up some time!
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Old Jun 17, 2021, 7:55 pm
Oz Fest organizers
Original Poster
Join Date: May 2015
Location: Australia
Posts: 269
Activities & Who is doing what:
Over time this post will be have more information and links to other posts in this thread.
Activities are listed in the online -->google doc link May need to click on activity tab at the bottom.

Here is an outline of the planned Itinerary. Things have changed since COVID-19 including costs, with substantial increases in prices compared to previous years.

Friday 27th May: 6pm As post 159 by serfty
Meet and Greet over drinks and light snacks - Pre-paid in order to get a dedicated venue space for ourselves..

This will be from 6pm until 8pm in "The Green House" at the "The General Assembly".
The address is:
29 South Wharf Promenade
South Wharf
South Bank of the Yarra River
Link-->Google Maps
Near the Pan Pacifc Melbourne hotel (formally the Hilton South Wharf) - Exhibition Centre- Crown Casino

Pre-Paid cost for Light snacks and Drinks, including Wine, Beer and soft drinks are included is AUD62 per head (Includes Ticket Fees).

Payments can be made using this link:--->OzFest Meet and Greet - Payment

Saturday 28th May: 11am
Leisurely Walking Tour around the Kings Domain / Botanic Gardens, approx. 5km (3mi) - No charge for this.

Botanic Gardens 21 May 2022

The walk is up to maybe 8km (5 Miles) and take in a little of the Alexandra Gardens with a along the Yarra to the Kings Domain then along "The Tan" a bit through to the Botanic Gardens. After a leisurely meander including a short stop for a light lunch (purchase at "The Terrace" or BYO) we then arrive at the Gardens Visitor centre. From there we visit the Shrine of Remembrance and other memorials in the area. After that if you still feel energetic enough you can wander through the Victoria Gardens back to the CBD or catch a tram instead. I expect this all to take about three hours.

While rated "Easy" the walk can involve some inclines and a few stone steps - I suggest you wear comfortable sturdy shoes.

Please meet at Princes Bridge near Federation Square ( opposite Flinders St Station) 10:45am for 11:00am departure.
Link--->Location on Google Maps

Meeting Point

To help us keep track, please indicate your intention to come along by registering using the Oz Fest Gardens walk
Link found here--->OzFest 18 - 27th-29th May 2022 - Melbourne

Saturday 28th May: 18:45 As post 197 by serfty
The Saturday Evening event will be a Thai Banquet Dinner
Please arrive from 6:45pm for 7:00pm start at Bangpop Thai.

The address is:
35 South Wharf Promenade
South Wharf
South Bank of the Yarra River
Link--->Google Maps - Bangpop Thai
The same general area as Friday night

Pre-Paid cost for Thai Banquet Meal AUD75 per head (Includes Ticket Fees)
Drinks can be ordered and paid for separately during dinner (using you smart device).

Payments for the Dinner can be made using this link and selecting the Dinner Option:--->Oz Fest 18 main Dinner
** Please Enter your FlyerTalk Handle when purchasing.**

If you have any special Dietary requirements, please PM serfty or [MENTION=773964]Oz Fest[/MENTION] ASAP.

Sunday 29th May: Meet 12pm. As Post 128 (29 Apr 2022) by serfty
For game start 1pm – Aussie Rules Footy, North Melbourne Kangaroos v. St Kilda, Docklands.
Tickets ~AU$42.
Note that tickets for the footy go on sale during week beginning ~ Monday 9th May and can sell quickly.
We want to buy as a block in order to sit together, so if you are certain you will attend please advise in thread as soon as possible.
The Docklands stadium, with a retractable roof, is next to the Southern Cross/Spencer St station. Easy access by tram and metro rail, or foot if staying in a nearby hotel (as some are).


In late February – March we start to think about activities and talk to suppliers, vendors and restaurants, as by that time we have rough guide of attendee numbers. Before that time very little detailed planning happens. We set up a web based reservation system to book and pay for activities in late March-April.

Some activities require pre payment and others a commitment to attend. Some people attend all activities and others a few or maybe only the main Saturday night dinner. All are welcome albeit all or 1 activity. On the Friday some of the early attendees meet for self arranged lunch/what ever. People can start to arrive from Wednesday and some do not leave until the following Tuesday/Wednesday. Some people leave Oz Fest on the Sunday.

The Oz Fest team base costs on people attending activities based on known flights and the history of similar events attended. Due to commitments the Oz Fest team has made/will make to restaurants, suppliers and/or vendors no refunds are possible, unless another person takes your place. We often have to pay upfront for activities and/or restaurants. The cost includes the fees (~6%) Oz Fest pay to the reservation web site.

Generally Oz Fest has
  • Friday evening drinks-dinner
  • Saturday activity or activities. Sometimes a bus day trip
  • Saturday evening Oz Fest dinner. Tends to get 100% participation
  • Sunday activity or activities.
  • Sunday evening casual dinner. Often self organised with no pre booking

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Old Jun 17, 2021, 7:56 pm
Oz Fest organizers
Original Poster
Join Date: May 2015
Location: Australia
Posts: 269
updated to post 243 and for PMs & emails. 12:30 27 May 2022


Hotels are listed in the online -->google doc link May need to click on hotel tab at the bottom.

Accommodation in Melbourne is from 5 star to backpacker. As anywhere, you get what you pay for. It is unlikely to be difficult to get accommodation on 27- 29 May. Many central city hotels cater to the business market so can have low occupancy (and lower rates) at weekends.

At the date of this post, Australia is closed to international visitors, other than from New Zealand. with no published date when the boarder will reopen. The Australian border will be tightly controlled while Covid-19 is a risk. In May 2022 some hotels may still be in the Victorian State Government 14 day Covid-19 quarantine program. People booking hotels are best to ensure they are fully refundable, or minimal cash penalty for cancellation. Check the reservation t&c’s.

Having one central hotel location that most folks use, is a very large plus
There are many international hotel chains are in Melbourne. The Accor, Choice, Hilton, IHG and Marriott(Starwood) chain property's are in MelbourneAirbnb
  • CDKing

Batman's Hill on Collins, 623 Collins Street, Melbourne web site
FT thread-->
  • anat0l

Courtyard Flagstaff Gardens by Marriott, 50 Batman Street, West Melbourne web site
FT thread-->
  • Antonio8069 and Antonio8069_+1
  • rxgeek and rxgeek_+1
  • jswong (Saturday)

Crowne Plaze, 1-5 Spencer Street, Melbourne web site
FT thread-->
  • Kiwi Flyer

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, 270 Flinders Street, Melbourne web site
FT thread--> DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Melbourne - Flinders Street {AUS}
  • kpc and kpc_gf
  • tuapekastar

Hilton Melbourne, 18 Little Queen Street, Melbourne web site
FT thread---> Hilton Melbourne, Australia, Little Queen Street {AUS}
  • Itsalongwaydown and Sue Oz
  • Fredd and Mrs Fredd

Holiday Inn Express Southbank, 35-47 City Road, Melbourne web site
FT thread--->
  • QF WP

Holiday Inn Melbourne Airport,10 - 14 Centre Road Melbourne Airport web site
FT thread--->
  • Fredd and Mrs Fredd (Thursday)

Marriott Hotel, Corner Exhibition & Lonsdale Streets Melbourne. web site
FT thread --> Melbourne Marriott, Australia [Master Thread]

Novotel South Wharf Hotel, 7 Convention Centre Place Melbourne. web site
FT thread -->
  • jwong (Friday)

Park Hyatt, 1 Parliament Square, Melbourne web site
FT thread--->Park Hyatt Melbourne REVIEW - MASTER THREAD

Sheraton, 27 Little Collins Street Melbourne. web site
FT thread -->Sheraton Melbourne, Australia [Master Thread]
  • Governator *place holder reservation

Sofitel, 25 Collins Street Melbourne. web site
FT thread -->
  • Perthite

Westin, 205 Collins Street Melbourne. web site
FT thread -->Westin Melbourne, Victoria, Australia [Master Thread]
  • Governator *place holder reservation
  • cocobird

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Oz Fest organizers
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Location: Australia
Posts: 269
Flights are listed in the online google doc link

MEL is(~was in 2019) well connected with many long haul flights to/from USA, ME, Asia & EU from a range of airlines.

We use flight information to predict activity participation. Helps a lot with planning. If people book a flight that is a good guide will really attend. We always get late cancellations and late conformations..

Additional information associated with flights
Entry to AU & VIC
These may change. Sometimes at short notice.

Australian Government links
VIC Government links
CV19 Testing
Easiest (outgoing) testing (PCR & RAT) in AU will be Histopath at the airport
PCR Travel Testing. $79
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane Airports plus over 50 community locations
Incoming test is a self administered RAT within 24 hrs of arrival.
Pre-departure test before boarding your flight to AU as link above.Not required from 18 April
The testing requirements for AU & USA in May 2022 may be different.

Main AU CV19 thread-->Australia’s response to Covid-19 [general border control thread]

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Oz Fest organizers
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Location: Australia
Posts: 269
About Melbourne, VIC Australia (click on the blue or underlined links)

Will be updated from time to time.

Transport to and in Melbourne
Air Travel & Melbourne Airport - MEL
Melbourne Airport has 4 terminals:-
  • T1 Qantas domestic
  • T2 International, including Qantas international
  • T3 Virgin
  • T4 Jetstar, REX and regional airlines
T1, T2 & T3 are in one modern building and its quick & easy to walk between the 3 areas. T4 is a short walk from T3
Flying time to Sydney 1:10 hrs, Brisbane 2 hrs, Adelaide 1:10 hrs & Perth 4 hours & New Zealand 3:30 hrs.

From the Airport
The airport is 20 km (15 miles) from the city centre. Options to get the city are taxi, rideshare, Skybus, shuttlebus, metro bus & rental car. There are no trains to/from the airport. The metro bus is a little difficult to use and not a direct airport to city service (901 bus then train - AFF link)

Cost $55~$75 and takes about 20 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. There are taxi ranks outside T1 (Qantas domestic) & T3 (Virgin). The queue at T1 can be long, so it is often better to go right to the T3 taxi rank. T1 to T3 is ~75m.
  • MEL airport web site: taxis
    Beware of 3rd party web sites that are not the taxi operator.

    Ride Share
    Skybus takes 20 minutes and costs from $15 one way (on line) and from $28 return (on line]. This service operates 24 hours, 7 days a week (pre Covid-19). Buses run every 10-15 minutes throughout the day and every 30-60 minutes overnight. These are modern buses set up for carrying & storing your own luggage on board. They go to a bus terminal on the edge of the city centre on Spencer St (near the Spencer St ~ Southern Cross rail station) or other city locations (see web site) At the bus terminal you can transfer to the smaller SkybusLink that will take you to your hotel in the central city area (at no extra charge). However at March 2020 SkybusLink was suspended. Getting back to the airport you need to phone Skybus. They will come and pick you up from your hotel and take you the bus terminal to get the main Skybus out to the airport.

    Star Bus Shuttle
    Con-X-ion shuttle bus
    and others

    Rental Cars:
    Avis, Europcar, Hertz, Budget & Thrifty all have offices on the ground floor of the Short Term Car Park, and information desks in the Melbourne Airport domestic terminals. There is a ~$6.00 toll on the Tullamarine highway into the city. The toll cannot be paid by cash: it is all electronic.

    City Car Parking
    Very few central city hotels have free parking. Some do not even have paid parking, so parking your rental car is up to you. Car park buildings charge anything from $15 to $40 per day. The Crown Casino car park is one of the cheapest. The Melbourne City Council get a significant revenue from parking fines from street parking, so be careful parking on the street. Some streets have clearways in peak hours. Park in a clearway at the wrong time and your car will be towed away.
    Unless you really need a rental car do not hire one. Avis, Europcar, Hertz, Budget & Thrifty and other smaller rental car companies also have city depots (and without the airport hire fee or toll).

    Travelling in Melbourne
    Melbourne has a good public mass transport system of trains, buses and trams.
    Ticketing (Myki) is based on zone system (zone 1 & zone 2). Zone 1 is about a 10km~15 km circle around the city centre and is enough for most visitors to Melbourne. There are many of ticket types available, but the most common and most useful are time based and daily. The same myki ticket can be used on all trains, buses and trams, and with unlimited transfer's, within the zone.
    You’ll need a myki for your journey.
    • If you use a myki Pass, you’ll need to choose the zones you want to travel in and the number of consecutive days you need when you buy it.
    • If you use myki Money, your fare is automatically calculated as you touch on and touch off.

    There are three fare groups, based on metropolitan zones: Free Tram Zone, Zone 1+2 and Zone 2 only
    Myki card tickets can be purchased from train stations, on buses, on trams, at some tram stops and from some shops (who will have a blue Metro flag outside). Not all ticket types can be purchased on buses & trams. After you buy the Myki card ticket, a machine at the train station or on the bus or tram validates the ticket (touch on/off). With the Myki card you touch on (swipe) on trams (but do not touch off), touch on at train stations and touch off at train stations. There is a android phone app, but contactless credit card touch on/off [swipe] is not supported. Travelling without a ticket is a small crime (roving inspectors check tickets).

    Main myki ticket types (in order of most useful)
    • Zone 1+2: daily $9.00 (all day travel in Zones 1+2)
    • Zone 1+2: 2hours $4.60 (min 2 hrs up to 2:59 hrs travel in Zone 1+2)
    • Zone 1+2: weekly $45.00 (7 consecutive day's travel in Zone 1+2)

    Maps of the Metro network are available from the web site, train stations, shops that sell Myki tickets and tourist information locations.

    Train & Trams run from 6:00 am to about midnight. Melbourne has one of the largest tram networks in the world. Buses from 6:00 am to about 8:00 pm depending on route. Also Melbourne has a few night buses that run in the early hours of the morning out to the suburbs from the city centre.

    Free City Circle Tram
    There are free city trams that go around the outside of the city centre (both clockwise and anti-clockwise). A good way for visitor's to get an appreciation of the city. They are old 1930's style tram's painted maroon, so easy to identify.
  • City Circle tram map
  • City circle tram



The correct map of the world, with Australia where it really is (at the top)
Australia compared to the USA
Australia vs USA map
Australia vs Europe map

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History Of Oz Fests

Continuous attendance, without missing an Oz Fest.
Some people have attended more, but have missed 1 or more Oz Fest’s
15 - restlessinRNO Oz Fest 02 SYD to Oz Fest 16 SYD (inclusive)
15 - Itsalongwaydown Oz Fest 03 BNE to Oz Fest 17 BNE (inclusive)
15 - Sue Oz Oz Fest 03 BNE to Oz Fest 17 BNE (inclusive)
13 - Serfty Oz Fest 02 SYD to Oz Fest 14 NTL (inclusive)
13 - Fredd Oz Fest 04 MEL to Oz Fest 16 SYD (inclusive)
13 - Mrs Fredd Oz Fest 04 MEL to Oz Fest 16 SYD (inclusive)
12 - JohnSydney2000 Oz Fest 06 CNS to Oz Fest 17 BNE (inclusive)
11 - Ozstamps Oz Fest 01 SYD to Oz Fest 11 ASP (inclusive)
11 - Chchkiwi Oz Fest 06 CNS to Oz Fest 16 SYD (inclusive)

263 individual FTer's have attended Oz Fest 1 to Oz Fest 17 inclusive at an average of 2.81 per person. 20 people have attended 10 or more Oz Fest’s. 43 people have attended 5 or more Oz Fest’s. Repeat attendee’s at Oz Fest’s are about 80% with 20% newbie’s (2021 was an exception).

As up to and including Oz Fest 17
17 FTer for attending all 17 previous Oz Fests
no one

16 FTer for attending 16 previous Oz Fests

15 FTer for attending 15 previous Oz Fests
Sue Oz

14 FTer for attending 14 previous Oz Fests

13 FTer's for attending 13 previous Oz Fests
Mrs Fredd
Bundy Bear

12 FTer's for attending 12 previous Oz Fests

11 FTer's for attending 11 previous Oz Fests

10 FTer's for attending 10 previous Oz Fests

9 FTer's for attending 9 previous Oz Fests
To Market to Market
Mr fifa

8 FTer's for attending 8 previous Oz Fests
Mr falconea

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We will be there, COVID willing!

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Programs: HH Diamond, Marriott LTPP/Platinum Premier, Hyatt Lame-ist, UA !K
Posts: 20,061
Silver - DELee & Mrs. DELee

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Programs: QC Life, QFF Plat No 0010XXX, AA Plat 2 MM, Sinbad Blue, HHonors Dia., Marriott Titanium, IHG Amb
Posts: 427
Will attend please

Thanks to admin for putting up the Oz Fest 18 page.
Please put me down as Platinum.

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Posts: 499
I'm coming if Australia is open to me.
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Programs: UA 2MM
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We would love to attend. Sadly we missed meeting our Australian friends at OzFest 17 in Brisbane due to Covid-19. Previously I had managed to attend the previous 15 OzFests.
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Posts: 31,849
If Australia is open, I'll be there. Should know in a few weeks if friend #1 and friend #2 want to tag along for this one and will update if they commit.
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Looking forward to it ...
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Programs: QFF Platinum
Posts: 66
I was all set to go but sadly missed on this years OZ Fest at the last moment due to the Victorian lockdown. Looking forward to next year in Melbourne.
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