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The FlyerTalk Business Exchange Forum

The FlyerTalk Business Exchange Forum

Old Apr 27, 03, 9:22 am
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The FlyerTalk Business Exchange Forum

In the spirit of the Hire a FlyerTalker thread, which I believe is an excellent idea, I thought I would start this thread for the many FlyerTalkers who operate or manage their own businesses, as it seems that a thread such as this does not currently exist on FlyerTalk.

After all, who would be better to patronize the businesses of FlyerTalkers than other FlyerTalkers?

Who knows - this could ultimately increase travel opportunities for everyone, which I believe would be in the spirit of FlyerTalk.

No advertising should be done in this thread. Either state the description of your business, or state what products and/or services for which you are searching from the business of a FlyerTalker.

Would it be against the policies of FlyerTalk to have a thread such as this? Do others believe this is a good idea?

If so, let's begin!

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Old Apr 27, 03, 10:02 am
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Great idea. I'll start.
My wife, Sondra, and I own a "not for profit" 501(c)3 medical education business called The American Academy of CME, Inc. located in central New Jersey.
We are triple accredited to provide physician, pharmacist, and nursing continuing education credit.
Virtually all of the big medical conferences have many breakfast and dinner meetings that are not part of the conference that are supported by educational grants from the major pharmaceutical companies. Other "logistics providers" manage the function, from obtaining the meeting room, through getting the speakers there, etc. Most of these providers are not accredited to provide CME/CE credit to the atttendees and must partner with an accredited provider. AACME handles only the professional end of these meetings, such as selection of speakers, payment of their honoraria, summarizing the evaluations that the participants turn in, etc. etc. Most importantly, we award the participants their CME/CE credit, which many require in order to maintain their state medical licenses and other memberships. We also accredit monographs and CD-ROMS, which are booklets/CD-ROMS with tests at the end. Read the book, take the test, fax it to us, and if you pass, we send you a certificate.
We have been in business less than 2 years and business has exploded to the point where we have tripled our office size and doubled out staff. Only in America.

As an example, later this week, over two days, we have 5 conferences at the Oncology Nurses Society meeting in Denver, each of which has preregistered 700-1,200 attendees. At the same time, we are doing a meeting in Houston for physicians. We earn a lot of miles traveling around.

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Old Apr 27, 03, 11:10 am
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While this is not my store and I do not profit in any way from the purchases, it is the store of a FT "lurker" and a good friend. And the coffee can't be beat for the price and for the its impact on the environment.


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Old Apr 27, 03, 11:21 am
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What an excellent idea!

I am currently a trader who specialises in import/export of various goods and commodities. I have sources and markets for various goods, starting from soya beans, onion powder, light globes to Australian wine (from 90 cents/bottle), cars, fertiliser and scrap ships. Basically, anything goes.

I have good contacts in the former C.I.S. which is now Russia and can assist with helping doing business there.

So, if anyone has anything to offer or are interested in some goods at wholesale levels then please let me know either by writing to the email address in my profile or to Australian Commodity and Merchandise P/L [email protected] .
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Old Apr 27, 03, 11:51 am
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While I technically don't have my own business, I do own a 1-person company through which I provide financial consulting services on mergers and acquisiitions, strategic planning, initial public offerings, private placements and the like for medium-sized entrepreneurial companies. I also write special-purpose business software for such companies on a project basis, using Visual Basic integrated with Microsoft Office. Although I'm actively looking for full-time work, as some of you know, I am "between jobs" right now and have lots of available time. My resume provides details about me.

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Old Apr 27, 03, 8:21 pm
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I am chairman and creative director of a firm that organizes corporate:

- Meetings

- Incentive travel

- Hospitality at sports, entertainment and cultural events

- Marketing events that involve group travel

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Old Apr 28, 03, 12:12 am
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I'm a Telecommunications & Datacom/Internet consultant covering business development, product development & technology evangelism. Wireline, wireless, data, & voice. Sales, Marketing & Engineering. I'm specializing these days in security, lawful intercept and surveillance.

Have expense report, will travel.

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Old Apr 28, 03, 5:46 am
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Fabulous idea!

I'm the CTO-in-Exile and founder of a software company that makes XML-based Web content management software (main competitors: Red Dot, Ektron, Documentum). Our business is to date mostly in the USA, concentrated in specific verticals like government and education but also scattershot, with key customers in broadcasting, advertising, healthcare, and manufacturing.

I'm in Europe for the next (who knows?) years helping our timid reseller channel here gain some footing in the market, and also doing consulting on content management strategy, implementation, and planning. Occasionally I speak at industry conferences like Seybold, CTIA, and a variety of vertical-specific ones like EduCause.

I am available for consulting pretty much anywhere in the world where English or Spanish is spoken.

-alan in sitges
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Old Apr 28, 03, 7:11 am
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Mine is easy.

As my ozstamps handle suggests I buy and sell rare postage stamps for collectors. Have done so for 20-25 years.

Work from home. No staff or shop etc, which allows for lots of vacation travel at short notice when and where I want. Over three years on FT I have run across quite a lot of FT'ers who have philately as an interest - several of whom were clients of mine from many years back.

I have masterminded easily the world's most jumbled and untidy and completely un-professional website for any business worldwide. It wins numerous awards for crassness and total disorganisation and sheer impossibility to navigate - even after 20 minutes of trying hard.

As the chief designer I am very proud of the garish and amateurish and over-coloured mess. My webmaster outright refuses to put his name on any of the 120 pages as he is so ashamed to be associated with them. Any real business that operated like me would be broke inside a month.

You will NOT seeing jumping dogs, kangaroos and penguins or lurid annoying banners on the Sheraton, United or Hertz websites.

Every pricelist carries this line at base - "Usually allow at LEAST 14 days for order dispatch. If you want same day service PLEASE go elsewhere!" This especially infuriates Americans - no end.

If I ever registered as an Ebay seller I'd be the first person in history to get 500 negative feedback points for slow delivery before I got 100 positives for prompt dispatch. So I never bothered.


================================================== ========

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Old Apr 28, 03, 7:53 am
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What a great idea.

I am in a business with another woman in
an accounting and tax practice in Boulder Colorado. The name is Three Jewels Accounting and Tax Service. This Business has been around for 23 years. I travel because I love to travel and it has nothing to do with my business. I am currently applying for parent migration to Australia as my son is a full time permanent resident.

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Old Apr 28, 03, 8:36 am
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I'm a 22-year old student in his last year of the MBA program of the University of St. Gallen (HSG) in Switzerland.

Mainly, though, I am the manager and founder of a local youth radio station (urban programming) and educational radio at my University. The station's name is toxic.fm.

Secondly, I work on a part-time basis (a couple of long weekends per year) for a small construction equipement trading company in the US. The company is Western Reserve Trading, specialized in buying and selling used equipement all over the US and Canada as well as in North Africa and South America at incredibly low prices. I usually work on marketing projects, controlling and accounting.

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Old Apr 28, 03, 8:46 am
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I'm a web developer/designer who does a mixture of things from graphics to programming to content writing.
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Old Apr 28, 03, 9:03 am
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I have the dubious distinction of owning and running the only used and antique cookware store in existence(as far as we know, no one else has wanted to deal with the nearly impossible amount of clutter and bookkeeping involved in this deal). After 20 years I have finally figured out a way to travel a lot to ferret out and buy obscure and obsolete items for my clients. Flyertalk has made it possible for me to do this more efficiently and cheaply. Now if someone could just solve the problem of having competent and sensible employees to man the fort while I travel, I would be ecstatic.

We have no web site, as I've run out of hours to sleep and the inventory changes so frequently that this would be a totally useless exercise in technology---besides offending my luddite sensibilities and requiring another full-time person to handle all of the details and additional emails. We also have no more space to put a packing room for the inevitable mail-orders that would ensue.

We do, however, welcome any flyertalkers that might drop in for coffee. Attention:we never open before noon.
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Old Apr 28, 03, 9:23 am
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I work for an India-based company that provides services to aviation related entities. The company was set up by my dad just before he retired after 37 years at Air India and consists of him, me and a few other of his ex-Air India colleagues.

The company (to quote from the brochure) "specializes in understanding and addressing the ever changing and highly demanding requirements of airline in-flight services, seeking to introduce cost effective, efficient and safe solutions to the issues being faced by the industry". We are the agents in India for various equipment manufacturers and also contract with both Indian and international carriers to advise and execute projects in this field. We have also developed a highly effective proprietary process that extends the active service life of various cabin components and our core business revolves around the marketing and implementation of that.

I am the maverick of the group and tend to get involved in consulting projects outside our traditional scope. I have worked in fields as varied as airline bankruptcy and restructuring, labor unions, flight crew security issues, loyalty program management, aircraft leasing and startup airlines. I also write periodic freelance articles (under pseudonyms usually) for various publications covering the airline industry.

My mid-term future involves going back to school to study Aviation Management formally, but I'm always available if a juicy project rolls around. Resume and company profile are available on request.
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Old Apr 28, 03, 11:04 am
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We design and produce trade show exhibits and graphics for all kinds of companies from NW AIDS Foundation to Boeing. www.exhibitd.com

We travel almost anywhere our clients have shows and love every minute of it. I can't imagine having a job without travel.
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