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dhammer53 Jan 4, 19 2:09 pm

12th Annual WineDo - Sunday June 2, 2019 NYC - North Square (4 seats available)
Save the date - June 2, 2019 - Sunday, at North Square in Greenwich Village. Cost will be a few dollars more than last year. They finally raised the price. Homepage - North Square Estimated cost $87 - $93, based on how many attendees we have.

As long as the food continues to be good, we'll keep returning to our private room. It's an enjoyable experience.

Theme: Rieslings and Reds (R&R).

Don't have a wine like that, our custom at these dinners is to bring a Champagne or a sweet wine.

If you're new to the dinner, the buy in (verifable on CellarTracker or Wine Searcher) is $35.00
Interested in joining us? New attendees and the regulars are encouraged to attend. We're warm and welcoming. At dinner, we talk miles, points, and wine. For the cost of a bottle of wine, you'll drink lots of other good bottles; some costing more than $35.00. You can purchase when you arrive in NYC, or source from my cellar. You can also ship a bottle in advance to my house.

After our very successful 10th anniversary winedo two years ago, there was discussion about WD11. We're always fine tuning the dinner and wine selections. At WineDo10, there was discussion about reducing the amount of wine at dinner, and we managed to do that last year. Several years ago, people brought bonus bottles. It was difficult to pour 36 bottles over the course of dinner. Last year we had 12 bottles, and that was just the right amount for the 12 people that attended. You can't enjoy a wine or two if you're so busy trying to taste a little of each of the 24 bottles. We did flights last year, and it went well.

Two years ago, in post 145, violist said I would suggest we double up (pick a partner, whatever) on bottles - that way we can have a manageable number of pours of maybe even better wines that many of us wouldn't have the chance to otherwise try.

We'll do this again this year > couples bring 1 bottle of $70 wine instead of 2 bottles of $35 wine (if possible). If you'd like to source from my cellar (any attendee), we can double up. Heck, we can even triple up and I'll bring a bottle costing $35 x 3 ($105). My goal is to have 18 bottles if we have 24 attendees. That still gives us lots of wine to taste and enjoy. And with less bottles, I can sit and enjoy myself and each of the wines, and so can you.

As for the theme... previous attendees know what WineDo is all about. Last year we had many new attendees at dinner.
At WineDo 1 and 2, we were asked to bring our best bottle to dinner. We had $10 - $200 bottles. Over the years we've had theme dinners. This year, bring something good. Bring a Riesling or a Red wine from any wine region. As long as the bottle is a minimum of $35.00. Bring what you like, as long as it's a Riesling or a Red. When in doubt, bring a Champagne or a sweetie for after dinner. I'll ask you to post your wines in the spring. If you ask me, you can get a good bottle of Riesling for $35, and if you double up with someone, you can get a really good bottle for $70.

Maximum 24 attendees. Payment details to follow this spring based on how many sign up. Last year 12 Flyertalkers shared an intimate experience.

See you in June.

Sign up below.

dhammer53 Jan 4, 19 2:09 pm

22 for dinner.

Sign up thread:

dhammer53 2006 Taittinger Champagne Brut Blanc de Blancs Comtes de Champagne
KathyWdrf 2006 Taittinger Champagne " " " " "
Austin787 2006 Taittinger Champagne " " " " " " "
EastBay1K 2015 Kuentz-Bas Geisberg Alsace Grand Cru
FlyinHawaiian 2012 Schloss Gobelsburg Tradition Riesling.
Calcifer 2012 Schloss " ' ' ' '
Viloist " " " "
Bob W 2009 Columbia Winery Peninsula Red Willow Vineyard
Frantic 2012 Penfolds St. Henri Shiraz
Monitor 2015 Bookwalter Conflict
GrjApp 2015 B.Leighton Gratitude
thewayofthefuture 2014 A. Christmann Konigsbacher Idig Riesling GG
theway's + 1 N.V. J. Lassalle Champagne Premier Cru Preference Brut
owlwoman 2015 Dönnhoff Roxheimer Höllenpfad Riesling trocken
FlyerStef +1 2011 Myriad Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Three Twins Vineyard
HPN-HRL 2005 Prager Royal Escort Port
Viridianne +1 2001Katnook Odyssey Cabernet Sauvignon
Thomas (my wine board friend) 85 BV Reserve. A half btl. of Yalumba Muscat Reserve, nonvintage, from the 70's.
plainsman 2009 Bedrock Heirloom Red Wine from Sonoma

Edit All in cost is ~$86.30. That's everything. Dinner, coffee, soda, tax, and tip.

Here's the thread from last year...

Eastbay1K Jan 4, 19 2:41 pm

Me me me.

One, please!

FlyinHawaiian Jan 4, 19 3:17 pm

Calcifer +1, please.

BOB W Jan 4, 19 3:28 pm

Ticket bought, room reserved.:cool:

Madone59 Jan 4, 19 4:54 pm

One (first timer) too please!

pindi Jan 4, 19 5:28 pm

One (first timer) please.

CDKing Jan 4, 19 6:24 pm

Sign me up. I'm assuming there will be a BRT involved as well? +1 will probably kill me if I don't invite. though i cant remember what the food was? +1 is vegetarian so i might have to exclude her this year.

monitor Jan 4, 19 7:12 pm

frantic and I will be there this year.

dhammer53 Jan 4, 19 7:12 pm

Originally Posted by CDKing (Post 30611597)
Sign me up. I'm assuming there will be a BRT involved as well? +1 will probably kill me if I don't invite. though i cant remember what the food was? +1 is vegetarian so i might have to exclude her this year.

FYI, info on the Brooklyn Tour is still out for discussion. Let me know re: vegetarian.

List updated.

dhammer53 Jan 4, 19 7:22 pm

Just a reminder... please, no perfume or after shave lotions. Certain smells compete with the liquids refreshments. ;)

HPN-HRL Jan 4, 19 7:36 pm

Really sorry I can't make this, as I will be away that weekend. Please think of me while you're enjoying all that wine!

Eastbay1K Jan 4, 19 9:30 pm

Originally Posted by monitor (Post 30611757)
frantic and I will be there this year.

The pressure is on ... although I already have an idea that will fit the theme and please Monitor. It could end up being wine in a Box(ler). But the year is still young. Who knows.

KathyWdrf Jan 4, 19 10:56 pm

Sign me up! :) As usual, I will rely on my Wine Guy (or is that Wise Guy?) for recommendation/sourcing.

And, I realize that BRT is still under discussion, but if there is one, will it be the day before WineDo? Those of us who will be flying in for (potentially) both events need to know. (Haven't booked flight/hotel yet, but will do so soon.)

GrjApp Jan 5, 19 6:50 am

Sign me up please, I should be able to make it this year.

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