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bulkhead Sep 29, 00 12:17 pm

Superstitious rituals
In the excellent "Humiliation" thread I posted a note about my superstition of never removing my shoes before the seatbelt light goes out. (Hey, don't knock it - it works for me!)

Essxjay kindly suggested that this deserved a thread of its own, so here it is...


doc Sep 29, 00 12:43 pm

Sorry, but I'm just NOT very superstitious!

PremEx Sep 29, 00 1:58 pm

Bulkhead, yours is the only one I can think of that I do as well. Don't want to have to run without shoes over twisted sharp metal or glass if there is a survivable accident. But I don't really consider that a "superstition." I just consider it good common safety buckling your seatbelt. I put 'em on just before landing also.

A couple of times I actually had a FA tell me I had to put them on during take-off and landing, because I was sitting in an exit row. I don't know it this was an airline, FAA, or "FA" rule.

My ex-girlfriend and I used to alway take a stuffed United Pilot Bear with us on each trip, and marked his shirt with the places we visited. This was just for fun, and was more of a tradition than a superstition. But he was considered "Good Luck" to every trip, and I will admit that on the few occasions when we accidently left him behind, I might have thought for just a second during take-offs that I wished our own "Pilot" were here to supervise things.

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LarryU Sep 29, 00 2:51 pm

Originally posted by bulkhead:
In the excellent "Humiliation" thread I posted a note about my superstition of never removing my shoes before the seatbelt light goes out. (Hey, don't knock it - it works for me!)

Essxjay kindly suggested that this deserved a thread of its own, so here it is...


Regarding shoes ... I bring along my own slippers and typically put them on as soon as I am seated. In fact, in mid December of last year, I seem to recall taking my shoes off in JFK before I even got on the plane but, for the life of me, I can't remember why

greg99 Sep 29, 00 8:11 pm

Like with shoes, if I'm wearing a long sleeve shirt (which I - by habit - always wear with sleeves rolled up) I will always roll down the sleeves.

Not so much superstition, but I read once in some random survivability study that pax in one crash who wore long cotton sleeves did better than those who did not. Makes sense, you're less likely to burn yourself.


doc Sep 29, 00 9:06 pm

So then why are the babies pajamas always supposed to be polyester rather thn cotton?

kokonutz Oct 2, 00 9:07 am

3 Hail Marys after rev up but before rotation. Unless I am sleeping/talking/otherwise distracted.

It has always worked thus far

bulkhead Oct 6, 00 4:09 pm

For me, I think it is supersistion/fate. Rational about exit strategy/burns is secondary (though probably rational). For the rest of you - trust me - you don't want to be on a flight where I take of my shoes any earlier than necessary! (And I don't even wear sneakers!)

I see quite a few FF's, particularly from Italy who "cross themselves" on take-off. Fine by me, if I'm on the same flight its good for me too (maybe).


essxjay Oct 6, 00 4:34 pm

No superstitions. I'm terribly unimaginative in that regard.

opus17 Oct 6, 00 6:08 pm

Not really superstitions, more rituals/habits:

1. I set the second time zone on my watch to the destination airport (even if it is just an intermediate stop) right after the plane leaves the ground.

2. I take off my shoes (on transoceanic flights only), when the plane is over 10,000 ft.

Nanook Oct 6, 00 10:40 pm

kokonutz, don't you mean 3 bloody Marys?

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violist Oct 7, 00 7:10 am

Funny thing is the same subject just popped up on ... I wasn't going to respond here, as I didn't think I had any superstitions; but both of the entries on that board involving touching the outside of the aircraft before boarding - something that I occasionally catch myself doing.

High Life Oct 7, 00 8:39 am

I always say a little prayer on take off, but moreover I tell my friend to give my eulogy if there is a need. "don't cry for Steve. He went just the way he wanted First Class with a drink in his hand"

l etoile Oct 7, 00 9:08 am

I think of mine as safety rituals rather than superstitions. I always count the number of rows I am away from the nearest exit and I always size my seatmate up for their clutchability factor - that is how comfortable I will feel clinging on to them should something go terribly wrong. If their clutchability factor is low, I try to move.

essxjay Oct 7, 00 10:49 am

Couldn't have said it better myself, letiole. For all my anti-mysticism, I do do a safety run-through once I'm seated: check the number of seats to the exit rows fore and aft; check to make sure I've got some cotton socks to cover my feet in case of an emergency exit; etc. But I like your assessment of SFC: Seatmate Clutchability Factor. Nice!

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