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dhammer53 Jan 22, 17 11:34 am

10th Annual WineDo - June 11, 2017 in NYC at North Square
Place Saver.

Save the date - June 11, 2017 - Sunday, at North Square in Greenwich Village. Cost will be about the same as last year - mid $80's.

This is the 10th anniversary of our wine dinners. Our theme this year is wines (from anywhere) that are 10 + years old. Don't have a wine that old, our custom at these dinners is to bring a Champagne or a sweet wine.
Another sub-theme is unusual varietals. Doesn't have to be 10 years old, but bonus points will be awarded. ;) A list of these varietals will be posted at another time.

If you're new to the dinner, the buy in (verifable on CellarTracker or Wine Searcher) is $35.00
Interested in joining us?

So Far (maximum 24), but this year 25 thanks to North Square.

dhammer53 considering a sentimental WineDo cordelli favorite '07 ACV Cab Sauv Reserve. (Anderson Conn Valley).
kathywdrf 2007 Lewelling Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon
DLroads + 1
serfty 2001 Kilikanoon Oracle Shiraz from the Clare Valley
tcook052 2006 Domaine de la Vieille Julienne Châteauneuf-du-Pape
HPN-HRL 2003 Suduiraut Sauternes
FlyinHawaiian 1990 Weingut Günther Steinmetz Kestener Paulinsberg Riesling Spätlese.
Calcifer 2000 Nigl Riesling Privat
Bundy Bear +1 2009 Shiraz VP from Rockfords.
Austin787 Rozes, Vintage Port, 1997
itsaboutthejourney 2014 Huber Dornfelder
EastBay1k +1 '07 Frick (Dry Creek Valley) Counoise and '07 Frick (Dry Creek Valley) C2
thewayofthefuture +1 2007 Produttori del Barbaresco Riserva Montefico
anna cordelli + 1 2007 Ghost Horse Cabernet Sauvignon. A sentimental WineDo cordelli favorite.
monitor + 1 '03 Foxen Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir and a '07 Fidelitas Cab Champoux Vineyard
Bob W 2005 Januik Cabernet Sauvignon Champoux Vineyard
violist Ch. Latour Blanche 1989 Sauternes
hudsonlaluna bubbles



Bold = paid.

dhammer53 Jan 22, 17 11:35 am

Place saver.

DLroads Jan 22, 17 1:10 pm

meauw not? (also giving a commercial to the other party ;) )
DLroads plus one plus a 10 years or older bubble

Menu: Mock up menu started ... same old link but if you need a reminder--

I'd work more graphics as it gets closer to the day, but update every now and then when wines are announced

serfty Jan 22, 17 1:37 pm

I'm in - flights booked ... :)

tcook052 Jan 22, 17 2:48 pm

I'm in.

HPN-HRL Jan 22, 17 5:37 pm

I'm in!!!

FlyinHawaiian Jan 22, 17 6:05 pm

Calcifer and I are in.

Bundy Bear Jan 22, 17 6:16 pm

I am also in, accommodation booked, flight from New York booked.

Bundy Bear + 1, thanks. :)

GrjApp Jan 22, 17 6:17 pm

Sounds good, add me in please.

Austin787 Jan 22, 17 7:37 pm

Count me in for now. Hope my work schedule allows me to come.

krazykanuck Jan 22, 17 9:45 pm

Throw me in the maybe camp for now. Not sure yet what my June looks like, and airfares from Houston are exceptionally high for that weekend. :o

itsaboutthejourney Jan 22, 17 10:56 pm

Count me in!

Eastbay1K Jan 22, 17 11:04 pm

Before it "sells out" (I just got home from WD X.5 an hour ago), put me down for me + 1.

thewayofthefuture Jan 23, 17 8:32 am

i'll be there +1 - love the theme this year

monitor Jan 23, 17 7:02 pm

We request that dhammer53 mark monitor and frantic as attending. Barring unusual circumstances (such as 10 inches of snow :mad:), we will be there.

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