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DLroads May 18, 16 6:31 pm

Anyone in Iceland as we speak? (Thank you for your help, tkt cancelled)
Edited: I got a reply from the municipality of Reykjavik. They reviewed my inquiry re: machine and tkt, and agreed to cancel the ticket.

We just came back from Iceland (which was enjoyable, of course) to find out that what we thought was a receipt for paying parking, is actually a parking ticket. Seems like we overparked a spot near the hotel between 6 minutes(!) and 1 hour and six minutes (pending how you read the sign). Anyway, that would teach us a lesson.

Long story short: There is a fine of 2500 ISK (~20 USD) that if paid in three days is reduced to 1400 ISK (~11.5 USD). It can be paid in any local bank in Iceland (e.g. any local bank @ Reykjavik). Which brings us to ask for a favor-- can we email/pm someone who is there the ticket info/picture and paypal them the money for the ticket? this way we know its done and gone. We do not think the ticket was justifiable (we put two separate parking payments and put them on the board up front b/c the machine 'acted up' and I guess the inspector did not add them together) but it does not matter now.

If you are @ KEF (or anywhere else in Iceland), and can help- please PM me. (hi, you can even keep the difference between the discounted fine and actual fine, and buy yourself a local beer or vodka ^)

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