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MCI777 Feb 12, 16 8:18 am

MCI BBQ DO XI - May 13-15, 2016
MCI BBQ DO XI -- May 13-15. 2016

It's that time of year again!! This year I am going to leave this do pretty much the same, HOWEVER, I would like to add Q39 at some point. This place has moved into the top 3 BBQ joints in KC,

Based off our traditional schedule:

Friday, May 13th -
HAPPY HOUR - Char Bar, 4050 Pennsylvania, KCMO 630-815

Dinner @ 8:30pm. PM me for Reservation name.

Q39 - 1000 W 39th STreet, Kansas City, MO

- Starting off this year with something new!! Q39 is the new KC hot spot for BBQ! You can't go wrong with anything on the menu, so just bring an empty stomach!

Saturday, May 14th - 11am until we fall into a food coma. As usual, we'll be winging it after KC Joe's.

Joe's Kansas City (formerly Oklahoma Joe's) (inside the Diamond Shamrock gas station)--Mission Road---This one is on the Kansas side.
- Get here early (suggest 10:45am - before it opens) because this place fills up fast! A favorite is the Z-Man and the onion rings.

A new favorite of mine is Q39 which is INSANELY delicious but requires reservations. I HIGHLY recommend a meal there.

- If you want a palate cleanser from BBQ, there's fried chicken (is anything healthy for you in KC?) at Stroud's! I may go there just for the cinnamon rolls!

Danny Edward's
- We walked away pretty impressed with the brisket two years ago.

- Easily located by the billowing clouds of smoke. The burnt ends are especially good here.

Arthur Bryant's
- Another favorite. Try the sausage, brisket, and/or pulled pork.

Gates BBQ (the Original) on Brooklyn Avenue
- "Hi, May I Help You?" - prepare to be yelled at when you walk in. Some people are fans of Gates, but my friends and I walked away several times, unimpressed.

- Foo's Frozen Custard
- It doesn't matter if you're stuffed by now or not. Frozen custard just fills in the cracks!

In between BBQ joints, many of us will be buying Christopher Elbow chocolates, going to Harrah's to try our luck at craps, or visiting one of many museums located in throughout the city.

Sunday, May 15th

- You're on your own this day, and most people head for the airport in the morning. If you're going to stay longer to sample more BBQ, keep in mind that Oklahoma Joe's is closed on Sundays.


timeforsomecheese - SAT
timg11 - FRI
susiesan +1
Seat 2A
SeeYa - Sat



violist Feb 12, 16 4:50 pm

Seriously? :mad:

I've got a concert on the east coast on the 14th, with dress
rehearsal the 13th. :(

flospi Feb 13, 16 8:12 am

Well, I am interested! Not sure about if and when I can take days off, but this might be interesting!

Mackieman Feb 13, 16 10:45 am

Definitely interested in doing this again.

Condition One Feb 14, 16 4:43 am

Thanks for setting this up, Rob. I was just thinking last week that I should message you to see if you were planning anything this year!

AFAM-DFW Feb 14, 16 4:01 pm

Tickets booked. Looking forward to it.

FriendlySkies Feb 14, 16 9:14 pm

See you there, err, here! ;)

fieldeng Feb 14, 16 10:05 pm

I'm in. Let's plan on a Royals game that Saturday night. Tickets go on sale late Feb. Then take some LC's to tailgate with.

akp Feb 14, 16 10:07 pm

I'm in!

A few of us were talking about going to the Royals game on Saturday night. They play the Braves at 6:15.

I'm happy to coordinate tickets for anyone who would like to go. PM me or post in this thread.

It will likely be a sellout or close to it because one of the promotional giveaways is that day, and secondary market tickets will be very expensive.

Single game tickets go on sale Feb 26th.

GRALISTAIR Feb 15, 16 10:44 am

Originally Posted by Mackieman (Post 26178824)
Definitely interested in doing this again.

Me too- I will miss Joe's to make room for Q39 :)

IceTrojan Feb 15, 16 11:20 pm

Remember that one time in the Diamond Shamrock parking lot when FTers standing in the sun were using my laptop, tethered to my 2G phone, to book a mistake LAX-AKL J fare from the top of my trunk lid? :D

Condition One Feb 17, 16 2:59 am

Originally Posted by IceTrojan (Post 26191636)
Remember that one time in the Diamond Shamrock parking lot when FTers standing in the sun were using my laptop, tethered to my 2G phone, to book a mistake LAX-AKL J fare from the top of my trunk lid? :D

I will never forget that! Thanks again! lol

BlindPilot Feb 24, 16 8:21 pm

I'm in.

timeforsomecheese Feb 25, 16 7:30 am

BIG rock show in town that weekend, so if you're heading downtown, BEWARE! But I'll be in town and hope to join the gang at OK Joe's.

gvdIAD Feb 25, 16 9:39 am

I've penciled this in on my calendar. If I am able make it, it may only be for Friday evening (though I'd try to make the KC Joe's stop Saturday morning, too).

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