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SanDiego1K Aug 23, 11 4:57 pm

FT logo is on a plane racing at the Sept Reno Air Races (updated)
We have a fun opportunity to get the FlyerTalk logo on a WWII racing plane competing at the Reno Air Races. Captain Dan is a member of FlyerTalk. His brother owns and races the plane. We have a really simple task: find 200 of us to like the racing team on FlyerTalk. Click this link to take you to the Radial Velocity Facebook page. The races are Sept 14-18.

Radial Velocity currently has 24 likes. Let's see how fast we can get that page to 224 likes and beyond.

We're going to have a subsequent tie in between the plane, the Captain Dahl scholarship fund (UA pilot who perished on Sept 11) and us. Stay tuned for how one lucky person can have the chance to ride that plane.

mahasamatman Aug 23, 11 5:03 pm

If there's a way to show support that doesn't involve Facebook, count me in.

Circumknowitall Aug 23, 11 5:08 pm

Im in - 25 likes now ^

jfkeze Aug 23, 11 5:11 pm

make it 26...

SanDiego1K Aug 23, 11 5:16 pm

Here is a movie of the plane from the 2010 Reno Air Races:

N965VJ Aug 23, 11 5:20 pm

Now that would be cool! :cool:

tcook052 Aug 23, 11 5:33 pm

Originally Posted by N965VJ (Post 16980691)
Now that would be cool! :cool:

You bet! Count my like also, now at 30! ^

goalie Aug 23, 11 5:53 pm

Would you like to see our FT logo on a plane racing at the Reno Air Races?
Oh, hell yeah ^^^^^

chchkiwi Aug 23, 11 6:16 pm

Absolutely - it's up to 36.

hiyo Aug 23, 11 6:46 pm

I like it.

LizzyDragon84 Aug 23, 11 7:20 pm

^ I like it.

jdog1400 Aug 23, 11 9:27 pm

I'm 54!

N830MH Aug 23, 11 10:39 pm

I can't make it this time. Sorry, Guys!! You guys have a great time. Go out a nice beautiful day.

cmn.jcs Aug 23, 11 10:51 pm

And 59!

ak333 Aug 23, 11 11:14 pm

61 here.

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