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cawhite Feb 17, 11 2:22 pm

Hi Lucky -- Please confirm me for Saturday's flight and Friday's dinner (I'm about 90% sure on the dinner now -- will confirm back to you when we're a couple weeks out).

Sounds great - I've been looking forward to having an opportunity to fly with Capt. Denny! Is there any chance we'll get lucky (no pun intended :o ) and have Captain Dan in the right seat?

ifly153 Feb 17, 11 3:57 pm

Lucky - Please count me in for dinner on 3/25.

Though, I want to go, I can't confirm being on the flight at this time.

Looking forward to meeting you and other FTers and seeing some that I've already met.

Top of climb Feb 17, 11 4:00 pm

Originally Posted by lucky9876coins (Post 15883173)
Each UA elite can actually guest one person into Economy Plus, so I'm sure someone can guest you. I'm already guesting someone, but let me see if anyone else going would be able to. All it takes is a quick call to UA by that person.

Awesome. To anyone who is in the mood to take pity on a non-UA *G, I gravel at your feet.*

*in the words of Pumbaa

gomike Feb 17, 11 6:26 pm

Count me in for both.

Sweet Willie Feb 17, 11 8:41 pm

bummer, no can do as will be out of town. had fun at the last one near ORD.

karung99 Feb 17, 11 8:56 pm

Originally Posted by Sweet Willie (Post 15886348)
bummer, no can do as will be out of town. had fun at the last one near ORD.

Bummer, I was going to suggest to Lucky we will have Sat Do in ORD and have you help arrange that.

It is still time to rearrange your schedule my friend :)

Sweet Willie Feb 17, 11 9:11 pm

Originally Posted by karung99 (Post 15886431)
It is still time to rearrange your schedule my friend :)

yes but that would lead to unhappy wife unhappy life, so no can do.

jmd001 Feb 17, 11 9:21 pm

Put me down for both the dinner and the flight!

Lucky: If you want to add seat numbers next to the handles of those in the confirmed list for the flight, I'll start with "13B".

coachrowsey Feb 18, 11 1:43 pm

IF I can work out some details, would love to at least make the flight.

chrisw Feb 18, 11 2:14 pm

I simply MUST go on this. After missing Flyertalk 1, and then meeting Capt Denny at the FT Awards in IAH, I can't imagine missing this. This would be without a doubt the most expensive domestic trip ever for me.

MatthewLAX Feb 18, 11 5:19 pm

Originally Posted by bmvaughn (Post 15883458)
So 25k plus the cost of a ticket? :rolleyes:

You're sitting on .75 Million+ RDMs.

Use them! :D

Besides, who's going to record Channel 9? ;)

MatthewLAX Feb 18, 11 5:21 pm

I will be arriving from Boston on Friday evening so will be a bit late to dinner.

I am booked on FT2 on Saturday and will be taking the last flight of the day back to LAX that night.

If someone needs E+ access, send me a PM.

davef139 Feb 18, 11 8:37 pm

Where is there going to be dinner on Sat? I will be in ORD area Sat with a car too and could probably go. Looks like flight no-go, super expensive.

NDFAN1976 Feb 19, 11 9:55 pm

Hey Ben-

Put me down for a strong maybe for the dinner and yes for the flight.


lesenok Feb 19, 11 10:38 pm

Hi Lucky, Count me in, please, for the SFO dinner on Fri night. thx.

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