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StarmegaDO 2010 (SMD2) Nov 1-6, 2010 Masterthread

StarmegaDO 2010 (SMD2) Nov 1-6, 2010 Masterthread

Closed Thread

Old May 18, 10, 8:53 am
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Another big THANK YOU & to all for fleshing this out a bit more.

Also appreciated is that these details are coming now allowing time to ponder & mull all the options.

Maybe now, when the special day comes, I'll actually have (or hope to have acquired) a clue as to which trigger I'll pull.
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Old May 18, 10, 9:09 am
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The more you guys explain this, the better it sounds. Really looking forward to MegaDo II now!
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Old May 18, 10, 10:23 am
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Well I was always looking forward to SMD2, but agree more details gets me even more looking forward to it. I'll def do F for the charter; still debating C on the TATL or whether to suck it up in E-. Deposit $$ ready & waiting. Again, MANY THANKS TO THE ORGANIZERS!

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Old May 18, 10, 10:33 am
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2 questions:

1) Will there be a formal get-together at JFK (like last year) before the transatlantic flight?

2) Is there a possibility to start the LH flight at a different gateway (i.e. LAX) for the same price?

(If the answer to #1 is "no," I hope the answer to #2 is "yes.")
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Old May 18, 10, 12:28 pm
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Originally Posted by SS255 View Post
2 questions:

1) Will there be a formal get-together at JFK (like last year) before the transatlantic flight?

2) Is there a possibility to start the LH flight at a different gateway (i.e. LAX) for the same price?

(If the answer to #1 is "no," I hope the answer to #2 is "yes.")
Yes and Yes
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Old May 18, 10, 1:31 pm
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When will you post prices for us starting in Europe?
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Old May 18, 10, 1:57 pm
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I do understand the charter pricing and am OK in F--but the TATL I'll need to reconsider--my instinct was to sign up OS & LH but will wait for the Eorpoean pricing to come up and see if I should skip the JFK-FRA and go a different route a day earlier to FRA. or skip TATL altogether.
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Old May 18, 10, 2:15 pm
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Originally Posted by oliver2002
We are in the process of clearing the legal hurdles to be ready to sign the charter contract and negotiate the paypal fees. Also xyzzy is slowly coming back to his home (the poor guy was home three nights the past month) and will reset the booking website. Sadly the fulfillment has to be done by ourselves again, so paypal and our own website it is...
I hope you guys appear as less nervous-breakdowns-waiting-to-happen once we near final pay-up-time. Thank you (again) for all the (unpaid!) hard work you guys put into this !

Originally Posted by tommy777
Also, we won't have 16 clumsy moderators disrupting service this year
So, would we have the same style of catering as on CO DO IV Mystery Tours 1 & 2 ?

Originally Posted by tommy777
In the year were UA and CO is merging, the event in Houston will be extremely interesting. We will be meeting the major players of the merger. US is an important Star member and for the first time in FT history, we will be able to meet someone of importance there.
Any chance of someone from AC coming too ? The whole North American Star Alliance idea... Of course you can also defer that to Do III ...

Originally Posted by tommy777
Also, we have two aircraft available this year. If demand is there, we will be flying up to two 757-300 in formation. How cool is that??
You do realize that that will mean a formation fly by, right ?

Originally Posted by tommy777
Hope this post helps
Thank you for being candid with us !
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Old May 18, 10, 4:46 pm
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May 15 was mentioned in post #72
Originally Posted by SkiAdcock View Post
Well 5/15 was mentioned ...
and post #77
Originally Posted by Shareholder View Post
Is May 15th still the anticipated launch date for bookings?
  1. I signed up for the mailing list but have yet to receive any emails from it. Should I have received something from the list by now?

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Old May 19, 10, 9:19 am
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The program is good. I am looking forward the trip to PAE and checking out the 748i.
Do you know when we will hear on whether we will be getting miles for the charter portion?
Would we get any Star Alliance miles for the miles travel on IAH-PHX-PAE and PAE-IAH?

Being a charter flight it is really CO's prerogative on helping us out....
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Old May 19, 10, 9:25 am
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I'm going to add my wholehearted thanks to tommy777 and the crew for the details so far! Really looking forward to this Do now! (Now if only the AUD would keep remaining strong against the USD, all would be good... )

I hope there will be miles for BD from the charter, just like last year (Homer Simpson-esque: "please please please please please please please please please!")
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Old May 19, 10, 6:10 pm
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Wirelessly posted (FlyerTalk.com/wap is fun : BlackBerry8330/ Profile/MIDP-2.1 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 VendorID/389)

Thanks for the update Tommy! As demand for the F seats on the charter seems to be high, do you have a plan for accommodating passengers other than FIFO? Perhaps a Y+ option for those you can't fit in the front?

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Old May 19, 10, 11:55 pm
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We had a Y+ option in mind (middle seat free, better F&B) but decided against it. Too much administrative effort, enhanced F&B service difficult due limited galley space in Y, and in the end a reduced number of FTers who can participate.
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Old May 20, 10, 5:49 am
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A big thanks to tommy777 (Tommy), oliver2002 (Oliver), xyzzy (Reb), and sbm12 (Seth) for putting this fantastic program together.

Thanks for the explanation about the background for the charter pricing and program. I am enthusiastic about the whole program, and wish I could send my $100 right now for the charter in F.

So, if there is such a thing as pre-reserving a seat in F for the charter, count me in for one F seat!

Sure, I have a variety of questions, but I figure most or all of them will be answered by the organizers as they post more details.
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Old May 21, 10, 1:32 am
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Again, a big thanks for putting this together. I'd be one to take the CO repositioning flight back to IAH, as I'll most likely be passing on the trip to FRA and will be fly down to IAH for the domestic part of the DO.
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