AA accounts restricted (Nov/Dec 2019)

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How to know if you're locked: (as of 12/22/2019)

- Call in to aadvantage reservations (800-882-8880) If you locked, you'll be forwarded to customer service instead of getting to the automated reservations system
- If you want to stay on the line, ask CSR if your account is locked (you tried to make a reservation but it wouldn't let you). CSR will inform you there's a note on your account and that corporate security will contact you
- Try to make a reservation for a super cheap hotel through useaamiles.com. There are 1000 miles / night hotels in New Delhi, so at worst you'll risk 1K miles. If you're locked, you'll see "Unable to process points. Please call our customer service for assistance."

So far, nobody seems to have gotten unlocked and gotten access to their miles back. Accounts with upcoming travel seem to be the ones that are getting terminated at the highest rate.
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Originally Posted by Often1 View Post
Nobody -- least of all me -- has suggested that DOT cut & paste anything from any other agency -- least of all the FTC. The point is quite simply that defining what terms mean is just as often helpful to consumers as not.

Definitions also have the advantage of providing standards and benchmarks for the regulated industry, in this case, air carriers. That too helps consumers because consumers know what they can expect (and not).

What is it that so worries you about laws which provide crystal clear definitions?
Unfair and deceptive have been around long enough for there to be a body of interpretation. It's not as if these are obscure words beyond the comprehension of normal people.

Precise definitions of these sorts of terms leaves room for creative companies to find ways to be unfair and deceptive without violating the explicit rules. Crystal clear essentially means narrower and that's not good for the consumer. If there are useful examples to give, publish those as specific rules.
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Originally Posted by richarddd View Post
[3] Find a court that agrees with you on the facts and the law and you'll win.
Can you choose a small claim court?
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