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beachmiles Apr 6, 17 10:43 am

Connexions TYP Hotel Partner?
Do hotel bookings, using Thank You Points , go through Expedia, Travelocity or a similar 3rd party. I have 2 favorite independent hotels that, once in a blue moon, offer rooms on Expedia. I check often, wondering if they might also show up the same time on TYP reward redemption site. I'd like to catch them, if they come available again. Thanks

mia Apr 6, 17 11:20 am

Connexions Loyalty is owned by Affinion Group. To my knowledge they are not owned by Expedia or Priceline. (Between the two of them they own nearly all retail online travel agencies. Expedia owns Travelocity.)

Connexions also administers Chase Ultimate Rewards online travel portal, and one member mentioned a hotel booking that had passed through Expedia to the property. Connexions may well auction each booking to whichever entity has the lowest cost (for them, not for us.)

akr1970akr Sep 13, 18 10:34 am

I've also got an independent hotel I've been trying to book through TYP portal. It was available for the dates I wanted when I checked last month, but now its not.

Hotel has plenty of rooms when booking directly, or through another platform like, but not through TYP portal.

IIRC Connexions uses Expedia for some hotels, and when I check Expedia (for my same independent hotel on my dates in question) it does not show up.

It's irritating and reduces the value of TYP for hotel bookings (through the website where I want to stack Premier/Prestige) which is my main use case.

Unfortunately I don't think calling in to either the concierge or Connexions will get the result I want -- the double stack for a redemption using both cards.

For the big chains I don't notice this problem.

livencali Sep 13, 18 3:15 pm

Correct me if I am wrong, but can a hotel rescind/or remove the availability when they anticipate being "booked" or is currently "sold-out"? I'm just saying; that wouldn't be any fault of Citi-TY. If the hotel removes the availability or is "sold-out", Connexions would not have a choice but to remove/or should remove the listing.

akr1970akr Sep 13, 18 3:25 pm

Yes, but my hotel in question seem to be using other OTA's, just not Expedia, which seems to play some role in what Connexions has to offer.

FWIW I've found that Connexions on the UR portal tends to worse for what I look for (mostly indy hotels in mountain areas) than the TYP portal.

I'm not sure why, or if this is true in all circumstances, but this is a pattern over a couple of years.

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