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oneeyejack Jul 23, 12 7:20 am

Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve Card (2012 - 2015)
link for application

Via Gary's blog (link)

Signup Bonus: 2 free weekend nights after $2500 in spend within four months. These free nights are valid at all Hilton redemption categories including Waldorf Astoria properties.

Anniversary Bonus: 1 free weekend night each year after $10,000 in spend.
Earning: 10 HHonors points per dollar on Hilton spend, 5 points per dollar on air and car rental, and 3 on everything else.

Elite status: Instant Hilton Gold status which you retain as long as you have the card and Diamond status after $40,000 in annual spend.

No foreign currency transaction fees.

Annual fee: $95, not waived the first year.

EDIT: from the picture, it looks like it's a chip card. is it chip and pin or chip and sign?

looks like it's a chip and sign card!

factory81 Jul 23, 12 8:02 am

Card sucks.

-$95/yr fee. Not waived.
-10k/yr spend for free weekend night.
-only 2 free nights sign-on bonus. $2500 spend required.

Hyatt, PC Club, SPG, and Marriott are better cards.

johndoe123 Jul 23, 12 8:03 am

Ohhh... and it's Citi. Looks they they Stole a play from the AMEX/Delta product.

Gold for as long as you own the card... no annual fee... same diamond eligibility based on spend... and one-uping amex on point earning potential, especially at hiltons.

philemer Jul 23, 12 8:06 am

If you are going to an expensive city the two free weekend nights can be a tremendous value. Standard rooms at the WA in Rome are over $500/night.

factory81 Jul 23, 12 8:09 am

Originally Posted by philemer (Post 18984807)
If you are going to an expensive city the two free weekend nights can be a tremendous value. Standard rooms at the WA in Rome are over $500/night.

Its good for the 2 reward nights at the aspirational stays that you dream of, and then you spend another 10k on the card to even have the opportunity to get that yearly weekend night @ a Waldorf.

Im not sold on the value of the card. Annual fee is too high plus the 10k spend is just the amount of pinch needed to make me saw, "ow, that stinks".

This ties up too much money frankly

Jake Gittes Jul 23, 12 8:13 am

This seems like it would be a good churn/dump card.

I don't think it's something I'd hold onto long-term.

oneeyejack Jul 23, 12 8:28 am

IMO, it's a decent card just for the Gold Status. Gets you free internet and breakfast if you hit up Hilton every once in a while.

ma91pmh Jul 23, 12 8:46 am

Yes there was some pumping of this card before it came out and overall it's good not great. The two nights can easily be translated into 100k value but hey I can 100k every quarter churning existing Citi cards and then double it up churning the BofA Virgin card. The big benefit of this one is gold status for $95. I know there are plenty of other ways to get gold too but this is an easy one. It is particularly helpful for us as we are getting to the point where we need to get two rooms at a time with the kids, so that way myself and the mrs can get a room each and given we are both gold makes it easy to get breakfast for four of us at places that hand out coupons etc

I don't see me putting any spend on the card other than foreign Hilton spend. I still prefer the Hilton Surpass for getting to Diamond given the 6x on groceries spend can get you a decent way along to the $40k spend requirement.

ricohitman Jul 23, 12 8:47 am

Have to spend $10k a year just to get a free night? No thanks. Chase Hyatt card is much better.

milaohu Jul 23, 12 8:57 am

Better than Amex Surpass.
Gold status as long as you keep the card vs Amex only 1st year gold.
Same $40k spending as Amex to achieve diamond status, but this card comes with a annual free weekend night with marginally high annual fee: $95 vs $75 for Amex.
Downside is that you won't get AXON reward as Amex.

Originally Posted by factory81 (Post 18984788)
Card sucks.

-$95/yr fee. Not waived.
-10k/yr spend for free weekend night.
-only 2 free nights sign-on bonus. $2500 spend required.

Hyatt, PC Club, SPG, and Marriott are better cards.

birdseye Jul 23, 12 9:09 am

I agree, it is a decent card for a churn, but not a keeper for me. I'll probably get it next year when my gold status runs out in February, but I wouldn't spend much more on it than the $2500 to get the bonus. I do not like how the free nights are weekend only, that lacks flexibility and makes it harder to stretch for a longer stay when combined with a spouse's bonus. I also don't like how you need to spend $10,000 for the free annual night, the Chase Marriott, Priority Club, and Hyatt cards do not require a spend for the free annual night.

pcharles Jul 23, 12 9:12 am

Is this honestly what all that hoopla was about? :td:

One big fanfare over a yawn.

Majikow Jul 23, 12 9:34 am

I put off a round of apps for this. :td:

Seems like a decent card, but nothing amazing.

I did hear the SPG bonus is going up to 30k though, so I'll stick it out for that.

lkar Jul 23, 12 10:40 am

Very close call whether to keep this or the Surpass as a keeper if one desires only one Hilton card, especially for anyone who gets diamond with the 40k spend. I know I'm restating some of what Gary said, but this is my personal view.

The signup bonus is obviously better -- even when Surpass offers 60k, two free nights (even weekend nights) are better, especially with W-A being available.

But in terms of day-to-day, here are what I see as the differences:

1) An extra point for Hilton spend for the citi card. To me, this is outweighed by the Surpass giving 6 points at drugstores. I use that feature of my Suprass card frequently, especially to buy certain gift cards where I could not otherwise obtain any multiplier. One would have to put about $50k in Hilton spend on this card to get a free night at the incremental difference between 10 and 9 points, and if you are doing that, you shouldn't need a credit card to get you to gold, are already filthy with Hilton points, and should probably be using a Sapphire or something else! The citi card gives 5 points per $1 on car rental and air, but it's hard to see using it for those categories when other cards give bonuses too.

2) The anniversary free night. This may be the tie breaker for many -- if you're spending 40k each year to get diamond, you'll automatically qualify for this benefit each year, and it can be worth as much as 80k at a W-A property. To me, this is a major benefit and advantage.

3) No forex for the citi, if one stays in hiltons outside the US.

Bottom line for me: For holders of the Amex card, unless you spend a lot in the 6x categories, the citi card is superior.

TTT103 Jul 23, 12 11:28 am

May be worth it for the two free nights, but I prefer the earning structure on the AmEx (i.e., double points for gas, grocery, phone, internet, etc.). I think I'll stick with my AmEx for now, as it also garners me gold status based on annual spending.

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