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There are no existing application links from AT&T or Citi

DEAD as of 7/19/16:A working link per post 1049: https://www.citicards.com/cards/cred...EVZ&t=t&naInd=

Extended Warranty

This card includes 2 years of extended warranty, up to 7 years total.
Coverage does not apply to the following items:
■ Boats, cars, aircraft or any other motorized land, air or water
vehicles and their original equipment. Tires are not covered.
■ Services (such as product installation, repairs, maintenance or
diagnostics) unless covered under the manufacturers warranty.
■ Used, antique or pre-owned items.
■ Items purchased for resale, professional or commercial use.
■ Land or buildings; housing properties.
■ Plants and live animals.
■ Items that do not come with a manufacturers warranty.

Coverage doesnt apply under these circumstances:
■ You fail to care for or service the item appropriately as required
by the manufacturer.
■ The item has a product defect, recall, or experiences normal wear
and tear where no failure has occurred.
■ The item is damaged because of an act of God, such as a flood,
hurricane, lightning, wind or earthquake.

Which websites qualify for 3X points?

3 ThankYou Points for each $1 spent on purchases made at eligible retail (including department store websites, specialty store websites, warehouse store websites and boutique websites) and travel websites (including online travel agencies, and hotel and airline websites).

3 ThankYou Points for each $1 spent on products and services purchased directly from AT&T, including payment of monthly phone, cable or internet bills.

You'll earn an Anniversary Bonus of 10,000 ThankYou Points after you spend $10,000 in purchases in the prior cardmembership year.

Source: https://www.cardbenefits.citi.com/

Special note about eBay and PayPal - varies widely as to whether the bonus points are awarded. It seems to vary depending on merchant with no real discernible pattern.
(Ref, Ref, Ref, Ref, Ref, Ref, Ref, Ref, Ref)

Certain Non-Qualifying Purchases. You wont earn 3X Points for purchases of and payments for medical services, insurance, taxes and government services, real estate, real estate rentals, purchases or reloading of prepaid or gift cards, education, charities and utilities.
You wont earn 3X Points for purchases from independent wireless dealers, non-AT&T-owned stores, or AT&T resellers unless you are paying for an AT&T service, such as your phone, cable or internet.
(Effective 9/22/2019)
Source: https://www.cardbenefits.citi.com/

All payments coding as online are hit and miss. Sometimes it codes as online, sometimes it doesn't. YMMV.

Alphabetical list of websites which qualify for 2 bonus points per dollar (3 points total):
1-800-Flowers @ 1800Flowers.com (Ref)
1and1.com (Direct entry)
6pm.com (Ref, Ref, Ref)
888lots.com (Merchandise - Nondurable Goods, Not Elsewhere Classified)
888lots.com (Curve, Merchandise - Misc General Merchandise Not Classified)
ABT.com (PayPal) (Ref)
ABT.com (direct entry, Merchandise - Electronic Stores)
Adidas.com (Direct entry) (Ref)
Aerostich.com (Vehicle Services - Motorcycle Dealer)
Airbnb.com (Direct entry)
Alamoammo.com (Merchandise - Miscellaneous / Specialty Retail Stores)
Aliexpress.com (YMMV, Merchandise - Discount Store, Curve Misc General Merchandise Not Classified )
Amazon Music (Merchandise - Digital Goods- Multi-category)
Amazon Prime Now @ primenow.amazon.com (Ref, Ref)
Amazon Prime Video (Ref, Ref)
Amazon Digital
Amazon Seller Fees (Merchandise - Book Stores)
Amazon Restaurants @ amazon.com
Amazon.com (Direct entry) (Ref, Ref, Ref, Ref, Ref, Ref, Ref, Ref, Ref)
American Airlines @ AA.com
American Eagle @ AE.com (Ref)
Amsoil.com (Direct entry) (Ref)
Apple iTunes (Ref, Ref, Ref)
AT&T @ att.com (Direct entry) (Ref, Ref)
B&H Photo Video @ bhphotovideo.com (PayPal) (Ref)
Barneys.com (Ref)
BayAreaFasTrak.com (Ref, Ref)
Beauty.com (Direct entry) (Ref)
Bed Bath & Beyond @ bedbathandbeyond.com (Ref, Ref)
Best Buy @ BestBuy.com (Direct entry) (Ref, Ref)
Biglots.com (Merchandise - Discount Store, YMMV, works most of the time)
BJ's @ bjs.com (Ref)
BJ's membership @ bjs.com (Direct entry)
Blizzard Entertainment
Bloomingdale's @ Bloomingdales.com (Ref)
Blue Nile
Bonanza.com (Direct entry)
Bovada.lv (Charged in Yuans, subject to FTF)
BP (via BPme app, Vehicle Services - Automated Gas Dispenser)
Bravo @ app (Ref)
Brooks Sports @ BrooksRunning.com (Direct entry) (Ref)
BrooksBrothers.com (Ref)
Bulkea.com (Ref)
Bulq.com (Direct entry)
California E-File Court Filings
CallingMart.com (Direct entry)
CardCash.com (Direct entry) (Ref)
CardCookie.com (Ref)
CashStar/Best Buy @ bestbuy.cashstar.com (Ref)
CashStar/Brooks Brothers @ brooksbrothers.cashstar.com (Ref)
CashStar/Dunkin' Donuts @ dunkindonuts.cashstar.com (Ref)
CashStar/Hotels.com @ hotels.cashstar.com (Ref)
CashStar/Panera Bread @ panerabread.cashstar.com (Ref)
cdkeys.com (Ref)
Charles Tyrwhitt @ CTShirts.com (Ref)
Childrens Place website
Chewy.com (Ref)
Chipolo.net (Ref)
Costco.com (Ref, Ref, Ref, Ref)
CostPlusWorldMarket.com (Ref) YMMV
Crate & Barrel @ CrateAndBarrel.com (Ref)
delivery.com @ website, app (Direct entry, Android Pay)
Dell.com (Direct entry, Computers, Computer Peripheral Equipment) (Ref)
DennisKirk.com (Merchandise - Direct Marketing - Catalog )
DirecTV Now @ directvnow.com (Ref)
Divers-Supply.com (PayPal)
Drugstore.com (Ref)
Dunkin' reload @ app (Ref)
E-ZPass MA @ ezdrivema.com (Direct entry)
eBags.com (Direct entry, PayPal) (Ref, Ref)
eBay/CardCash (PayPal)
eBay/Cardency (PayPal) (Ref)
eBay regular purchase (direct entry, Merchandise - Department Store )
eBay store fees (Curve, Department Store)
eGifter.com (PayPal) (Ref)
EquityApartments.com (Ref)
eSaving.com (PayPal) (Ref, Ref)
Etsy (Ref)
ExxonMobil via app and Google Pay (Vehicle Services - Automated Gas Dispenser)
Firearmsdepot.com (Merchandise - Sporting Goods Stores)
Fluz App (direct entry, may be dependent on MCC coding)
Fluz Portal (direct entry, may be dependent on MCC coding)
FoundersCard.com (Ref)
Francesca's @ Francescas.com (Ref)
GameStop.com (Direct entry) (Ref, Ref)
Gap.com (Ref)
Garden of Life @ GardenOfLife.com (Ref)
Garagiste - email wine merchant
GearBest.com (WorldPay)
GiftCard Mart @ GiftCardMart.com (Ref)
Giftcard Zen (Direct entry) (Ref)
GiftCardBin.com (Direct entry)
GiftCardRescue (Direct entry)
Goedekers.com (direct entry)
Google Express @ google.com/express/ (Ref)
Google Music @ music.google.com (Ref)
Google Play @ app (Ref)
Google Store @ store.google.com (Ref)
GrabAGun.com (Direct entry)
Groupon (Direct entry) (Ref, Ref, YMMV ref, Ref)
GrubHub.com (Direct entry)
Guess.com (Ref)
Gunpartscorp.com (Direct entry)
GunsInc.com (Direct entry)
Gyft.com (PayPal) (Ref)
Gymboree.com (Direct entry)
HaloCigs.com (Ref)
Harry & David @ harryanddavid.com
Heatonist.com (Direct entry)
HomeDepot.com (Direct entry) (Ref)
HoodLamb.com (Direct entry)
HP.com (Direct entry) (Ref)
HTC.com (Ref)
iHerb.com (Merchandise - Misc Food Store, Specialty, Convenience)
IHG rewards club (cash + points booking)
Ikparts.com (curve, Hardware Store)
Impactguns.com (direct entry)
InkPixi.com (Ref)
Instacart.com (Ref)
Intuit TurboTax (state tax e-file fee when using desktop app)
J. C. Penney @ JCPenney.com (Ref)
Jared.com (Ref)
JCrew.com (Ref)
Jimmy Johns @ app
JINsoon.com (Ref)
JJ Home Repairs and Plumbing (direct, Heating, Plumbing, Air Conditioning)
JoomUnited.com (Ref)
K&L Wine Merchants @ KLWines.com (Ref) this is a little buggy....90% of the time it works but they have multiple sales types (auctions, different store, warehouse shipment pts etc)
Kate Spade @ KateSpade.com (Ref)
Kickfurther.com (Ref)
Kiehl's @ Kiehls.com (Direct entry) (Ref)
KinsaHealth.com (Direct entry)
Kohl's @ Kohls.com (Direct entry) (Ref, Ref)
LastCall.com (Ref)
LeisurePro.com (PayPal)
Lenovo @ shop.lenovo.com (PayPal) (Ref)
LillyPulitzer.com (Ref)
LimeBike @ app (Direct entry)
LivingSocial.com (Ref)
Lord & Taylor @ lordandtaylor.com
Lowe's @ lowes.com
Lucky Brand @ LuckyBrand.com (Ref)
Lyft @ app (Direct entry)
Macy's @ macys.com (Direct entry) (Ref)
MakeUseOf Deals @ deals.makeuseof.com (Direct entry)
MARTA (ATL, online Breeze card reload)
Massdrop.com (Direct entry)
Mattel.com (Ref)
MicrosoftStore.com (Direct entry; may not work as of 2018, see below)
MileagePlus X/All spend @ app (Ref) YMMV. Works most of the time.
Misfit.com (Direct entry)
MLBShop.com @ shop.mlb.com (Direct entry)
Moosejaw.com (Ref)
Munchery.com (Ref)
Namecheap.com (Direct entry)
NameSilo.com (PayPal)
Natchezss.com (Merchandise - Sporting Goods Stores )
NatureBox.com (Ref)
NeimanMarcus.com (PayPal) (Ref)
Nespresso.com (Ref)
Nest.com (Ref)
Newegg.com (Direct entry) (Ref, Ref)
NextScripts.com (Ref)
NordstromRack.com (Direct Entry)
NFL.com (Ref)
Office Depot @ OfficeDepot.com (Direct entry)
Olightstore.com (Curve, Electronic Stores)
OMBWarehouse.com (Direct entry)
Orbitz.com (Ref)
PalmettoStateArmory.com (Merchandise - Miscellaneous / Specialty Retail Stores)
PartsTree.com (Direct entry)
Patreon.com (Direct entry, Merchandise - Digital Goods- Audiovisual Media)
PatriotSoftware.com (Services - Computer / Data Processing Services, YMMV)
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) @ www.dot*.state.pa.us (Direct entry)
Peoplefinders.com (direct, Information Retrieval Service)
PetSmart.com (Ref)
Phlur.com (Ref)
Pirateship.com (Curve, Local/suburban Commuter Passenger Trans)
Porkbun.com (Direct entry)
Pottery Barn Teen @ PBTeen.com (Ref)
Priceline (Ref)
Princess Cruises @ princess.com
PrinterPix.com (Ref)
Promethease.com (Direct entry)
Publix (in-person, Curve, Merchandise - Grocery Store, Supermarket )
RadPad @ onradpad.com, app (Direct entry, Android Pay) (Ref, Ref, Ref)
Ralph Lauren @ RalphLauren.com (PayPal) (Ref)
Redriverreloading.com (Other Travel - Bridge And Road Fees, Tolls)
REI.com (Ref)
RentPayment.com (Ref)
RexingUSA.com (direct entry, Computer Software Store)
Road Runner Sports @ RoadRunnerSports.com (Direct entry) (Ref)
RockAuto.com (Ref)
RockyMountainATVMC.com (Vehicle Services - Motorcycle Dealer)
Rover.com (Ref)
RunSignUp.com (Ref)
Saks Fifth Avenue @ Saks.com, SaksFifthAvenue.com (Ref)
SamsClub.com (Direct entry)
Samsung Pay/Gift cards @ app (YMMV ref, Ref, Ref)
SCAquarium.org (Direct Entry)
ScoreBig.com (Ref)
Sears.com (Direct entry)
SearsPartsDirect.com (Direct entry)
Seashells @ app (Ref, Ref)
Sephora.com (Ref)
ShirtChamp.com (Direct entry)
ShoeBuy.com (Ref)
Sierra Trading Post @ SierraTradingPost.com (Ref)
SimonMall.com (Ref)
Singapore Air (Ref)
Snow.com (Ref)
Softcard Serve loads (Ref)
Soylent.com (Direct entry)
Sportsmanssupplyco.com (via Gunbroker.com, Merchandise - Miscellaneous / Specialty Retail Stores)
Spotify (Ref)
Square (Food truck invoice paid online)
Staples.com (Ref, Ref)
Starbucks reload (Ref)
SteveMadden.com (Ref)
Sunpass.com (Other Travel - Bridge And Road Fees, Tolls)
Swappable.com (Ref)
Target.com (Direct entry, PayPal) (Ref) (Merchandise - Discount Store)
Tello.com (Direct entry)
Tennis Warehouse @ Tennis-Warehouse.com (Ref)
Texture @ app (Ref)
ThankYou Points Trip Portal (if you use TYP to book a flight and have to pay part of the airfare with cash)
The Gift Card Shop @ TheGiftCardShop.com (Ref)
TheraBreath.com (PayPal)
Thrive Market @ ThriveMarket.com (Ref)
Ticketmaster.com (Ref)
TickPick.com (Ref)
Ting.com (Direct entry)
Toppik.com (Direct entry)
Tractor Supply @ TractorSupply.com (Ref)
U.S. Travel Association (USTA) Daily Getaways @ dailygetaways.ustravel.org (Ref)
Under Armour @ UnderArmour.com (Ref)
US Outdoor Store @ usoutdoor.com (Ref)
VentraChicago.com loads
Venus.com (Ref)
Viator.com (Direct entry) (Ref)
Victoria's Secret @ VictoriasSecret.com (Ref, Ref)
VINcheck (Curve, Paypal, Information Retrieval Service)
VirginMobileUSA.com (Direct entry)
VisionDirect.com (PayPal) (Ref)
Vitacost.com (Ref)
VitaminShoppe.com (Ref)
Vite Ramen @ checkout.rechargeapps.com (Direct entry)
Walmart @ B&M (Walmart Pay) (YMMV ref, Ref)
Walmart @ B&M (Walmart Pay, Grocery Store, Supermarket)
Walmart.com (Direct entry) (Ref, Ref) (Merchandise - Discount Store)
Waste Management @ wm.com (Ref)
West Elm @ WestElm.com (Ref)
WildEdgeInc.com (Direct entry)
WineBid.com (Ref)
Wish.com (Department stores)
WordPress.com/WpChrg.com (Direct entry)
Yoycart.com (Direct entry)
Zazzle.com (Direct entry)
Zulily.com (Merchandise - Mens / Ladies Clothing Store)

Alphabetical list of websites which DO NOT qualify for 2 bonus points per dollar (3 points total):
AARP.org subscription (direct entry)
Adorama.com (Direct entry) (Ref)
AdvancedTactical.com (Curve, Services - Professional Services, Not Elsewhere Cla)
AGI Renters/Condo Insurance (as of 2/2018)
AlaskaAir.com (Ref)
Aliexpress.com (direct entry, Merchandise - Discount Store)
Aliexpress.com (Paypal, Services - Computer Network/info Srvs)
Allstate.com (Ref)
Amazon Prime subscription (Ref, Ref, Ref)
American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) @ ASCP.org (Direct entry)
Amex Gift Cards @ americanexpress.com/gift-cards/ (Ref)
Apple Music subscription (Ref)
Audible.com (Ref)
AwardWallet.com (Ref)
AXS.com (Ref)
B&H Photo Video @ bhphotovideo.com (Direct entry) (Ref)
BayAreaFasTrak.com recurring (Ref)
BCWSA @ schedulepayment.com/BCWSA/ (Direct entry)
Bed Bath & Beyond
Birchbox.com (Direct entry) (Ref)
BJ's Checks @ bjschecks.com (Ref)
Bluehost.com (Direct entry) (Ref)
Brownells.com (Direct Entry)
CafePress.com (Ref)
California DMV (Ref)
CardCash.com (PayPal)
Cardpool.com (Direct entry) (Ref)
CBS All Access @ cbs.com/all-access (Ref)
ClipperCard.com (Ref)
Coinbase (Direct entry)
CollegeBoard.org (Ref)
Comcast (Ref)
Cox cable and Internet subscription (Ref)
DirecTV.com (Ref)
Duluth Trading Company @ DuluthTrading.com (Ref)
Dunkin' Donuts reload (Ref)
eBags.com (Direct entry) (Ref, Ref)
eBay seller fees (Direct entry, PayPal) (Ref, Ref)
eBay shipping (PayPal)
eBay/GiftCardMall (Direct entry) (Ref)
eBay/National Gift Card (PayPal) (Ref)
eBay/PayPal Digital Gifts (PayPal) (Ref)
eBay/SVM Gift Cards (PayPal) (Ref, Ref)
eGifter.com (Ref, Ref)
Excellus BlueCross BlueShield @ ExcellusBcBs.com (Ref)
Experian.com (Direct entry)
Expertflyer.com (membership)
Farmers.com (Direct entry)
Fernbankmuseum.org (Curve, Organizations - Charitable/social Service Organizations)
Fluz App (direct entry, may be dependent on MCC coding)
FreedomPop.com (Direct entry)
GEICO.com (Ref)
Gift Card Mall @ GiftCardMall.com (Direct entry) (Ref, Ref)
Gift Card Mall/Kroger @ kroger.giftcardmall.com (Direct entry) (Ref)
Gift of College @ GiftOfCollege.com (Ref)
GiftCards.com (Ref, Ref, Ref) (Some success calling in)
GiftCardSpread.com (Ref, Ref)
Google Cloud/G Suite @ admin.google.com (Direct entry)
Google Drive storage (Ref)
Google Fi device purchase @ fi.google.com (Direct entry)
Google Fi recurring monthly service (Ref)
Grand Teton Lodge Company @ gtlc.com (Awarded after calling Citi)
GunBroker.com (Account verification)
Gyft.com (Direct entry) (Ref)
Happy Hollow Park & Zoo @ hhpz.org
Honeyfund.com (Ref)
Hulu (Ref)
Intuit tax preparer bill
K12PaymentCenter.com (Direct, Organizations - Elementary / Secondary Schools)
Knox County Schools
Kumon.com (Organizations - Misc Schools / Educational Services)
LandsEnd.com (Ref)
Lenovo @ shop.lenovo.com (Direct entry) (Ref)
LivingSpaces.com (Ref)
Meh.com (Ref)
Metro State University (MSU) Denver @ unisainc.com (Ref)
Metromile.com Insurance
Microsoft.com (Office 365 license, July 2018)
MyGiftCardsPlus.com (Ref)
Nationwide Buxx (NW Buxx) loads
Netflix (Ref, Ref)
New York DMV @ dmv.ny.gov (Ref)
Nike.com (Ref)
Notre Dame Bookstore @ eFollett.com, bkstr.com (Direct entry) (Ref)
The New York Times digital subscription @ NYTimes.com
OfficialPayments.com (CA FTB 540-ES)
Optimum cable subscription (Ref)
Outlook Printing Solutions/Philly Pretzel Factory gift cards @ shop.phillypretzelfactory.com (Direct entry)
Papa John's Pizza @ papajohns.com (Visa Checkout)
PayPal/P2P (Direct entry) (Ref)
PayPal/USPS shipping @ paypal.com/shipnow (PayPal)
Peoplefinders.com (Merchandise - Direct Marketing-continuity Subscription)
PirateShip.com (direct entry)
Plastiq cars and other vehicles/Toyota Financial (Ref), Volkswagen Credit (Ref)
Plastiq IRS federal taxes (YMMV ref, Ref)
Plastiq mortgage (Ref)
Plastiq rent (Ref, Ref)
Plastiq utilities (Ref, Ref)
Plastiq/Navient (Ref)
Points.com (Curve, Business Services, Not Elsewhere Classed) (Ref)
Proactiv.com (Ref)
Progressive.com (PayPal) (Ref)
Raise.com (Direct entry) (Ref, YMMV ref)
Rakuten Gift Card Shop @https://www.rakuten.com/gift-cards (Miscellaneous - Poi Funding Transactions , processed by Cash Star)
RingPlus.net (Direct entry)
Rodan + Fields @ RodanAndFields.com (Direct entry) (Ref)
RoomiPay (Ref)
Royaltigerimports.com (Sporting goods stores)
Samsung.com (direct entry) coded as Services - Computer Network/info Srvs
Santa Clara County Department of Revenue @ sccgov.org
SaveYa.com (Direct entry) (Ref)
Seashells @ shopseashells.com (Ref, Ref)
Seattle meter parking (Ref)
Shop.com (Direct entry) (Ref)
Sling TV @ sling.com (Ref)
Southwest Airlines @ southwest.com (Ref)
Square Cash @ app (Direct entry) (Ref, Ref, Ref)
Starbucks.com egift cards (Direct entry) (Ref)
Starwood points @ storefront.points.com (Ref)
Stein Your Florist @ SteinYourFlorist.com (Direct entry)
Stylenanda (PayPal) (Ref)
Tello.com (Curve, Telephone Service)
TheraBreath.com (Direct entry)
Thomson Reuters Westlaw @ ThomsonReuters.com (Ref)
Time Warner Cable (Ref)
Uhaul.com (Auto Rental - Truck / Utility Trailer Rental)
UPS.com (Paypal)
U.S. Mint @ USMint.gov (Ref)
US Buxx loads (Ref)
USPS.com (Direct entry) (Ref)
Venmo (Direct entry) (Ref)
Venmo (Curve, Computer Network/info Srvs)
Vudu.com (Direct entry)
Walmart @ B&M (Walmart Pay) (Ref)
Waterpik Store @ waterpik-store.com (PayPal)
White Mountain Puzzles @ WhiteMountainPuzzles.com (Ref)
Woot.com (Amazon Pay) (Ref)
Xero.com (Ref)
Zappos.com (Ref, Ref)

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Citi AT&T Access More card (Discontinued)

Old Jul 1, 2016, 11:15 am
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Originally Posted by frudd38
Are you sure these TYP are transferable to the Premier/Prestige TYP?
Yes, cards can be joined under one TY account and points merged
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Old Jul 1, 2016, 11:35 am
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Originally Posted by aza72
Yes, cards can be joined under one TY account and points merged
OK thanks that's what I thought, but FM had a note that it isn't on a recent post..
frudd38 is offline  
Old Jul 1, 2016, 2:32 pm
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I pulled the trigger on this. Hate to take the hard pull and hassle of obtaining AT&T service for 15 days, but hopefully it's worth it.
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Old Jul 1, 2016, 9:14 pm
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Switching to Other Providers

Ordered the phone tonight (iPhone for wife, S7 edge for myself). Any tips on which providers one can switch to with an unlocked phone from AT&T. Does the antennae work well on other service providers. It seems as though it won't work as well on T-mobile despite the fact that they are both GSM due to using different bands. Unless what I was reading was wrong.

Last edited by Cory Stewart; Jul 1, 2016 at 9:21 pm
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Old Jul 2, 2016, 8:20 am
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Originally Posted by Cory Stewart
Ordered the phone tonight (iPhone for wife, S7 edge for myself). Any tips on which providers one can switch to with an unlocked phone from AT&T. Does the antennae work well on other service providers. It seems as though it won't work as well on T-mobile despite the fact that they are both GSM due to using different bands. Unless what I was reading was wrong.
My wife and I have been using our 6+ phones since February on VZW without any noticeable issues.
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Old Jul 3, 2016, 9:28 pm
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Card Link Disappear?

Anyone find any new working links? It seems the link in the wikipost isn't working anymore, and I saw a new reddit/r/churning thread today indicating a similar issue.
tr00gle is offline  
Old Jul 3, 2016, 10:57 pm
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It's gone. I might start running in circles. I didn't get it !
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Old Jul 5, 2016, 8:14 am
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Originally Posted by tomasdev
It's gone. I might start running in circles. I didn't get it !
I'll join you. Held off too long.

I'm keeping a close eye on the forums and blogs in case a working link magically appears.
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Old Jul 5, 2016, 10:53 am
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Don't sweat, this deal goes and comes back again. This has happened several times in the past
fromfall98 is offline  
Old Jul 5, 2016, 3:55 pm
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Anybody got their anniversary bonus of 10k points after spending 10K in card member year (not calendar)?
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Old Jul 5, 2016, 5:45 pm
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Originally Posted by fromfall98
Don't sweat, this deal goes and comes back again. This has happened several times in the past
The link from AT&T website points to a no AF version now, and 10k points bonus is gone. Access More is gone too.
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Old Jul 5, 2016, 7:15 pm
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The free Access card was introduced first, and mentioned in this thread, with no discussion:

mia is online now  
Old Jul 6, 2016, 9:17 am
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Originally Posted by yugi
The link from AT&T website points to a no AF version now, and 10k points bonus is gone. Access More is gone too.
Trust me, it will be back
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Old Jul 6, 2016, 3:37 pm
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We all know that all the official application links and landing pages are dead, and this card has been removed from both Citi and AT&T official websites. I recently did a URL cracking to their application links, and found a working link! My friend gggsssyyygsy has tested the link and it indeed works, and the CSR confirmed that she can see the $650 sign-up bonus! But still, this application link is obtained by URL cracking, do it at your own risk.

Link: http://creditintro.uscreditcardguide.../apply/?id=847

Originally posted in: http://www.uscreditcardguide.com/cit...e-credit-card/
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Old Jul 6, 2016, 7:21 pm
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Originally Posted by Cory Stewart
Ordered the phone tonight (iPhone for wife, S7 edge for myself). Any tips on which providers one can switch to with an unlocked phone from AT&T. Does the antennae work well on other service providers. It seems as though it won't work as well on T-mobile despite the fact that they are both GSM due to using different bands. Unless what I was reading was wrong.
RingPlus is a free Sprint MVNO.
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