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sucker777 Jan 29, 10 4:41 pm

Reinstating lost ThankYou points from cancelled Premier Pass card
Has any one had any luck reinstating lost Thank You points that were deducted from my account due to cancellation of the PRemier Pass credit card on which the points were earned? Thanks.

dlouise37 Jan 31, 10 8:23 pm

..but barely.

I canceled card not realizing the TYN points earned on that card would be removed after ~30 days. I noticed the points were gone a few days after they did remove them. I called and to had to re-activate card to have points re-deposited on next billing cycle. Spent them about 22 minutes after they hit the account.

msw423 Apr 28, 11 12:08 pm

Recently tried to get points back 37 days after canceling. I tried a few methods:

1. Asking for them back - Nope
2. Asking to reinstate the credit card - Nope
3. Looking at the rules stating that if you have a checking account associated with the Thank You network it says you have 60 days - apparently this does apply but only to the points earned from the checking account
4. Finally got hold of a sympathetic CSR who said she could switch the points over to my other Thank You Point earning Citi Forward card. She said these would post 1-4 business days after my next statement. Will update when the deadline passes.

EDIT: Finally received points back after the bill had been paid. Order $1200 in gift cards now.

laurajoyce Apr 29, 11 1:46 pm

I lost my points when I canceled the ThankYou Amex in January. CSR said they would reinstate them if I got another ThankYou card. I applied for and received the Premier card and the old points showed up a few weeks later.

mrkymark Apr 30, 11 10:17 am

I guess points do go "poof" when you cancel a card. There were some reports that they did not. Great to know there were options though. Also didnt know that you could "reinstate" a card that was closed.

robertw477 May 4, 11 10:04 pm

This happened to me and they almost clipped me for 300,000 points. Tell them when you called to cancel nobody told you that you would lose the points? I am very big with Citi and they basically reopened the card and reinstated the points. If I wanted to close the card again I could after I spend those pooled points. If you earned the points and they deposit into your account this should not be legal for them to take the points away which happened to you.

mia May 5, 11 7:39 am

Originally Posted by robertw477 (Post 16330599)
...nobody told you ...

:confused: It's explicitly stated in the terms:

ThankYou Points may not be redeemed and may be lost if your Card Account is not open or current.

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