Problems loging into your choice account?

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Problems loging into your choice account?

For 5 days now, I have been unable to access my account on

At first, I thought it might be a website problem, as they do have a new site. After a few days without being able to access my account, I sent an e-mail.

I received the usual reply sent to people who are not very functional with computers; I"m very functional with IT, have used this account for over 5 years.

I have also tried different computers and different browsers; I always get the same errot message, "the system is busy, please try again".

Is anyone else having problems accessing their account on

I'd really appreciate a reply from a person who has checked their account.

I have a problem getting to my account. Choice says it is not their website. I'd like to know if it is my account or if anyone else is having problems.

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I just logged in to check. No problem. (IE8 on a WinXP machine)
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I was able to log in fine just now.

I would suggest the following:
1. Do the usual cleanup - delete cookies, etc.
2. Try logging in again.
3. If doesn't work, create a dummy account with fictitious data and try logging in (or try a friend/relative's existing account).
4. If the dummy and original account logins fail, you probably have an environmental issue.
5. If the dummy account works and the original account fails, there's probably bad data in your account.
6. Contact Customer Service again.
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It took about a week, but I finally got the problem resolved. I thought I'd pass along the details, should anyone else have a similiar problem.

For whatever reason, there was a duplicate account on their server that had my user name, password, and all other correct personal info ; but it was tied to a different choice privileges account number.

There was only one entry in this duplicate account, a reservation from 2005 that had been canceled. I had never seen or heard of this other choice privileges account number, and have no idea where it came from.

The customer service agent had me on a conference call with an IT specialist and neither one can figure out how it happened. Very strange.

But I was impressed with their service, and how they tracked down this duplicate account number. It was excellent service on a difficult technical problem.
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I know that it's not exactly the "thread" of this discussion, but in case anyone else comes here with more general curiosity, I've often found the ChoiceHotels|ChoicePrivileges site to be really squirrelly late weekend nights -- Saturday and Sunday nights, I mean.
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