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Interesting places near Beijing?

Interesting places near Beijing?

Old Jul 22, 06, 11:51 am
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Interesting places near Beijing?


I'm going to BJS tomorrow for a week. I do not want to spend much time in BJS as I have been there before, so I'm looking for places not too far away from BJS. SHA, CAN, HKG, Kunming are no options as I think I go by (over night) train. Tianjin, Dalian, Qingdao (the two latter for their beaches) comes to mind, but there may be other places that are worth visting for a first timer tourist (outside BJS/Great Wall etc). Please enlighten me!

Are there any places where temperature and humidity are lower during summer?

I will go to China again in late Sept for 3 weeks holiday. The plan is travel around Xian, Chengdu and perhabs take the new train to Lhasa. I'm however a little concerned that apparently 1 Oct is a public holiday and it goes on for a week! I suppose that many Chinese people will be travelling and it may be difficult to get availability on trains, flights and hotels. Please correct me if I'm wrong, because I'm actually considering postponing the trip until mid Oct. What would you do?
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Old Jul 22, 06, 9:00 pm
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What do you mean by "near"? Hong Kong's almost 2000km from Beijing.
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Old Jul 23, 06, 4:58 am
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What do you mean by 'interesting'. Are you looking to go to some established touristy type places, or are you looking to get off the beaten track and see/experience/feel some random places?
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Old Jul 23, 06, 1:17 pm
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I would like to know about interesting places near Beijing as I will be there for the first time in a couple of weeks. I understand it may be rather warm and perhaps a beach trip would be nice. Or maybe some cool mountains.

Near to me means two-three hours tops on train or bus. And, since I am paying, not super expensive.

And, I would like to get off the beaten track and see the "real" China (but do not wish to be attacked by Red Guards! ). I already know about the Great Wall.

I guess when you go somewhere new even the tourist traps can be interesting.

As an indication of what I find interesting, I loved the old area around the French Embassy in BKK, the Gold Market in Cairo and Pat's King of the Steaks area in Philly (Italian Market area).
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Old Jul 23, 06, 6:48 pm
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Originally Posted by biggestbopper
And, I would like to get off the beaten track and see the "real" China (but do not wish to be attacked by Red Guards! ). I already know about the Great Wall.
I'm a bit concerned from that paragraph that you think the Great Wall is 'real' China.

It's not. At least not anywhere near Beijing.

IMHO the 'real' China is, on an urban level at least, getting a feel for what average people do on a daily basis.

And it's very easily to see and experience.

For starters, miss the Western breakfast buffet in the hotel. Wander down some random back street and get some noodles whilst squatting on a 3" high stool.

Pause to have a nosey at the hotel service yard before you go though - you'll probably see the waitresses doing their morning marching whilst carrying a couple of bricks on their trays.

Watch in wonderment as shop staff do their morning excercises.

Back in the back street, pause and marvel at the chap stacking hit 6x3ft hand cart 20ft high (and 8ft wide) with plastic bottle for recycling.

Get a random bus to a random suburb and just have a wander around. Marvel at the sheer chaos and level of activity. Watch the old folk playing cards and Chinese chess.

Get a train - and do it local style. People stacked 7 deep in hard seat. No air-con. Up to your ankles in sunflower seeds and choking from all the smoke. And don't worry about the cost - it's cheap!

Evening time - sit out in some beer market. Get some of the weird and wonderful food that China offers. Chicken's feet anyone?

Forbidden City, Westin, The Bund, Sheraton, MU/CZ Business class and attendant lounges... all very nice but in no way representative of 'real' China. If you want to experience the realities of China you have to 'rough it' a little.
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Old Jul 23, 06, 10:33 pm
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How about Chengde (250km from Beijing) or Beidaihe (320km from Beijing)?
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