Brussels Passport Sticker Fiasco

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Originally Posted by gmt4
No one should be confused. "Travel Ready" "Docs Ok" "ADOC" or whatever an airline puts on your BP has nothing to so with airport security. Questioning, bag screening and body scanning. It’s really that simple. It comes down to people understanding the difference between what the airline itself is responsible for checking regarding passengers and security screening. They are entirely separate processes. Anyone who has traveled, let alone anyone who is an experienced flyer and has status, should know these things. The posted above assumed. That's where they went wrong. End of story.
Those airline-issued “ok”/cleared type indicators do have to do with security as well, as we are talking about international flights to the US where the USG gets its chances to kick back inhibitor indicators for those attempting to travel to the US by common carrier means.

Also, the airlines themselves are responsible for this additional security screening for US-bound flights. It is the airlines that contract and pay for security contractors to perform the additional checks for the airline rather than to grow the pool of airline employees stationed outside of the US who are to be dedicated to these additional passenger checks wanted and approved by the USG.
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