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Series of articles in Slate re flying & "national psychosis"


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Series of articles in Slate re flying & "national psychosis"


A design firm hired by the TSA argued that the unpleasant nature of checkpoints was hurting security procedures by giving all travelers the sweaty, nerve-wracked mien of terrorists and drug smugglers, and illustrated the point with photographs of a shark in calm waters (easy to see) and rough waters (invisible).
Another article in the series:


For a few minutes, I become a sort of showpiece, a dramaturgical prop in the Transportation Security Administration’s ongoing work of security theater. In the moment, it’s hard not to feel that the TSA counts on such screening opportunities, if only because they allow the agents to show everyone else in line just how thorough they are.


Our needs of security need to be balanced with needs of basic human dignity. American travelers should have methods for redress and feedback while traveling domestically or internationally. And no groups should ever feel that airports are a place where they don’t belong.
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It's refreshing that others see TSA for what it really is.

One thing TSA is not is a security agency.
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Federer Airport Security Commercial

Commentary on the TSA, but I have a feeling that people who watch tennis don't get it...

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