The attitude of too many Americans

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Originally Posted by SummerHologram View Post
I've been surprised at how many women echo the the sentiment of the bag lady on Facebook. Well, I'm no longer surprised, but I was for awhile.

I will remember to mention the drive to the airport (and there have been THREE fatalities within 15 miles of my house in the past 3 weeks, all drifted over the line or over the edge of the freeway while texting or otherwise messing around). If we go out 30 miles, it's 4 females in the last 3 weeks (and there's that one girl up in Wyoming whose parents are trying to get some law passed regarding texting while driving, after their daughter died while facebooking). Of the four near my home, 3 involved injuries to others, one person remains in critical condition (through not fault of his own).

Total hypocrisy that people who risk their own (and others' lives) at the rate of some 18,000 a year (multiple car accidents where a fatality is the fault of another driver)...and then want to have *everyone* be "real safe" at the airports.
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