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Flew through LAX, which is notorious for rude agents. Opted out. Took 20 minutes of the first screener calling for a pat-down before an agent accidentally made eye contact and then had to come over. I told the agent that there was a young man who had been waiting 10 minutes longer than I had. "What's he look like?" Young, black, professional with dreds. "Is he cute?" Yes. Lickity-split the older gentleman practically ran over to help him. <deleted by moderator> My pat down was uneventful except that 100 yards past the checkpoint I realized that I was one bag short. Of course, it was the bag full of coins I was taking to my dad. The agent said that he had to go through it because he couldn't see past the metal. Probably true; nothing was missing, but I doubt I would've gotten it back if I had not realized it was gone.

TSA gropers are the only public employees that are hated more than IRS agents. <redacted by moderator>

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