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pike1643 Nov 20, 12 9:49 am

Ultimate Rewards Points taking over a week to transfer to Mileage Plus
So, I reserved a United ticket a week ago and immediately transferred 28k Ultimate Rewards points from my wife's UR account to my Mileage Plus account. I'm on day 8 and they still haven't shown up in my Mileage Plus account. I've talked to United every day to get them to extend the reservation another 24 hrs and Chase has been giving us the run around, first telling us that the transfer was complete, then that we needed to wait 72 hrs, then that we needed to wait longer, then that it needed approval from Marketing but they wouldn't transfer us to Marketing, they said the "escalated" it and we'd have to handle it BY MAIL!:mad: These are UR supervisors we're talking to. I sent a secure message this morning threatening to take the tens of thousands of dollars in our chase checking and savings to Citibank and start using American's Aadvantage program. Someone replied that they were forwarding it to someone else and we should receive a reply in 24 hrs. If we lose these points it will cost us thousands to buy the tickets we need. Has anybody experienced this? Any suggestions on what we can tell the UR supervisors to get this issue resolved or any special phone numbers we can call?

gk17 Nov 20, 12 12:38 pm

Welcome to FT.

Transferring to United should be almost immediate, so there's definitely something wrong here. Are you a Chase Sapphire Preferred member? If so, try calling the number in the back of your card (if you haven't done so already) to see if you can escalate it again. CSP reps should be helpful from what I read here. Didn't need to call them up yet so I can't vouch for it myself.

pike1643 Nov 20, 12 12:52 pm

Ultimate Rewards Points taking over a week to transfer to Mileage Plus
Yes, we got the points from the sapphire preferred and the phone number we've been calling is the one on the back of the card. The CSP reps have not been helpful.

richb3125 Nov 20, 12 4:06 pm

AS a quick data point, I transferred 50K points from Chase Sapphire last night in about 2 minutes so something is definitely wrong.

wcj Nov 20, 12 5:41 pm

I was planning to transfer some for some flight planning this weekend, so just moved up my transfer. No issues either.

OP - have you double checked that you entered the United account number correctly and/or had them verify?

Additionally, there have been some rumors around about issues trying to transfer to other non-spouses with crack downs by Chase. Any chance that you have engaged in this practice before such that your transfer is getting a manual review? I've transferred quite a few times instanteously and am thrilled with the CSRs there. Sounds to me like you are having a manual review for your transfer for some reason, whether it be an incorrect number of something else.

Happy Nov 20, 12 11:41 pm

Or you are caught up by UA's finicky IT system and your points fell to one of the black holes at UA's IT system.

I am more inclined that the problem is at UA's end.

Here is an example to show you that your issue may be caused by UA. If Chase did send the points but UA system "lost" them, Chase would need UA to verify this before re-issuing the points to you, unfortunately.

6 weeks ago when I tried to change a UA refundable ticket online, the system authorized my CC twice and even shows the changed itinerary online, it would not re-issued the ticket. In subsequent 2 days 3 UA reps including the tech support insisted they did not see my CC number on their end that was the reason why the ticket would not be re-issued, despite my CC was authorized twice already. They also insisted the itinerary had not changed at all despite I saw the changed itinerary displayed online but wouldn't go into ticketing process.

Eventually I decided to cancel the change and did it all over again, this time with a different city pair. This time I decided to do it on the phone instead of online. I called UA tech support but the rep told me when she tried the system rejected it (forgot the reason given). I decided to try it online myself while having her on the phone - lo and behold the idiotic UA system let me do the change online despite its own tech support could not do it at her end! The rep told me to proceed for payment while she would be watching on her end - the payment went thru and the system spit out a positive confirmation.

Before my last attempt that finally succeeded, I contacted UA Insider pleading for urgent help as we were leaving on a long trip but the refundable ticket MUST be changed before the travel date which happened to be while we would be in Europe. So I must have it changed before we left for Europe else I would lose the value of the ticket.

While UA Insider was not able to give me a prompt assistance and luckily UA system was fixed just in time for me to get it done (4 hours before our leaving to airport for our European trip), she did reply a few days later that indeed UA had system failure during that period and lots of things were simply dropped from the system and tasks failed.

It is very unfortunately such system failure is common place now at the post merger UA. It is really a bad luck you have if you are caught in such situation.

PointsNmiles Nov 21, 12 12:20 am

I have found Chase customer service outstanding and only had a slight delay one time transferring to UA.

amolkold Nov 21, 12 2:33 am

are you sure you entered the correct UA MP number? I've always had the points post within a minute.

pike1643 Nov 21, 12 9:04 am

Thanks everyone for responses. I got my points this morning and ticketed my reservation. See below:

FYI: wcj, this was the first time I've ever transferred points from UR and the transfers were only from to my wife's MP account and my MP account.

FYI: Amolkold, the MP number was correct.

Resolution: I called UAL and got a very helpful agent who conferenced in, rather than transferred me, a very helpful agent at CSP...what are the odds of that happening again!?! The UAL agent confirmed with the CSP agent that the points were not received and after the CSP agent understood that I had a reservation on hold and couldn't wait 7-10 days for resolution, took my phone number and called me back an hour later explaining that she would personally handle it and call me today. When I got up this morning, my points were at UAL and I ticketed my reservation. When she called this morning she said that she had her boss "pull some strings" and get it done. She said that this is the first time this has happened and they're continuing to investigate what happened to prevent it from happening to anyone again. She also said that their system flags accounts when there are three transfers in one day as possible fraud, we'd made three transfers, two to my account and one to my wife's account. But that doesn't add up because it was the second transfer that was screwed up, not the third.

wcj Nov 21, 12 10:04 am

I'm glad to hear it worked out for you, although I am saddened to have my naive little bubble burst that the transfers were instantaneous all the time without any issues. I've had post merger problems, but not in this area. Guess I should have known! Thanks for sharing.

sillypainter Nov 21, 12 9:38 pm

I had the same thing happened to me.

Transfered on Thursday last week, got it yesterday. 5 days.....But usually it's there in 2 seconds. Log out/in and bingo!

tasnam Nov 25, 12 12:06 pm

Just one question - slightly related to topic, I know there has been some issues about transferring UR points to others NOT in your household.

This is NOT my question though, my question has it been CONFIRMED that transferring UR points to UA accounts outside your household is OK PER TERMS of agreement?

Meaning Chase is cracking down on outside household UR to UR transfers, but is there still a green light on transfers to UA accounts not in the household?

Thanks - I just need my inlaws to transfer a one time chunk (125k+/-) to my UA account and want to be sure it will likely go through.

Thanks again

Brendan Nov 28, 12 4:16 pm

As per the other thread, Chase has just made it NOT OK to transfer to other's UA accounts! But your in-laws might get away with it if they haven't transferred to anyone else.

tasnam Nov 28, 12 8:45 pm

Originally Posted by Brendan (Post 19762111)
As per the other thread, Chase has just made it NOT OK to transfer to other's UA accounts! But your in-laws might get away with it if they haven't transferred to anyone else.

No they have never transfered to anyone.

I guess with 100K pts at stake to transfer to my account (different last name & different address) it is a risk.

djrez4 Nov 28, 12 11:37 pm

87k points transferred instantly this evening.

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