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Booking flights, rooms & cars using Chase U.R. [consolidated]

Booking flights, rooms & cars using Chase U.R. [consolidated]

Old Jan 1, 12, 2:59 pm
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Question Booking flights, rooms & cars using Chase U.R. [consolidated]

Sorry if this has been asked before, but do hotel stays booked through the UR Travel Mall count as official stays earning stay credit toward elite status on Starwood, Hyatt, etc?
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Old Jan 1, 12, 3:22 pm
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I haven't done it, but yes it should count.
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Old May 28, 12, 5:05 pm
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Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall - Tickets "confirmed"; agency cant issue ticket numbers

I have bought an air ticket on Air Mauritius through Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall on Saturday. Chase has sent me a ticket confirmation with the status "Confirmed". On the website http://www.checkmytrip.com/, the tickets are said to be confirmed as well. The words used are "Air Mauritius | MK 641 confirmed".

However, I have just received a call from the agency for Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall that they have problems requesting the ticket number and would like to cancel the ticket. Is there any workaround?
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Old May 28, 12, 8:27 pm
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Despite the lack of replies, let me follow up.

The issue is partially solved by making another reservation on Expedia. It is lucky that the price is more or less the same (just $0.6 more). Thanks for reading!
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Old May 28, 12, 9:03 pm
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Glad everything worked out in the end, minus 60c.
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Old Nov 12, 12, 2:45 am
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Getting bonus UR points for booking car rental via UR mall

I booked a car rental by linking to the Avis website via the UR mall in October to make the reservation. The total was given, but my car wasn't charged until I completed the rental and returned the car on-site. Obviously, the actual charge on my card done at that time wasn't through Chase UR Mall, so I didn't get any bonus points. Avis is/was 3x bonus points ($132 purchase), so I lost out on 400 pts. Not huge, but I do feel cheated out of these points.

Am I SOL here? I don't think it's possible to make any purchases/charges via the Avis website, just reservations, so the 3x means nothing. I'm thinking of SMing Chase, but I've gotten a lot of UR points for making purchases with gift cards via the UR Mall, and I don't want to bring attention to this. What do you guys think I should do?
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Old Nov 12, 12, 4:13 am
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SM Chase... they should give you the 400 points without batting an eye.
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Old Nov 12, 12, 8:09 am
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Moderator action

Question moved to Credit Card Programs forum, which is the primary discussion venue for all Ultimate Rewards Mall questions.

I would not expect a travel reservation transaction to post until at least six weeks after the rental date.
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Old Nov 12, 12, 10:03 am
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Do you think they'll look into my other UR Mall bonuses and notice that I made those purchases (Groupon, Nordstroms, Banana Republic, Sears...) with gift cards rather than a Chase card?
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Old Nov 12, 12, 10:04 am
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Originally Posted by mia View Post
I would not expect a travel reservation transaction to post until at least six weeks after the rental date.
Why would travel reservation purchases take longer? The reservation wasn't made through UR-- rather I used the UR Mall to link to Avis.
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Old Nov 12, 12, 4:32 pm
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I do this all the time with various car rentals, although Ive not used avis too much. You have to wait for Avis / budget/ travelocity, etc. to post that you actually purchased (rather than made reservation and cancelled.). Since your purchase is typically done in advance and it takes time for avis to confirm you went through with the transaction, the bonus points dont post immediately upon your rental return. I don't monitor daily, just check over a month at a time. I have not had any issues in six months for car rentals. Only issue I've ever had was with Kohls and so I don't shop there.
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Old Nov 18, 12, 9:18 pm
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Question Any reason not to buy flights, rooms, car rentals via Ultimate Rewards mall?

Perhaps this is asked and answered somewhere, but I did a search and came up empty. A few questions:

1. Given that I get two UR points per $ for buying an airline ticket or hotel room using my Chase Sapphire and an additional UR point per $ for doing so on the UR site, is there any reason why I shouldn't purchase via that site?
2. More specifically, will I still get the status perks and the airline/hotel/car rental points and miles that accrue to my membership in, e.g., Starwood, AA or Hertz? (I realize, by the way, that sometimes it might make more sense to buy using a a hotel or airline affiliated cc -getting extra Starwood points if using the Starwood Amex card to stay at a Starwood property, for example.)
3. Finally, I've read a few posts about UR points not posting via mall purchases. How frequent is that and does it just apply to the third point for purchasing via the mall or for the other two points for using the credit card.

Thanks for any help!
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Old Nov 18, 12, 9:55 pm
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I have found and have read that others have found that the hotels on UR mall cost more than on the hotel site directly. I have not looked in several months, so this may be different now.

I'm not sure of the answer to your second question because of my response to your first. I have found the prices to be the same on airfare and been treated like other OTAs.

I've consistently had good luck with the UR mall on the vast majority of purchases.
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Old Nov 19, 12, 12:20 am
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As with amex membership points, if I buy a plane ticket/hotel night using UR pts, will I receive the mileage/pts as if I was paying normally???

I just read that with amex pts, a pt redemption is treated like a regular purchase since the flight/hotel cost is charged to your card and then pts are used to cover that....

I hope I have this correct
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Old Nov 19, 12, 12:40 am
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1. That would depend on whether you use other cashback sites. Some may offer more (assuming you are going for cash and not rewards in the UR Mall) for hotel or flight bookings. If you value UR points more, then yes, it will make more sense to book with them. I haven't checked recently, but I thought the prices were the same as the official websites for the hotels/airlines? It should redirect you to the official website unless you are booking through an OTA (ex: Travelocity). But still, the price should be the same as if you went to the Travelocity website since it just redirects you there from the Chase website.

2. You should still get the membership benefits but you might not get the same points (or any points) depending on the hotel/airline policy especially if it's booked through a third party website like Travelocity.

3. It looks like members that have problems with their points posting for these purchases usually will get it resolved by sending a SM to Chase.
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