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thaitraveller Dec 15, 19 12:08 pm

Customer Service Contact
My partner and I are flying on Cathay in J from different locations in the USA to same location in Asia. Due to a Cathay schedule change, we were put on different connecting flights.
I have called Cathay several times to try to get our flights aligned again, and every time, the agent says they need to speak with the rate desk to confirm and will call me back. Cathay has never called back.
Is there an alternative approach? Maybe an email address? Or special telephone number? Or Twitter??

CXFlyerBoy Dec 15, 19 12:16 pm

Redemption or revenue ticket?
Helps if you post your itinerary and dates

garykung Dec 15, 19 1:27 pm

Originally Posted by thaitraveller (Post 31842457)
Is there an alternative approach?

Ask for a supervisor during the call.

Personally, I don't see why they need to call rate desk, unless rate desk's approval is needed for a simple rebooking.

realgaga Dec 16, 19 6:12 am

Try facebook messenger?

CXFlyerBoy Dec 16, 19 6:56 am

Please yo’all, stop playing the self entitlement card and get the OP to barge in on someone before you see how restrictive their situation. FWIW, he might even be charged a change fee for wanting to change a square of toilet paper that is more smoothing on his bumbums.

thaitraveller Dec 16, 19 10:33 am

Paid J. My bumbums are VERY sore at this point.
Maybe if a write a note on the TP and put it in a bottle....

thaitraveller Dec 16, 19 10:35 am

Get weird replies when I ask this along the lines of 'not necessary' 'they can't help' 'we will get back to you.' But that has gotten old. And see above. My bumbum is SORE!

thaitraveller Dec 16, 19 12:46 pm

Insisting on a supervisor did the trick (rather than accepting Supervisor Simon Says).
Now my Bumbum is as Smooth as Silk (oh wait, wrong airline)

garykung Dec 16, 19 6:07 pm

Originally Posted by thaitraveller (Post 31845927)
Now my Bumbum is as Smooth as Silk (oh wait, wrong airline)

Now your Bumbum move beyond the pain (better or worse??)...

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