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infinitium Sep 22, 19 6:03 pm

SFO lounge - unhygienic shower stalls
(rant): I fly on J on the HKG-SFO 873 route pretty often, and I'm always disappointed w/the condition of the SFO lounge... on my recent trip back to HKG yest'd, I found the shower stalls with less-than-stellar hygiene... moldy walls, and AC ducts filled with dust bunnies. Ugh.

Also not thrilled about the way this lounge manages shower stall access - those physical keys are not the most sanitary items to grab hold of (especially considering Lord knows how many paws have brought them into shower rooms prior to you).

Highlighted this to the lounge desk, and was told all this would be "looked into". Time will tell.

Anyone know when this lounge might receive the Studioilse do-over?
a whole universe of dust bunnies making their snug home in the AC vent above
disgusting mold on the shower wall lining
disgusting mold on the shower wall lining (part Deux)

sxc Sep 22, 19 6:24 pm

Shower condition looks pretty bad. But I think complaining about the physical keys is probably a bit too far. There are many surfaces that one touches that have not been cleaned before They are touched.

QRC3288 Sep 22, 19 6:27 pm

IIRC, someone actually died in a shower stall in SFO either earlier this year or last year. And nobody figured it out until the next day. There is clearly minimal attention to detail going on there.

garykung Sep 23, 19 1:35 am

While I understand you may find this disgusting, molds somehow have nothing to do with hygiene. AFAICT - molds are common occurrence in bathrooms.

Also - to add on what QRC3288 has said, seeing molds is better than seeing a dead body, seriously.

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