What's wrong with CX703?


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What's wrong with CX703?

For more than 18 years now I have been flying from Europe to Bangkok via Hongkong at least four times per year. Initially the connecting flights departing from Hongkong were on time - I cannot think of any frequent delays. However during my recent trips over the past two years my connecting flights from Hongkong were leaving with a delay of 30 minutes up to 3 hours. Flight CX703, which leaves Hongkong at 19.50 hours, seems to be the most unreliable flight on this route. I prefer its timing because it enables me to do some business in Hongkong during the day (after my arrival from Zurich in the early morning) and would get me into Bangkok at a time when queues at Thai immigration are still bearable and trains into the city still operate. Would...because all of my recent 703 flights have been reschedulded. It happened last week again. The flight left at 22 hours instead of 19.50 hours and we arrived at Bangkok airport at 23.30 hours - just at peak-time again. It took me an hour to get through to baggage claim and I missed the last train into the city thus had to shelve out 500 Baht for a taxi which I wouldn't have needed if the flight were on time as I was travelling light and as my accomodation is within walking-distance from the airport-link station. Does anyone know the reason for these frequent delays on the CX703? Shouldn't CX operations monitor the situation closely and take appropriate actions such as having a spare aircraft on hold or cancel this flight altogether as it is always leaving with a delay? I guess this should be possible on regional routes. Does anyone know which flight is the most puncutal one on this route? Although I do like the lounges and do not mind spending the waiting-time in them it is still annoying and makes me feel uncomfortable...

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If you are MPO member traveling in J class you may consider asking CX to reimburse your taxi expense.
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Iíve contacted MPO about the sizable delays lately.
There is compensation to be had.
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In a word 'congestion of the airspace' is the problem in Hong Kong Bangkok and Manila.
It happens almost every evening . I waste hours every month. Last night almost 2 hours out of Manila.

The fault is not Cathays and they i'm sure are just as unhappy as are the passengers.
Air Traffic Control are the people that are responsible.
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Originally Posted by G-CIVC View Post
If you are MPO member traveling in J class you may consider asking CX to reimburse your taxi expense.
True. Just keep the taxi fee copy and email to MPC and provide your bank information. CX will give it back to you and maybe some miles as well.

For the the reason why it delayed? It doesnít matter. Thatís not something we can control
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