Diaper / Nappy kits on CX and KA

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Diaper / Nappy kits on CX and KA

We flew HKT-HKG-JFK in J last week with our six month old baby girl. Were down to our last couple of diapers (nappies) when we left our hotel in Phuket and the Boots pharmacy at HKT had sold out.

Had a tight connection in HKG and so fingers crossed we'd make it 14 hours with two diapers.

To our great surprise and delight, both CX and KA have diaper kits on board that they will give you for free. They seem to have a decent stash of them because we were given three on the HKG-JFK leg. I am not sure if they carry different size kits or whether it is just one.

When I was at HKT I searched FT to see if this was a thing and couldn't find any threads of photos so thought I'd "give back" and post info and photos.

CX kit was much much nicer than the KA kit - but both did the trick.

Cathay Dragon (KA) diaper kit
- small blue pastic bag
- contents: one diaper, two baby wipes
- diaper type: no discernible brand, US/EU style with wings and flaps that fold around
- diaper size: no indicated size but I'd guess 3 or 4

Cathay Pacific (CX) diaper kit: made by Mustela (French company)
- small clear plastic bag with reusable blue zip nag inside
- contents: two diapers, NO diaper wipes, Mustela face cream, Mustela diaper rash cream, 2 x disposal bags for dirty diaper
- diaper type: Huggies Asian style (pull up - but designed or infants) - you rip the sides when it is dirty
diaper size: M ( assume stood for "Medium"

KA conclusion: simple, had what we needed. No disposal vag but if you open the blue bsg carefully, it can serve double duty and also be the disposal bag for the dirty diaper.
CX conclusion: fancier kit with nice products. Great to have 2 x diapers. Very surprised that they had no baby wipes - that's a "must have" especially since Mustela seems to make these. Nice to includ disposal bags.

Full gallery of photos in high resolution is here: https://www.flyertalk.com/g/album/13437413
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Forgive me if this sounds absurd: would the plastic-wrapped disposable wet towels handed out inflight be used as a baby wipe?
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Depends on the wipe. Need to check ingredients. Most baby wipes are very gentle (with many being 99.9 or 100% water only).

This is what was given out on that same flight.... might sting her bum bum.

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Baby wipes are alcohol free.
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