Best Credit Card for flying to Jamaica

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Best Credit Card for flying to Jamaica

Hi Everyone,

This is a combination credit card/airline experience/airline status question.

I am flying 7 people from Boston to Jamaica (4 kids, 3 adults) in December. I am wondering if it makes sense to pick up a new credit card to either work on my airline status or to get a lot of money back. Right now I have the Chase Sapphire Reserve, but I plan on canceling it soon and I'm not sure I want to accumulate too many more points only to lose them when I cancel. Right now seems like a good opportunity to start fresh with a new credit card. Even so, the reserve is an option that would give me 4.5% back (my personal valuation) should I redeem them in time. I also have a BOA card that gives me 3.5% cash back. It doesn't seem like a logical option right now. The two new cards that stand out are:

JetBlue Plus (40K miles which appear to be worth about $400-500, $99 fee, perks I probably won't use or don't care about)
AMEX Platinum (up to 100,000 miles worth maybe $1000? $550 fee but with credits worth about $300 to me, hotel and airline perks I will occasionally use and care about a tiny bit)

I fly with my family 2-3 times a year and with my wife about once a year. I have 4 kids and often fly with a nanny. We usually stay at airbnb rather than hotels.
I fly for work about 5 times per year. I stay at hotels, but I don't care about hotel perks. I'm not paying for it in the first place and none of the hotel perks are exciting to me. My company pays for the flight, but I get the frequent flyer miles.

Delta statuses don't seem that great until I hit Delta Diamond which seems incredibly great. It's not inconceivable that I could hit that within 5 years if I play my cards right (pun intended). I don't fly American that often and they don't have good flights to Jamaica. It's usually Delta or JetBlue that have the most flights. Plus, Delta basic economy allows a carry-on which is huge for me. JetBlue mosaic status seems awesome and attainable (not nearly as awesome as Delta diamond though).

We go to Jamaica about once every other year and flying 6-7 people there is not a trivial expense. I'm wondering if any of you have experience with all of the various Airline cards and programs that would make it the best experience possible. I'm good on resort recommendations!
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