Jamaica - Club Mobay. Customs.


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Jamaica - Club Mobay. Customs.

Hi there!
I will be going on my honeymoon in December (traveling from JFK to Montego Bay). We are very inexperienced travelers - I've only flown a couple times and neither of us have flown international. I read about Club Mobay - I think it would definitely be worth it for our arrival, but have seen people seem indifferent regarding departure. What exactly are the perks for departure - does it save time going through security?

Also, please let me know anything to be prepared for while traveling internationally. I've only gone though basic security checks, but I understand there will also be a customs check as well.

Thank you for any help!
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Club Mobay

Yes, I think Club Mobay is a good idea. They will help you to get through customs more quickly
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Club MoBay has it's own line through security and is usually shorter. The lounge is air-conditioned (airport is not), free finger food and alcohol while you wait for your flight. Comfortable seating and a nice view.
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Arrival at MBJ:
We've never done Club Mo Bay for our arrival. We figure at least we made it to Jamaica. If we have to wait in the Immigration line then so be it (we just might get to our resort a little bit later).

For our arrival into MBJ a few weeks ago, we waited about 30 minutes in the Immigration line. Sometimes it's much faster & sometimes it's longer. Just depends on how many other flights have landed around when you land.

After Immigration, you get your luggage. At MBJ, the airport workers tend to take suitcases off of the conveyor & set them close by. So, don't be alarmed if you don't see your suitcases going round & round -- check off to the side. And, quite often, the belt # they tell you ends up changing. So, you sometimes have to scout around & check other belts.

After getting your luggage, you then go to a "Nothing to Declare" Customs line. This should only take a few seconds to a few minutes in line. Here's where you hand in the forms you filled out on the plane. We've never been asked questions here.

Then, you turn left & go to your resort's lounge & you can stop thinking about things -- phew, made it !! :-)

Departure from MBJ:
However, we always do the Club for our departure. Generally speaking, their security line is MUCH shorter than the regular line. That can mean the difference between making your flight out or not !! (been there, done that -- had close calls where the Club security line made the difference !!!). And/or having the time to eat or shop, or not.

When you're leaving MBJ, it can be quite hectic.

When we get out of our shuttle from the resort back at MBJ, we always pay a baggage person to take us right where we need to go (they are always right there - they load up lots of luggage & drop everyone off at their airline). There are a million lines so it's not always obvious where you need to line up, even once you see the signs for your airline.

You have to 1st wait in lines to check in & print your boarding passes at a kiosk (if you haven't already checked in & printed your boarding passes at the resort).

Then you get in line for the ticket counter to hand over your checked luggage.

If you're flying coach, the lines for the ticket counter can be quite long (which can take a long time).

Then, after the kiosk & ticket counter, you then go all the way to the end of the ticket counters to go through security. Club Mo Bay has a booth/sign, so you go there before you even get into the security area, and they direct you to the Club Mo Bay line.

At either security line, you take off shoes & take out liquids & laptops just like in the U.S. If you have TSA PreCheck, that does not help you in Jamaica (or Mexico, etc....).

Then, at this point, if you have time, you are free !! You can eat or shop, or just go to your gate.

If you have Club Mo Bay, you can go right to the Club (near Gate 12). You go downstairs & check in (though, they just opened an upstairs section, behind the elevator -- that was full when we were there).

All the food you see in cases & all drinks (non-alcohol & alcohol) are included (be sure to tip your servers, though).

We always order food from the Margaritaville menu they have down there & someone brings your food to you. You can use your c.c. or pay USD cash.

The Club has gotten quite popular & is always busy now. And, they never seem to have all the rooms open like they used to. But, it still beats sitting at the gate.

The "new" end of the airport (gates 9-19) is air conditioned, but not great. The old side (gates 1-8) can be HOT. The Club is usually cooler than the terminals.

There is a Departure board in the Club, so you can keep an eye out for your gate (they don't always know your gate when you check in, especially if you're pretty early getting to MBJ).

There are also announcements over a loudspeaker at the Club, when flights are boarding. You usually start boarding about 50 minutes or so before the departure time.

Something else to consider.........you never know what traffic, accidents, flooding it it's been raining, etc.... you might encounter on your way back to the airport. So, that could cause a big delay in getting to MBJ. Again, that's where the Club's security line could be a big time saver.

OK, sorry this has gotten so long !! I just wanted to give you some detail since you have never been there before. In summary, for us, doing the departure Club is $60 ($30 each) for peace of mind & not having to feel rushed.

Either way, I hope you have a great honeymoon !!

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Swear by Club Mobay! Use it regularly. Using it over Labor day weekend and paid for the inbound assistance and all the difference that it makes. However, if you are departing in business/first, you might not want to pay for it on the return as your airline (like mine, Caribbean Airlines) gives free entry into the club including all its perks like expedited TSA type line.
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If you use Club Mobay on return, how early should you get t the airport?
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Originally Posted by trey View Post
If you use Club Mobay on return, how early should you get t the airport?
I would still use the 3 hour rule. This does not get you through faster at check-in, only the security line.
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Hi, we are flying Delta First out of MBJ but is actually booked as Virgin Upper Class, which I believe includes access to the MoBay Lounge. When we arrived last week we didn’t have any kind of access to MoBay so I guess it’s just a departure agreement?

Do we still check in at Delta then proceed to the MoBay security line as the quickest way through?
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