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Posting of AC points on Cdn+

Not sure if anyone has posted this elsewhere, couldn't find a dedicated forum, so here goes.

Did my first paid travel on AC a week ago (Friday) since they started Cdn+ points accumulation in April. My CP flights for the same day posted Wednesday, the AC flight showed up yesterday. My CP return flights on Monday also showed up yesterday, but not the AC one. Expect it to post over the weekend.

Seems it takes about 5 days for AC to notify CP. Since there was only Y-class on the AC flights, couldn't upgrade to see if I'd get the 125%.

Related to an older posting, I had to exchange an Amex discount North American J FF ticket for a regular award (required additional 13K). 40K points came out of my account for the new award almost within the hour, while it took 3 days for the points (27K) to be redeposited from the redeemed ticket.

These are pretty good turnaround times. But I do hope Cdn+ keeps their web system on semi- real time, and AC can adpt it for Aeroplan. I'd hate to think we will move to AC's current Aeroplan web system which is pretty stale dated, and thus not very useful for tracking credits until after statements have been mailed out. AC's call-in system is much better than their web-based one.

(I will add this to "perfect airline" as a rceommendation.)
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I like CP's quasi-realtime updating of their site. My flight segments are usually posted within days, except those on Fri which take a few extra days because of the weekend. Even my AC flight was posted relatively quickly, probably in less than 5 days.
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Same experience with my last AC flights, they were posted on my CP account within 3 days. I expected some difficulties in the exchange process but this works fine.

I am flying LGA Monday on AC, I will check how fast the do this time.

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The reverse is also true--CP flights post more slowly to AC Aeroplan than AC flights.

Thanks for adding the dial in feature of AC's Aeroplan to Perfect Airline!
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