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PointWeasel Feb 17, 00 1:53 pm

2000 Qualification Levels/Upgrades Info
Just got of the phone with my contact at CPlus Operations in Vancouver and here's the update I got - the EP and Gold packages are currently in mail tubs around their offices and are ready to go out - they had been waiting for the new 2000 Membership Guides to come from the printer. Why new guides? Well we all knew there would be some changes coming and some will be made specifically to prevent FF's from switching from Aeroplan to CPlus or vice versa for higher tier status. The old qualification levels for Club, Gold and EP will be reintroduced (same as two years ago) and the comp stickers will be adjusted - there will no more black 'Ultimates' (like Aeroplan), however, there will be "more reds and greys" according to my source.

I also wanted to let everyone know that CPlus Interactive will now allow full on-line booking for AC flights (with the 500 point bonus, although virtual ticketing is still not available (paper only). This means I can fly Air BC from YVR-YYJ and get more points if I book with CP than if I book with AC's on-line booking service. zero vs 500!

I may be warming up to this monopoly after all.

carbo Feb 17, 00 2:57 pm

Good work, Weasel!

Chatter Feb 17, 00 10:07 pm

No more black sticker!! which means we can't get any upgrade from discounted economy ticket?

Celestar340 Feb 18, 00 10:29 am

Okay - everybody start screaming NOW!

dirkster Feb 20, 00 7:47 am

I have already posted my related question under the thread "AC-CP codeshare" running simultaneauly on the Canadian thread. In short - what happens to upgrade stickers held by CP Gold member flying CP codeshare flight on AC equipment?

BlondeBomber Feb 20, 00 7:52 am

I posted on other thread but we should probably start a new thread on interchangeability of upgrades when the first person who does it can give us some concrete info.

Andrew Yiu Feb 20, 00 10:58 am

***sigh*** ..... I was only in NRT for a week.. So much have happened. I am sort of updated now after reading all the posts from last week.

Extremely upset and disappointed that the "black" stickers are gone. It'll be interesting to see what the rules for "red" and "gray" stickers.

The biggest benefit (at least to me) as an EP is now gone....what other incentives are there for me to fly?

CPlus will get back to me with details of upgrades (hopefully)... Need some time to digest these changes

AC*SE Feb 20, 00 8:32 pm

Sorry to be clued out here (but my username kinda gives away what my flyer $ is spent).

I gather the "black stickers" are the same as the AC SE sysemwides (i.e. systemwide, from any fare, confirm at res).

So what are the red and grey?

Andrew Yiu Feb 20, 00 9:03 pm

Yes, you are right about Black stickers...

Red stickers comes in 500 miles each. For Gold member, they are good for upgrade 72 hrs prior to departure and 100 hrs prior to departure for EP from any fare on domestic flights. Gray stickers are one way system wide used from any fare on domestic flights and full fare on international flights. Timeline are the same as red stickers.

Realy really upset to see no more black stickers, as bulk of CP's flight left are overseas and transborder. I still have couple Black ones left, wonder whether they'll change the rules to that.

CPwingwalker Feb 21, 00 6:44 pm

Just received my EP package in the mail today (Expresspost!).
Here's the lowdown: 6 one-way system wide Blue stickers and 12 500-mile North American white stickers enclosed. Bookable at time of reservation ... but here's the rub: only on Y,B,K,H,and M fares.
Qualification for 2001:
Club: 18K or 30 segs
Gold: 35K or 60 seg
EP: 100K or 150 seg.
Enjoy your front cabin rides while they last

BlondeBomber Feb 21, 00 7:22 pm

Looks like they have adopted the AC strategy, more miles for top tier and restricted fare classes

Oh well we live to fight on another day.

KenHamer Feb 21, 00 7:47 pm

Any indication about the current Black SWA stickers, that expire February 28, 2001? These are the any-fare, anywhere, confirmable at booking stickers. (Well, for EP, anyway. Golds can only use them at 72 hours.)

Sounds like the value of the black stickers just went WAY up.

KenHamer Feb 21, 00 7:55 pm

Some other observations:

1. The 6 SW and 12x500 stickers is what we got last year, only we also got 4 SWA stickers. I presume that means Golds will only get 4 SW and 8x400 stickers.

2. Aren't M fares the dirt cheap ones, like Web specials? They used to be. Or are they now using the AC codes?

3. Currently, even clubs can upgrade from any fare on a standby basis. Any indications about using stickers in this fashion?

4. Given the lead time involved in preparing for a large program such as are FF programs, it would be interesting to see if there was a first draught of either the program guide or the stickers, or if they were perhaps even printed already.

CPwingwalker Feb 21, 00 8:08 pm

Called the EP desk after my posting earlier this evening to inquire about the fate of the Black, Red and Grey stickers which many of us have tucked away and which still have a 28 Feb 2001 exp date. Terry on the desk (who was very helpful and pleasant) said that as far as she could tell (she did ask around with her colleagues too) these stickers would continue to be honored based on the 1999 criteria stated in the folders they come in (upg from any published fare etc). She did go on to say that they anticipated further announcements about upgrades in mid-March. BTW Terry told me I was the first call she had received that even pointed out the change and asked for an explanation -- she thanked me for the "heads up" to what she anticipated as many more calls to come!

No doubt others on the list will let us know about the contents of the 2000 Gold and Club packages as they start to arrive.

Andrew Yiu Feb 21, 00 8:44 pm

This is a joke.... they won't even allow EP to upgrade from any fare. I can't belive it. So what's the difference between flying 35K a year and 100K a year? I am very disappointed, I was expecting (well.. as least hoping) that CP will not match AC's changes.

I am sure that they already have known about the changes when AC made the changes. Forget about all those crap that they don't know what changes are in store for the coming year.

Having increased number of FF is not an excuse to limiting upgrades to high fares. UA probably have 10 times CP's member... they still allow upgrades from any fare for 1Ks.

It's NOT a conincidence that all these changes came after the merger... I am very upset at how we are being pushed around by both CP and AC...

To get a sense of how bad it is, K class used to be either 7 or 14 day advance purchase fare, it's now changes to V(coincidence?). The lowest upgradable fare between YYZ - YVR goes from lowest of 278(web special) to 644 (H or M class)

Maybe we should all write a letter and sent it to CP even though it won't be much help.

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