Kicking myself -- the 10% rule


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Kicking myself -- the 10% rule

It occurred to me a day or two ago, while in Maine, that I might be able to buy current CP upgrade stickers ($50 for 1000 miles) that were valid on any fare. The presumes of course, that CP will still honour the fare restrictions (or lack of) on the old stickers. But upon arrival at YVR this morning, I asked around, only to find out that CP stopped selling coupons last week. Rats! I couldn't have bought them myself, from Maine, but I suppose I could have hired someone to buy them for me.

Nevertheless, on both AC and CP, there is now only one way to obtain stickers/coupons -- you must fly. This almost makes the fare restriction moot, as no one will be have enough to upgrade on every flight. For example, on CP, you fly 10K, get 2K upgraded. And of course, if your are flying domestic on discounted fares, you'll have to fly 20K to get 2K upgraded.

10% of you're flying time upgraded? Doesn't sound like much, does it? 'Course, if I switch to AA now, I'll be money ahead. Too bad I've just put 12K miles on CP.

But I have just registered my new UserName, just in case: CanadiAAn.
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Actually KH, if you were SE on AC, you start out with 8 one-way certificates so it is possible to get upgraded all the time if you fly transoceanic flights occasionally.

I have worked my travel plans (the ones I know about) out until November and I have only one transoceanic, yet I will have enough upgrades to do all my transcontinental and transoceanic flights. In fact I will have 10 leftover upgrades. I have already earned 4 for flying the first two months of 2000 which brings my current total to 12. I typically earn over 6000 points for a transcontinental run (some like to NFLD will earn me over 9000 points) and over 14000 points to Europe so my certificates keep getting topped up.

Even if I fly a few short hauls to YVR, I should have enough certificates to get more than 100% upgrades there are upgrade seats available -- now that is another story
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BB: have you ever been shut out on an U/G request?

Given the elimination of Q/L upgrades, surely there will be dozens of empty seats in J just waiting to be filled, n'est ce pas?
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I think you are right AC*SE--there will be more open seats but the question is whether AC will release them as freely as they have in the past (ie. will they institute even more capacity controls).

I have never been shut out of an upgrade since becoming SE (that I can remember anyway) even when I have changed travel plans and was standing by on oversold flights.

I am taking a wait and see attitude but my prediction is that I am going to see less upgrading being successful at time of reservation and more waiting at the gate for the standby upgrade. I hope not but with less overall flights on some routes, there will likely be a crunch somewhere. Elites will feel it even more than Super Elites as they will be less successful even in the standby upgrade situation. If they have paid the extra fare in anticipation of being successful and then are denied repeatedly, there will be significantly more anger than is being expressed here.

Over the longer haul, I think you will see people coughing up the extra $100 or $150 to get a V fare and the upgrade though. Delta has similar discount fare upgrade restrictions in the US but doesn't seem to have trouble attracting customers despite all the protestations (and there were many on this board) against the L fare policy.

Unless service really deteriorates, the extra leg room and service is worth it on transcontinental flights but doubtfully worth it on Shuttle type flights.
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According to the GOLD bible that I got last week, V class does not even make the grade for an upgrade.

I checked my flights from last year and I will still be able to upgrade several times, probably as many times as I have coupons. However, I am still against the lastest round of adjustments that Milty and his motley crew are instituting.
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None of the changes that we recieve made sense.

On my YYC - YYZ flight today, I saw one of the CP marketing guys on board (thought he was Kari Grist) but later a check on the manifest suggest it was not. Overlook him reading stuff about new upgrade policies and worst of all something about Amex points (hope that's not coming to an end). Something else about CP doing Canada - Italy routes and also reciprocal upgrades. Wasn't being nosy, but can't help myself looking at it as he was sitting in front of me.
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My guess is that Amex will switch to Aeroplan when Canadian Plus expires, but in any case, the Points Accelerator (50% more points for C$50/year) will be gone. CP was probably giving Amex those points for $50 a year (or for free) and I doubt AC will feel the need to.

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Andrew: Have no fear, the points accelerator has nothing to do with CP. It is strictly an Amex thing. The $50 (for Amex Gold, included with Amex Platinum) goes to Amex, who then adds a 50% bonus to each statement. CP has no idea how many basic or bonus points you have, only how many are transferred to your FF account.
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AW - no more 'guessing' on CPlus changes, please. I can't take it anymore! I live for my monthly Amex MR transfers to CPlus to top up my account balance.
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