Big disappointment with CP


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Big disappointment with CP

Very bad experience today with CP:

First, this morning trying to book YYZ - YVR flights took me about an hour to figure out my own route which have discount fare before calling the EP desk and book it. Nothing much happen there except wasted a bit too much time to making a simple booking that was easy a month ago.

Secondly, I was promised that I'll be upgraded automatically as R class becomes available... Came home and check tonight, call EP desk, this is what the conversation sounds like:

Me: Hi, I want to check whether I have got an upgrade to my flight.

EP: File number or Flt number

Me: File number is XXXXXX.....

EP: Just what exactly do you think you are doing (Just picture yourself saying this if you are mad).


EP: You going to YVR, what's your reason to stop over in YEG and YYC on the way back.

Me: Well, because the non stops are sold out in discount class and that's the only one I could get on. (I was furious already) Plus I don't have to explain to you why I picked certain routing.

EP: I am not surprised... You are not upgraded.

Me: Is there none available, they told me it was quite open this morning and it'll be done automatically.

EP: (He proceeds... and upgraded me all the way to YVR)

Me: So they never did list me to upgrade automatically, what if it was all gone.

EP: (Silent...) So you want to call back tomorrow to upgrade your return or do it at the airport Monday.

Me: Didn't I say I am requesting it to be done automatically?

EP: Ok...

Me: BTW, what exact new changes are there to upgrade policies?

EP: Well, wait til you get your membership guide and find out yourself!!!, there are some changes.

This isn't the typical level of service I am expecting...

I am currently planning to start a letter to CP.. Anyone out there who's planning the same thing? I really want to have some more supporter on this....

I'll post the letter up once I am done if I get enough people agreeing/support with me so you guys can let me know what else I should put...

I am not going to go down without fighting.

Can anyone let me know what CP's (Benson or whoever is in charge nowadays) mailing address?

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Address in the front of the old fashioned paper sked is:

615 18th Street SE
Calgary T2E 6J5

There is a fax number, but it will go to Customer Service:

403 569-5333

I thought ExecPlats had gotten their renewal kits by now.
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I haven't gotten mine.... i think some other EP and even GOLDS on this board have gotten theirs.
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I hate to say it, but I'm not surprised with this level of service. I also recently booked a SFO-YYC flight using points and I was given an incorrect flight, which they refused to correct - claiming full flights on the YVR -YYC portion. The truth is now they rush and don't try to correct their mistakes. And what are we supposed to do? There is no other choice. This decline in service should be expected, and is just going to get worse from now on. This is just what Milton was hoping for-he's laughing all the way to the bank.
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Empress - may I make a suggestion?

If one of your calls to the EP desk or any other phone line with CP goes as poorly as this one did, I would simply ask for the agent's first name (they should be providing it automatically when answering) and then ask to speak with someone on the 'resolution desk' immediately. Or, an even more simple resolution would be to simply say 'thank you for your time, however, I will call back later for a more helpful agent'. I have had to do this on a few occasions and I find it less stressful...
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I do have his name.. i am going to call customer relations. I have a habit of always writing down who's doing things for me.

I am sure he's not one of the regular EP agent, those usually have excellent attitude.
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It seems to me that CP employees have become increasingly surly since December '99. I usually refrain from taking an entire population of individuals and grouping them together but the overall attitude, in my opinion, tends to be "and that means what to me..?" I do applaud Point Weasel's comment about hanging up. I was attemtping to change an on-line AA reservation recently with an agent. The two of us may as well have been speaking English and Swahili. I requested to be transferred to a supervisor and was told "no, but you can hang up and call back". These simple words were like waving a huge red flag in front of me as if I were a bull. I must have become rather loud because one of the people I work with came running into my office to make certain I was alright. In the end I did get transferred, did complain that I flew close to 100K with AA/oneworld in 99, and did complete the tasks associated with the call. In retrospect I should have hung up and saved myself significant stress. I will continue to remember this incident, as well as others,and associate it w/AA. The agent has long since forgotten me and probably had zero personality with a plethora of other people who had the misfortune of being "handled" by this agent.
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I have found out that the actual EP Desk in Vancouver is not open 24 hours a day. It all depends on when you call, and if the EP Desk is closed, the call gets routed to any available REGULAR CP reservations desk but their phone does get lit up to let them know that it is an EP member who is calling.

The calls are not necessarily "Canadian" either. I have had calls answered with a very strong American twang and that's when I know that calls to Vancouver's office are properly overloaded or something and my call got rerouted to somewhere in the US.

Sometimes, just ask which 'station' you're talking to. You'd be surprised that half the time it isn't in Vancouver...even if you're calling from Vancouver yourself! Be forewarned that this is usually the case if you use the EP toll-free line. If you call the 604 number, you'd get to Vancouver first. And only if they're closed, the call will then get rerouted to another Canadian city - usually Toronto. The toll-free lines handle calls from the US too,'s whoever that's free will get the call. That includes most US stations !

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While I was not surprised by the comments about declining CP service, and in reality expected it, so far I had been 'immune' to it. However, this evening, that changed. It wasn't a bad experience, but it was telling. It also ended up OK, but took much longer than it used to, to complete the call.

I wanted to change the dates on a return flight from Maine back to Vancouver. The agent immediately said 'You can't do that. You'll have to pay a $107 change fee.' I suppose she meant 'you can change it, but it will cost.' Seemed strange that she didn't think I could afford to change the ticket, in light of the fact I paid almost $3000 for it.

I then explained that it was an unrestricted H fare -- no penalties, fully refundable and changeable. Her response was to suggest that I was probably mistaken, as she had never heard of an H fare, and was quite certain there was no such thing. Of course, after she looked it up, she knew there was such a thing. But it still took her about 4 minutes to search the rules hunting for the change penalty. I made it quite clear that it was unrestricted, and I know that it says UNRESTRICTED ECONOMY FARE at the top of the rules. Still she put a lot of work into trying to find a way to charge me a penalty.

In the end of course, she changed it without penalty. But then insisted that upgrades had been 'zeroed out' and were not longer available on that flight. I was quite surpised, as I understood that of the 24 J seats, 20 were open. She hunted around some more, then spoke to someone else, and finally confirmed my upgrade.

Like I said, I got my flights changed, and kept my upgrade. But instead of the usual 90 seconds or 2 minutes, it took a little over 10 minutes. Not only did the agent not seem like an E/P agent, or even a CP agent, she kinda sorta seemed like she wasn't even an airline agent.

I wish I'd called AA to change my tickets. They've always had E/P service comparable to CP when it comes to reservations and changes.

The race to the bottom has begun.
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I have noticed lately it's been a new group of agent working the EP desk. The one I just called and talked to was from regular CPlus line (I've defintely heard her before). Before Feb, when ever I call in the evening, I always get the same agent at the EP desk (Terry). Don't know where they've all gone.

A more concern issue for me as of now is that my flights tomorrow morning (CP 951 YYZ - YEG) is showing "insufficient availability to book" on itn. About 2 or 3 hours ago when I checked, there was 5 J class empty, 1/4 Y class empty.... don't believe it'll fill up that fast. I am crossing my finger hoping that it's not finally my turn to have a cancellation then put me on an AC flight and lose my upgrades because for sure AC will just stick me in the back.

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Yup. That's what they're doing -- screwing around with the flights (and passengers) trying to figure out whether to cancel the AC flight or the CP flight. Here's the details from Travelocity:

Saturday, Feb. 26
Option 1 AC.123 767 YYZ-YEG 8:45am **UNCONFIRMED**
Option 2 AC3951 737 YYZ-YEG 8:45am **UNCONFIRMED**
Option 3 CP.951 737 YYZ-YEG 8:45am **SOLD OUT**

Yet another reason to start flying AA through the US.
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For really strange reason, a lot of flights between YYZ - YEG are like that tomorrow which all just happen tonight.

If they do end up screwing my travel plans up by either cancelling the CP flight, make me lose my upgrade or put me on an AC flight. I'll be really really really..... mad. Can't imagine how I will react especially with all the frustration built up over the last few days with the program changes. I'm sure my blood will be boiling when I check in tomorrow and if they tell me flight is cancelled.

I'll make a note to check all the flights tomorrow to see whether they are screwing around. If they screw me... I'll make sure everyone possible knows about it.

*Also... something weird about flight going west tomorrow... just perform a search for flights YYZ - YVR on either AC or CP, all flights are absolutely full. It was a different stories about 5 hrs ago. They are absolutely playing around with something.

Ummmm.. maybe all the phantom/virtual passenger decided to take a weekend trip out to the west tomorrow.

I was once very proud to put those EP/GOLD luggage tags on my briefcase and bags because I think I am travelling with a great airline and proud to be at the top of the best FF program. That's not the case after the past few days.... I've in fact decide to take them off because I don't feel I trust CP/CPlus/AC anymore and wish I were in some other program which would treat its customer with more respect rather than thinking they are all @#*@*&% idiots...


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Empress (and the rest of the board) - Presently in YYZ Dom Empress lounge. Margie the EP Concierge at the check in lounge was her usual charming & efficient self and my flight CP985 to YVR is "almost full out back, but we have you upg'd to 4D. Is that seat assignment OK?" We should start a letter/call campaign to applaud CP employees like Margie and Terry (YVR EP call centre). So not sure about the phantom passenger issue. Keep us posted.
FYI, Margie indicated (without asking) that the move to T2 and T1 here at YYZ will be effective 1 June. She also said the new MLL in T1 that they are building will be "spectacular". I'll believe it when I see it.
985 today (an A320) will be in the Proud Wings livery -- it really is a sight to behold. Especially when one of the Mapleflot disguised livery 320s is right beside it at the next gate.
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I believe I did see Margie too this morning. Too bad it was only a regular agent in the EP lounge that checked me in and she was the ordinary just doing my job attitude.

Regarding to my flight to YEG, both AC/CP flights did operate and none of them was cancelled. However, I can tell for sure that the CP flight was not totally sold out as suggested last night. So I am really starting to get confused as to just what the heck is going on.

Well.. Wingwalker, you left 2 hrs later than me and still get there earlier than me which suggest how long my travel day is. It's also probably the last we'll have the enhanced J class service. There are several regular EP conceirge and agent that tries to make the best for us.. it's just lately that it's all been changing. Curently sitting through a min. 30 mins delay at YEG for my flight to YVR. Aren't we glad we weren't delayed big time out of YYZ this morning due to the fog?
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Well I came back from YYZ to YYC today and the flights were oversold on AC. There ARE a lot of people travelling.
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