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Andrew Yiu Feb 26, 00 10:54 pm

I just try to find information of CP's website on buying upgrades at the airport. Apparantly, I couldn't find any. I am quite sure that it was there before. Did they just stop selling it?

Shareholder's idea to me of buying some more before March 1 sounds good now especially after they have announce (at least internally) that they'll take old stickers.

Any one can confirm whether they are still selling them? Stupid me forgot to ask about it when I was at the airport this morning.

Andrew Yiu Feb 27, 00 8:38 pm

After all these talks about the changes....

May I ask how will many of you cope with the changes? (i.e. Will you buy the higher fare requires for upgrade?)

I personally will not pay more and will absolutely cut down on the amount of travel that I'll be doing. If they are not interested in keeping our business, I'll do as they want.

I am sure a lot of us are under the presepctive that there will be no changes this coming year (although technically we are expecting it), so we had no chance to switch to other carriers or at least stop giving us their loyalty knowing that they don't care anymore rather than making GLD/EP hoping to get those upgrade easier.

KenHamer Feb 27, 00 11:09 pm

WHAT?! Were you guys reading my mind.

I did ask at the airport this morning, and effective last week, upgrade stickers cannot be purchased.

Seems great minds think alike, only a little too slowly.

Shareholder Feb 28, 00 1:51 pm

I also had that brainwave, so on the weekend sent off a question to the Cdn+ email address. This came back today:

"Dear ... ,

"Thank you for writing to us at Canadian Airlines.

"All upgrade stickers with the expiry date of 02/2001 will be honored till they are all used up.

"Effective immediately members can no longer purchase upgrade stickers or redeem them using points. If the upgrade sticker package states that Gold and Executive Platinum members can upgrade from "any paid fare", then they can upgrade from any fare. Please note that this only refers to the old upgrades expiring 02/2001.

"Please refer to your Gold Guide regarding rules for the new upgrade included in your Gold Guide.

"If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us."

Did my question to them tip them off to this possible loop-hole? Am I to blame for the immediate ceasation of sales?!

So there it is. Also got the followup letter about improvements and program enhancements from Kari Grist in the post today. And KH, here it says, in bold face and bulleted:

"Enjoy the lounge of your choice -- Canadian Airlines or Air Canada -- as an Executive Platinum, Gold or Empress Lounge member." Well almost the lounge of your choice, but just not the "arrivals" lounge of your choice!

AC*SE Feb 28, 00 8:02 pm

I wouldn't worry shareholder. I am sure the company was clever enough to do this all on their own without any suggestion from you!

KenHamer Feb 29, 00 1:04 am

Don't worry, it wasn't you. Some of the agents I asked (and I asked several) mentioned that they had seen a notice "last week" about the discontinuance of sticker sales. Before "your time"...

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