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hhonorman Jan 31, 03 5:29 pm

Review of Le Milsa -- Downtown Montreal
Le Milsa is a Brazillian churascurria (basically Brazillian BBQ for those unfamiliar with the concept). The menu is quite limited, but don't let that discourage you. They have a trout dish $16.95CA which is excellent and a chicken dish for $16.95(which nobody in our party had so I can't comment, sorry) both which come with salad, potato, dessert and coffee, but the real reason to go here is for the rodizio. For a fixed price of $24.95CA, you get salad, potato, dessert and coffee, plus 10 different types of BBQ meat. If you've never been to a churascurria, you are in for a treat. They cook the meat over a spit on long skewers. Each skewer has a different type of meat. The waiter comes by the table with a skewer and offers some to you. He will carve off as much as you like. All night long he'll keep coming back with different skewers offering you different types of meat, such as lamb, chicken, filet mignon, roast sirloin, pork, etc, You can have as much as you like. The meat is cooked to perfection. I don't know if there is a marinade or if it is just the natural flavors, but meat never tasted so good. The restaurant is located at 1445 Rue Bishop in Montreal. They have indoor and outdoor dining. For pictures and helpful information like directions, etc. click on this link:

Bon Appetit

Edited to add: I almost forgot to mention...
They offer grilled pineapple for dessert. I was repulsed at the thought of it at first. They cook it on a skewer like the meat, then sprinkle it with cinnamon. A daring member of our party tried a bit first and raved so highly about it that we all decided to try. I must admit I was very skeptical before I tried it. The thought of warm pineapple didn't sound too good to me. However, it is now one of my favorite treats. Do give it a try if you go. It is surprisingly delicious.

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View menu, photos and videos

You can visit this link to view Le Milsa menu, photos, video and more... It has the latest menu so the prices are accurate.


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