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Antonio8069 Jul 11, 18 6:41 pm

TD opens VISA Infinite Lounge @ Union Station
TD just opened a lounge inside Union Station in downtown Toronto. I visited it today, a place to hang out waiting for GO and VIA Rail train station. Also, it is adjacent to the entrance to the Union Pearson Express:
Entry involves holding one of four credit cards i.e. no ticket req'd. Closes at 19:30 daily.

briantoronto Jul 14, 18 4:05 pm

Was it worth it?

Antonio8069 Jul 15, 18 4:31 pm

initial visit
I think so. Comp wifi, comfortable place to work/relax, coffee/tea,cold drinks. The location is ideal - across from the VIA 1st Class Loounge, directly above the GO concourse. For my initial visit, I stayed 1/2 an hour waiting for my VIA train.

j2simpso Sep 7, 18 11:37 am

Review : TD MLL @ YBZ
Just arrived in Toronto Union Station (YBZ) via Via Rail train (no UA train service for me today) and found a new lounge welcoming me! Here's a quick review and summary:
  • Access Policy : Hold a TD Visa Infinite branded card (primarily AC Aeroplan branded cards) - that's it, no boarding pass or anything else needed!
  • Location : Near Via Rail Lounge/Ontario Tourism Kiosk. In corridor Up Express and Via Rail departure halls
  • Amenities : Table & chairs, comfy lounge chairs, wifi (1 hour limit), coffee and cookies (that's about it!) and water
  • Hours:
    • Monday - Friday : 7am to 7:30 pm
    • Saturdays & Sundays - 9am to 5pm
It would be hard to call this a lounge since the amenities you tend to find in a proper lounge just aren't here (i.e. dedicated washrooms, range of beverages and snacks). OTOH, it's hard to complain about this lounge given the relative ease it is to gain access - it's slightly better than being with the kettles out in the common area.

Here's a photo I took (I didn't want to take many photos inside partly cause there were some people here and there wasn't much to show :p)

Safe Travels,


sokolov Sep 9, 18 9:08 pm

Are there any other TD VISA Infinite lounges, existing or planned, anywhere in the world?

Antonio8069 Jul 31, 19 3:58 am

sokolov, the answer to your question is no. I paid a return visit yesterday (July 30) & I asked the dragon about TD's decision to open a lounge at Union Station? It has to do with TD's decision to invest in the rebuild of the station c/w a food court, ATMs etc. Like the station in Washington, DC. So its a prototype. I recall when AC had a downtown lounge. Its long gone, along with city ticket offices, the "Air Canada" Centre etc.
The place was full. Not surprising since it was mid day. Also, they have a very generous guest policy which will drive Elites mad. I asked about their policy on children and was told guests are allowed - up to 32. That is not a misprint. That is what she said, subject to the dragon's discretion. I support that - having had to tell one of my kids they could not accompany me because of the ridiculous rules of the Star Alliance. A breath of fresh air!
I also have to disagree with James. Their is a dedicated washroom (behind the desk) and cookies i.e. you need to ask. Also, specialty coffee, tea and both iced and mineral water. I was so impressed I am inclined to contact the Star Alliance and (again) recommend this approach.

asovse1 Aug 1, 19 10:03 pm

WOW! 32 guests! I've only ever passed by the lounge walking to my train and never bothered going in...but it looks super small from the outside. Can it even fit 32 people? ;)

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