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yorweb Mar 13, 17 11:01 am

Problem with eTA application
Apologies if I am posting in the wrong forum but a problem has been dumped on me to sort out so I am hoping someone can help or point in the right direction.

My wife is British (but originally from Trinidad and Tobago) and around 4-5 weeks ago purchased a flight from Manchester to Toronto departing this Friday (17th March) to visit her brother who is recovering from a heart attack. Over the last few years she has visited Canada around numerous times to visit her family without any problems but recently the Canadian government stopped visa-free entry for British passport holders and we now have to apply online for an eTA.

Annoyingly instead of applying immediately for eTA after booking the flight, she waited until a week ago but on the application stated she had once applied for Canadian citizenship. This is technically correct because back in the early 90s she did apply but soon after got a good job offer in the UK so never became a Canadian permanent resident.

Unfortunately by saying she had applied to become a resident, the eTA application system thinks she is a permanent resident (so doesn't need an eTA) and from what I can see, gives her 2 options:
- Travel to Canada with permanent resident card which she doesn't have
- Complete another form to renounce permanent resident status which she doesn't have.
There are seemingly no other options on their website and she's sent 2 messages via online forms but these come back with what seem to be computer generated replies that shed no light on what she should do.

Does anyone think it's worth trying to visit the Canadian Visa Office in London or their embassy to try and get this sorted? If not has anyone got any ideas as I don't have a clue about this sort of thing.

Antonio8069 Mar 13, 17 1:26 pm

difficult question
Tough question. The difficulty really is (IMO) that the carrier could be on the hook if they allow her to board and she is inadmissible i.e. she is more beholden to the airline than anyone! I am also not convinced that a visit to the visa office gets it sorted, since they will defer to Ottawa.

My suggestion is you look for a contact us icon in the WEB site for the eTA. Its likely to be quicker and more effective than other alternatives.

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