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Eastbay1K Jun 17, 03 4:56 pm

Expect more OAK delays.....
Today on the radio at lunchtime - traffic stopped from 880 to the terminal.

Oakland, CA, June 17, 2003 – Construction work at the intersection of Airport Drive and Neil Armstrong Road to install new electrical lines, part of Oakland International Airport’s $1.6 billion terminal expansion program, is planned daily now through Friday, June 20, 2003 from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. Travelers are advised to allow an additional 30-45 minutes to get to the airport during this construction period.

Realistically, you have to add an unpredictable MINIMUM of an hour to your trip JUST to allow for traffic and the likelihood that your first choice or two of parking is full.

Add that to what they have just done to the parking prices, and I have almost no remaining use for that airport. The former "economy" lot is now just regular parking and is $20 a day, and the former "overflow" lot, where you have to take the bus, just went to $17 a day.

tom911 Jun 19, 03 4:06 am

AA has just about abandoned OAK, with a couple DFW flights a day, and nothing more. I've been splitting my flights between SFO and SJC the last few months (hit 99K on AA this weekend). As I can BART to SFO without a bus transfer (like you do at the Coliseum Station in Oakland), I figure I'll do just as well taking the train all the way to SFO now. Fortunate I have friends a few blocks from Concord BART and can leave the car there (though BART does have airport parking at a couple stations you can prebook for $7 a day). I think Walnut Creek is one of those.

SkaterJasp Jun 30, 03 11:13 am

If it helps, There are still cheap parking at OAK, just not at the airport itself, for example parking at QuickPark is $8.25 a day and if you visit their website, you can get a dollar off per day. Never parked there for more than a night but from the looks of it, it looked pretty secured as in no broken windows on cars or anything like that. It may come out cheaper than parking at a bart stations for trips under a week long (once u consider a bart ticket and the air bart ticket). Down side to parking at Quick Park is that you have to wait 10 to 15 minutes for the shuttle. if your coming from 880, its on the left side of what ever that main street is that leads into the airport, i never pay attention to the street signs. HAHA.

Quick Park's website is and the cupon is at special deal / offer.

Jet'Dillo Jul 5, 03 12:09 am

All this(even if it supposedly ended on the 20th) makes OAK basically useless to me. It was mere a pain in the rear cabin before, now it's just pointless. When you've got BART to SFO *AND* BART->Caltrain->VTA for getting to SJC, why even bother? The fare difference isn't really all that great usually. Maybe $100 or so. They're really going to have to work hard I think to keep even East Bay folks from fleeing for SFO via the train.

tom911 Jul 5, 03 3:12 am

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by Jet'Dillo:
They're really going to have to work hard I think to keep even East Bay folks from fleeing for SFO via the train.</font>
Maybe not. Southwest doesn't fly from SFO, and they pretty much own most of the slots at OAK (I would guess more than 75%). I don't think you'll see those flyers heading across the Bay.

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