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Favorite budget travel items?

Old Jun 18, 17, 4:17 pm
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Best items to have for Budget Traveler:

Unlocked SmartPhone with local Sim card with data (not all countries have addresses posted)

Extension cord with multiple outlets (some budget hotels have exactly ONE electrical outlet)

Free local maps that you might pick up at tourist information places (the more the better - different versions seem to list different streets depending on what printer considers important)

USB battery pack for when you are lost and mobile is running low on juice and you need Google maps
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Favorite budget travel items?

Old Oct 16, 08, 9:42 pm
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Originally Posted by Middle_Seat
On my last redeye I set mine on the floor in front of my seat, and later noticed it had rolled to the aisle where people were gingerly stepping over it.
That is too funny What a great idea. I can't count how many hours I have shuffled, folded, and maneuvered my airline-provided pillow(s) to try to get them to fit nicely against the wall/window. I may need to try this.
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Old Dec 7, 08, 5:26 am
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Originally Posted by ckforensic
That is too funny What a great idea. I can't count how many hours I have shuffled, folded, and maneuvered my airline-provided pillow(s) to try to get them to fit nicely against the wall/window. I may need to try this.
another possibilty is a giant Hefty zip lock bag. Just open it, close the zipper and you have a ready made pillow that can be as firm or soft as you like. Once I even took a straw and used it to top off the pillow by opening the zip a bit , blowing the bag up and closing it quickly
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Old Jan 5, 09, 7:51 pm
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Great suggestions. I like to carry a few binder clips in several sizes. They have many uses: keeping loose travel-guide pages together, closing curtains, even hanging laundry. Stronger and more versatile than clothes pins or regular paper clips.
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Old Mar 25, 09, 11:42 am
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I scan my passport/ID etc. and email it to myself, so that no matter what happens I can access a copy.

Also, if I am going to multiple countries, I like to photocopy the relevant pages of a travel book, and recycle them as I go, instead of bringing lots of heavy books for different countries.
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Originally Posted by fORD
One thing I do before I go on a vacation for travel is print out the WikiTravel page for the city I'm headed towards. The price is right (free) and normally the advice is excellent -- for the most part, it's written by people who have lived there and know the ins-and-outs. It's typically quicker to read and a better summary than a thick guide book, and you can read it in-air.
I've recently discovered WikiTravel and find it quite useful for directions and general advice. Instead of printing out the pages, I do screenshots of the relevant sections on my iPhone; that way I have access to it anywhere without having to shuffle through a stack of papers. More environmentally-friendly as well.

I'm not a big fan of guidebooks though, I'd rather access sites like Tripadvisor for travel advice.
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Old Apr 28, 09, 3:24 pm
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I don't go anywhere without a portable water heater. This is just a five inch coil with a clip to attach to the side of any container and a cord to plug into the wall. It takes up almost no space. FANTASTIC!

I got this in India from a fellow backpacker and used it to heat water to do my laundry and to take the edge off of frigid bucket showers.

In Europe (or anywhere else where eating out everyday gets expensive) I use it to make pasta, rice, porridge, and steamed veggies from the local supermarket.

I believe it costs around $2..worth every penny.
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Old May 16, 09, 12:46 pm
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Dental Floss

Find a floss container that you can open, and put a medium needle, a large needle, a fish hook and a sealed antiseptic pad in the container, along with the floss.

I have used floss for sewing, stitches, emergency repairs, fishing, and (of course) flossing my teeth. If you have floss, you can skip the sewing kit.
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For a week in Costa

World edition Blackberry or Iphone with translator guidebook and PDF of your passport loaded up
Ray-Ban Sunglasses
Jungle Juice Bug Repellent
Rainbow Sandals
LED Headlamp
Board Shorts
Standard Bandanna
Johnny Cash is a friend of mine T-Shirt

And I'm out
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A travel French press (I'm picky about coffee, and spending 3 or 3 for a cup adds up quickly). Starbucks sells a Bodum one for around $10 now. This would work great with Natiaka's advice above on the portable water heater.

Corkscrew (if checking luggage, otherwise they tend to get confiscated) or a simple bottle opener, again to save on costs. In Germany, at least, I get more interesting beers and wines in grocery stores than in bars, for a lot less.

Plasticware. Places outside the US aren't as generous with the free cutlery, even when getting takeout.

I'm addicted to Muji and all the little travel trinkets, which, unfortunately, often aren't all that cheap anymore depending on the exchange rate...
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Old Aug 7, 09, 11:54 am
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how bout a map? hahaha. no but like the others have said, a journal! and a camera to remember the good times!
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Old Aug 28, 09, 12:23 am
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my favorite budget travel items are

2-local map
3-books & magazines
4-small first aid kit
6-some snacks and a hand towel
7-passport,cards address,
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Old Sep 9, 09, 1:42 pm
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Originally Posted by grbflyer
Im a big fan of travel magazines, books, guide books, gadgets etc. I subscribe to budget travel, and like the lets go series. anyone else? am i missing out on a little know magazine or book?
i like conde nast the best. foder's has some good books too.

i go to border's and have a coffee and can read them for free. they have all the travel magazines and books. if there is one i really like , i will purchase it.

they do not mind if you read for a couple hours. i asked the manager because i felt bad opening a "new book". i was assured that it's fine to browse them all day long if one wanted to.

enjoy yourself. i was thrilled to learn this and very pleased with the good leadership of that store. they have a nice way of handling customers. i wonder if their business is profitable. might be a good stock pick ?? not sure :-)
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Other than the basics already mentioned, I like to bring a pair of flip flops for use as shower shoes, slippers for unclean hotel/BB floors and of course flip flops.

A few extra ziplock bags are also great to take leftovers back to your room or to take a picnic out with you during the day. Also a Platypus water bottle.

If possible one of those travel knives and a pair of travel chopsticks.

And of course a folding tote bag to carry stuff in and to avoid having to pay for a shopping bag in Europe. I use Chico bags, Kiva or even Envirosax.

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I never leave without my maps. I always carry one or two whenever i travel. Saves me time rather than asking people around for directions.
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Favorite travel item?!: My french-press coffee cup! Freshly brewed coffee anywhere, anytime!
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